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Pledge to Recall Scott Walker

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Author Topic: Pledge to Recall Scott Walker  (Read 1219 times)
Luke Hodiak
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« on: February 27, 2011, 04:22:22 am »

Mr. Scott Walker,

I am a concerned resident of Wisconsin and I oppose passage of your anti-union bill. If you sign the bill to take away our collective bargaining union rights, I pledge to recall you from office, starting at the earliest date, which is early in 2012. In addition, any member of the state legislature voting in favor of this bill will also be held accountable.

Your job as a public servant is to represent the will of the people. Passage of this bill is doing the opposite. Look outside your window Mr. Walker; the majority of Wisconsin residents oppose your bill, especially the loss of collective bargaining. We the people of Wisconsin want to move our state forward, not backward.

It's time to put people first sir, over your political agenda, because people should matter more. It is clear this is not about the budget or the money as much as it is about destroying Wisconsin labor unions. Let me tell you sir, we have a voice, and we are putting it simply: if you remove our collective bargaining rights, you will be recalled in 2012. That is a promise.

Thank You,
The people of Wisconsin via
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Luke Hodiak
Superhero Member
Posts: 2585

« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2011, 04:25:38 am »
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Luke Hodiak
Superhero Member
Posts: 2585

« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2011, 04:28:18 am »

Post on Twitter

You can copy and paste the text below on Twitter.
Use the hashtag #UnitedWi as often as you can in various Tweets!

Sign the pledge to recall Scott Walker. #WIUnion #UnitedWis
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Superhero Member
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« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2011, 03:33:01 pm »

Like the Globalists are going to recall any of their kakistocratic minions.   Cheesy
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Courtney Caine
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« Reply #4 on: March 04, 2011, 01:06:21 am »

The pledge to recall Walker already has 79,000 names on it and it has only been open a few days.
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Superhero Member
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« Reply #5 on: March 05, 2011, 04:13:34 pm »

Obama was never removed, its going to be a lot harder removing an actual US citizen who won the election fairly.
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Jennifer Murdoch
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« Reply #6 on: March 05, 2011, 06:15:17 pm »

He won by the biggest margin in American history, so I don't know what you're talking about.
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Luke Hodiak
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« Reply #7 on: March 05, 2011, 06:23:46 pm »

The unitedwisconsin website is down right now due to high volumes of traffic.  Here is their facebook page:

A United Wisconsin to recall Scott Walker
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Luke Hodiak
Superhero Member
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« Reply #8 on: March 05, 2011, 06:27:56 pm »

Laws Governing Recall In Wisconsin

The citizens of Wisconsin are granted the authority to perform a recall election by the Wisconsin Constitution, Article VIII, Section 12 to all elective officers after the first year of the term for which the incumbent was elected.

==Registration of a Recall Committee==
Before circulating a petition for recall, the circulator must register with the appropriate filing officer.  This includes a  Campaign Registration Statement along with a second statement indicating:
* the petitioner's intent to circulate a recall petition,
* the name of the officeholder for whom recall is sought, and
* the reason for the recall, which must be related to the official   responsibilities of the officeholder.

==Signature Requirement==
The number of valid signatures required for a recall election is 25 percent of the number of persons that voted in the last preceding election for the office of governor within the electoral district of the officer sought to be recalled.  Each signer must be a qualified voter within the district represented by the officeholder being recalled, and the address of each signer must be located within that district.

==Circulating the Recall Petition==
Circulation of the recall petition must be completed within 60 days after registration.  The completed petition must be returned to the original filing officer no later than 5:00 p.m. on the 60th day from the date of registration.  Any valid signature|signature dated before this 60 day period is invalid.

==Preparation and Circulation of Recall Petitions==
After the signatures are obtained the certification must be completed by the circulator.  Specific requirements of the circulator are:
* The circulator must list his or her full address, including municipality of residence, and street and number, if any, or rural route.
* The circulator must sign and date the certification after they have   obtained the signatures.
* The person signing as circulator must have personally circulated the petition and personally obtained each of the signatures on the paper.
* The circulator must state that he or she is aware that falsifying the certification is illegal.

==Review of Petition by Filing Officer==
Within 31 days after the petition (with signatures) is submitted to the filing officer, he or she has 31 days to determine the sufficiency of the petition and also that it meets all necessary requirements.  Following this review, the filing officer must attach to the petition either a certificate of sufficiency or of insufficiency, allowing at least 10 days for the officeholder being recalled to file any challenge.

If the petition is considered sufficient, the filing officer will submit it to the appropriate local governing body, which will then immediately call a recall election to be held on the Tuesday of the 6th week after the date on which the clerk issued the certificate of sufficiency.
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Luke Hodiak
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« Reply #9 on: March 05, 2011, 06:32:23 pm »

Pre- Recall Petition
Wisconsin voters, let us know that you support the recall of Governor Scott Walker by signing this Pre-Recall Petition.

The official Recall Petition will not be circulated until after 11/2/2011.
It is important we get an early start collecting  voter information, as we will need to quickly and effectively collect at least 540,208 signatures.  By law, we will only have 60 days to collect  these signatures, so this database will be essential for a successful recall.

When the official Recall Petition is in circulation we will contact you with information on how you can sign it.
Thanks for your participation.

Privacy Is Important!
We will never share your information with a third party outside of this recall effort.
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Luke Hodiak
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« Reply #10 on: March 05, 2011, 06:33:43 pm »
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Luke Hodiak
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« Reply #11 on: March 05, 2011, 06:44:07 pm »

Recall Scott Walker .info

    * Wisconsin Recall Laws
    * Sign The Pre-Recall Petition
    * Publicly Show Your Support
    * How Can I Help?
    * Comments
    * Replacement Governor Submissions
    * The Recall Store
    * Recall Blog
    * Videos
    * Contact Us
    * more...

