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In the Mouth of Madness
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Several lines of evidence strongly indicate that the Zuiyo-maru carcass was a large shark, and most likely a basking shark, rather than a plesiosaur. Those giving the opposite impression have done so by telling only part of the story, or mischaracterizing portions of the evidence. To help set the record straight, such authors should correct any misleading statements of the past on this issue, and refrain from any further suggestions that the carcass was a likely plesiosaur.

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For more information on Basking Sharks, see The Basking Shark Project For web sites and internet mailing lists on sharks, see Ben Roesch's Shark Links

Updated: Nov. 2005, Added a note that Walter Brown rescinded his endorsement of this carcass as a plesiosaur.

I invite anyone with comments, corrections or questions to contact me by e-mail or regular mail at the addresses below. Thank you.

Glen J. Kuban

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