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Obama Debt Speech George Washington University April, 13 2011

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Author Topic: Obama Debt Speech George Washington University April, 13 2011  (Read 383 times)
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« Reply #15 on: April 16, 2011, 04:29:33 pm »

As for helping the middle class, you don't think health care reform, extending tax cuts for the middle class, extending unemployment benefits, credit card reform and financial regulation doesn't help the middle class?

These are good, but it would be like taking the toppings off of an ice cream cone to reduce calories.

And when did you ever give a damn about black America?  He has a 90% approval rating for blacks, so obviously they're fine with him.

I care for any and all races affected by this fractional reserve debt slavery we are living under.  You ever watch the show Debt Almighty where Black Americans talk about the effects of debt by the banks on Black America.  The Pols and the people of Guernsey aren't debt slaves like Americans are Europeans are.  The people of Libya weren't either, whether they remain free of IMF rule remains to be seen.


The 2010 Coup d'etat in Poland - Regime Change by Decapitation

Polish elite were assassinated in a downed plane for not accepting the debt slavery of the Euro. The Bilderberg "Project Mockingbird" media narrative says "fog" was to blame even though humidity was 60%, there was no forecast of fog, no eyewitness saw fog, and the video minutes after the assassination clearly shows no fog. The total and sudden extermination of dozens of high ranking officials included the president and wife, the head of the central bank (who was 100% opposed to the Euro), and multiple military commanders. Goldman Sachs "coincidently" landed in Warsaw two weeks before this coup. Just days before the attack, the now assassinated head of the central bank, via monetary policy, threatened the tough "mobster deals" that the EU and IMF were were imposing on Greece. It is important to also note that Goldman Sachs was very instrumental in destroying that EU member nation's economy. Poland is the only country out of the 27 member states of the EU to not suffer a recession this millennium. They are also the only country so opposed to the Euro currency. The only head of state not assassinated is the Prime Minister of Poland who "coincidently" loves the Euro and cannot wait to integrate his own country's powerful economy with the EU's failing economy. Adding fuel to the lack of fire 5 minutes after the incident, the PM declared that the fault concerning the extermination of these heads of state lies with Putin. Whether or not Putin has some blood on his hands concerning this event remains to be seen, but it is very odd that the PM would declare this openly prior to a thorough investigation and just hours after they signed a 50 year gas pipeline deal. Concerning the former President's enemies...Nicholas Sarkozy even went so far as to suggest that the EU kick out Poland until they accept the debt slavery creating currency and the head of the EU also considered Poland's central bank to be a "pebble in their shoe" concerning his agenda with implementing a continent-wide New World Order/IMF run monetary system. If cui bono and motive were ever important concerning a coup d'etat, they sure are now. Just like they were when NATO special operations assassinated Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro. 

If Black Americans approve of him it is only multi-racial-philia, if they were smart they would see Obama like Malcom X would.  A Puppet !!!

The comparisons to Hitler are laughable,  but I guess that's what all you conspiracy types do to anyone you don't like seeing as how you are all driven by FEAR.

The Obama Deception

Let's not forget how he wanted a civilian force just as well funded and just as strong as the military.  Funny how when the Hitlerian comparisons came out all over the internet and talk radio Obama backed off and the Obama Youth never happened.

Also his whole Council of 10 Governors to fit the FEMA's 10 Regions of America post 50 states plan as well.  Only a dicatator would want Governors to act as their regional Lieutenants.  Good thing the NAU plans got leaked and that never came to pass.

Obama would allow the right NWO false-flag operation to create enough of a crisis to allow him to become a dictator under the Constinuity of Government plan set in place under the NWO.  The NWO wanted to use it under Bush but the 9/11 Truther backlash kept that from happening. 

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