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News: Towering Ancient Tsunami Devastated the Mediterranean
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Earth Spun Faster in 2009 Due to Ocean Current?

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Author Topic: Earth Spun Faster in 2009 Due to Ocean Current?  (Read 285 times)
Christiana Hanaman
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« on: March 01, 2012, 12:13:30 am »

Earth Spun Faster in 2009 Due to Ocean Current?
Time flew in November 2009, likely due to slower Antarctic current, study says.
Icebergs in a blizzard near Graham Land, Antarctica.

Icebergs float along a sea current in Antarctica.

Photograph by Jason Edwards, National Geographic

John Roach

for National Geographic News

Published February 22, 2012

Did it feel like time flew in November 2009? It turns out the days were actually going a wee bit faster for part of that month, according to a team of NASA and European scientists.

Earth spun about 0.1 millisecond faster for a two-week stretch, said study co-author Steven Marcus, a researcher at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

The planet's speedier spin appears to have been due to a slowdown in an ocean current that whips around Antarctica.

(Related: "Japan's Earthquake Shortened Days, Increased Wobble.")

"The Earth speeding up is just like a [twirling ice] skater pulling in her arms," he explained. When the skater does this, she spins faster, because the laws of physics dictate that her body must conserve what's called angular momentum.

"When [the skater] sticks out her arms, they move pretty fast, because there's a big circle. When she pulls in her arms, the circle is smaller, so in order to have the same angular momentum, she has to speed up," Marcus said.

"It is the same with the Earth," in the sense that if an ocean current slows down, the planet's spin must speed up to conserve angular momentum.

Scientists have long known that changes in the speed of ocean and atmospheric currents can—and do—slightly affect the rate of Earth's rotation and, hence, the length of a day.

"The thing is, with the ocean the effect is a lot weaker, since the ocean flows a lot slower than the atmosphere," Marcus said.

But in November 2009, he said, a slowdown in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current "seemed to be a lot stronger than usual, and that's probably what made it large enough to be detected in the Earth's spin data."

Ocean's "Weird Behavior"

The paper on Earth's brief speedup—which was recently accepted for publication in the journal Geophysical Research Letters—is the third study so far by NASA scientists to note unusual conditions in the Southern Ocean in the final months of 2009.

The earlier papers had reported record high ocean-surface temperatures in the southeast Pacific and record high ocean-bottom pressures in the same area.

In a separate paper by JPL's Tong Lee, published last August in GRL, researchers suggest this weirdness could be due to an unusual El Niño in 2009.

In a typical El Niño, the surface waters near the northwest coast of South America get warmer than normal. But in 2009 the warmer waters were concentrated in the central Pacific, in a type of El Niño called a Modoki.

Marcus's new paper now adds this "strange behavior" of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current to the mix, he said.

(Related: "Venus Spinning Slower Than Thought—Scientists Stumped.")

"The El Niño (central Pacific or otherwise) can link to the ACC through the atmosphere, on a time scale of days (much more rapidly than ocean currents). This is called the atmospheric 'bridge' ... between different parts of the globe," Marcus said in an email.

Faster Times Ahead?

Scientists are still debating whether Modokis are becoming more common, but "it looks like they might be, based on observations of the past few decades," Samantha Stevenson, an oceanographer at the University of Hawaii, said in an email.

Experts also lack sufficient data to say whether a trend toward more Modokis would be due to natural variability or human-induced global warming.

If the latter, then months when time flies by faster could become more common.

(Related: "Earth's Core Spins Faster Than Surface, Study Confirms.")

"An El Niño or La Niña event generates an atmospheric wave that propagates down into the Southern Hemisphere and can affect the circulation there," Stevenson said.

"If the atmospheric circulation changes, then so will the ocean, so you could get an Antarctic influence from [El Niño/La Niña] that way that might potentially change due to global warming.

"But as far as I know, no one has figured out exactly how much climate change will affect the ocean's response to El Niño in the Antarctic."

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Christiana Hanaman
Superhero Member
Posts: 4989

« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2012, 12:14:26 am »
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Hero Member
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Blue-Hue? is he Just Blind, or a One-eyed 'king' ?

« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2012, 05:42:29 am »

Dear Miss, CHR.  HANAMAN,

I think that the Moon
orbits Earth in an Oval Orbit

Each time that Moon, gets closer
Earth naturally wants to catch-up
with the faster speed of the Moon.

EXAMPLE:Imagine that the Earth/ Moon Orbit equation,
is a wooden toy, a well-known Child's play thing,
a circular ( revolving-)disk with Two Kids standing on it !
Do you get my drift/ meaning ?

The Boy stands on the inner revolving Circle
The Girl( or Girls.)stands on the outer-ring
their heads are balancing on coilsprings
their mouthpieces consist of tiny magnetts

When these two persons mostly dressed as swiss-maidens
approach their heads are drawn to each-other in advance
when they finally meet their spinn gets temporarily slower,
But additionally when their heads separate they temporarily reverberate faster.

which in reality explains why Earth's waters seem to rush faster
because the Earth underneave is spinning Slower, but
The water keeps rushing at the same speed since the tidalwave gravity
has less grip on water than it has on solid earth.

ButI guess that nobody has published the CORRECT-correlation figures of
the connection between Moon's closer ( OVAL-)Orbit-approaches with
the inflicted variate revolving speeds of the Earth's globe\
unless in unread academical publications !

As I wrote earlier in
your Topic" Why the Mariana Trench is so deep ?"
The Ancients reek and Egyptian have already discoverred
the 50 years ocurrence of Moon( Closest-)-Orbit, to Earth
and that people forget this because the 50-Years Cycle
is to long a time span to keep in mind.

The Ancients used trained WHITE  Elephants who gained
ages of 100 years, to warn and predict oncoming Tsunami/Earth Quakes
The White SEA Horsesw of Poseidon were these White Elephants !

In Popular BelievePlaton's Sea HORSES were supposed to create Earth Quakes
 rather than perceive them, but that is a false accusation, because

is there an Elephant in da reum ?
God-King of Assur, Salmanassar-3,( Shalmanrezzar/ Salman-us-ukin.)
 issued a DAMNATIO-  Memoriae-Decree, in 855 bc
because he hated white Elephants,

White Elephants called LOKA-PALAS or Airavatar,
predicted an oncommingTsunami while he
 beleagered the Seaport of Aden in Yemen.
Because the inhabitants simply stalled his advance
until a Tsunami in 855 bc swept away the surrounding garrisons.

But That,
is another Story.

Sincerely, " BlueHue " dd 17Nov. 2012 from Amsterdam/ Holland.
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Atlantis in,"historical-Perspective"

This Egyptian,INDIAN-Ocean trade-Empire was
ruled by-CEO-Queen Tiy

PLATO wrote (GREEK!)" ATHE " Now,Aden= Solomon's/OFIR, in Herodotus-Araby-Map

ATLANTIS-Dialogue=Satire,on Athens-Trade boycott(of Darius2,413bc)
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