Help spread the word

Some Visitor Petition Comments


-  As past president of the Madison Police Union I feel This union breaking an unlawful act.

- I will sign the official recall petition of Scott Walker.

- We need to get this man out of government before he destroys our state. We should also look at the Republican sheep in our legislature that follow him and can't think for themselves or act in the best interests of the voters.


- I have a hard time how people can be so blind. What is scarie is how much power he is giving him self. He will gut the programs and sell the power plants for pennys on the dollar to the Koch brothers. He is a scum bag.

- Out with Walker!

- Fire Walker

- Get rid of the dictator before he ruins the state of Wisconsin!

- Walker has been awful for our state. (If it matters for your records, I voted in the past election.)

- Without a doubt, I will sign in nov.

- Mr. Walker what you are doing is bringing this state to its knees and yuo are not helping anyone. You created aprt of this mess, make it better not worse.


- I have worked with children, teens in Education and Human services for almost 15 years. The struggles that these fields have already over come were tough. Now all that was built and will be swiped by a power hungry creep who doesn't hold Wisconsin Values. Wisconsin has been known across the board for offering better educational and health services. Our kids deserve better than this and so do the hard working teachers. Teachers, Cops, Firemen,Prison employees all work long hard hours. I would love to see Walker work one shift as a Prison guard and then say,"It's not fair!" It is fair, these people get training and college for what they do and work weekends, holidays and do jobs that many could not even survive . These are strong passionate people. I have had breast cancer and am in treatment. I am 34 yrs old, and scared that I will not be able to receive my injections at the hospital ($2000)every three months. Am I going to die because of this Walker guy? I am also on Tamoxifen and have a bunch of doctors.My treatment program has two years left. I work hard and work 4 jobs. I am covered under womens wellness medicaid plan of WI. My jobs are all part time so I don't have an opportunity to even get health insurance. I teach part time because I love it and care about the students education. I am a county respite provider for Social Services. I am Respit provide for a school age girl who has bi-polar and autism. I am a behavioral consultant for a teen with high functiong autism for a family in another county. I do these jobs because I LOVE TO SEE SUCCESS AND PROGRESS IN THESE KIDS. THERE WON'T BE ANY IF WALKER HAS HIS WAY.I DON'T DO IT FOR THE MONEY OBVIOUSLY. BUT WALKER...ALL HE CARES ABOUT IS MONEY. HELLO! THERE ARE PEOPLE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

- I would like to enter my signature to indicate my willingness to recall Gov. Scott Walker in January.

- The sooner, the better, while we still have some sort of educational system in the state!

- Scott Walker has gone too far.

- Let me know how I can help.

- Pro Teachers and Pro Eduaction!

- Get the bastard out ASAP!!!

- I would like a governor who understands what democracy really is.

- I am deeply troubled with the recent developments in the state capitol. Our country stands on the principles of democracy. Our elected officials are elected and paid to represent their constituents not a political party. Passing the Bill was not representative of the democratic process. The rules of government were established to protect the citizens of the state from private interest groups and the personal agenda of political radicals.

- I am a non-union teacher and I support my union brothers and sisters. Walker's extremest agenda will hurt our state!

- Recall Scott Walker! Let's not lose the momentum we have generated!

- Let's Do It!

- Are state legislators and the governor as well as the state attorney general going to be paying part of their health benefits and pensions?

- He is the horrific combination of corruption and stupidity. He should be prosecuted of every hint of a crime he has committed thus far including libel and mis use of campaign funds.

- recall Scott Walker

- This is not a dictatorship in Wisconsin,lets get rid of the dictator.

- for his arrogance, for his corruption, forhis short-sighted obedience to obscene principles of the right-wing in this nation. I am not a union member----but God bless those who are.

- Whatever I can do to help, please let me know. I want this man out of office by January of 2012!!

- Recall this bride taking, threat making close minded polotician ASAP!

- Scott Walker is a sociopath. He has no conscience. He needs to be recalled. He lied to voters to get elected and he will continue to lie to the public about everything. Why did he really leave Marquette? Did he get kicked out for cheating? If so that should be made public because it is a reflection on his character.

- I want to recall Governor Walker!



- Get her done!

- Russ Fiengold for Governor!!


- Let's get this published in all media forms

- OUT the first day of recall eligibility!!!

- Please contact me when I can sign the official recall paper. It is time to end the corruption taking over our state.

- We don't need a dictator.

- The sooner we get him out of office the better off Wisconsin will be.

- Walker needs to be out of office as soon as possible. His conduct and views are "un-American."

- Can't we recall him now?.Smiley

- Get this going the first day the law allows!!!!

- Regardless of his political party, Scott Walker needs to concentrate on big business tax breaks and keep his hands out of the pockets of people that work for their paychecks!

- We cannot let Scott Walker make a name for himself by breaking the unions!

- Please put me at the top of your recall list. We must not allow democracy to die in Wisconsin.

- We need someone who cares about Wisconsin-Not a dictator who has his own agenda.

- this poison pill, intended to revive Wisconsin's economy, will all but kill our rights as unionized workers. first it's the public unions, but what's next? trade unions? The biggest mistake we made was being mislead by deceptive add campaigns, and believing his self serving rhetoric. his immediate recall is the antidote to his "bad medicine"


- Walker is going to break the state.

- recall the loser !

- I strongly support the recall of Gov. Scott! Too bad it took somebody like him to wake us up!

- Thank you.

- Please contact me for I wish to help circulate petition.

- I support the recall of Governor Scott Walker. He is ruining wisconsin!

- I strongly support the recall of Scott Walker.

- I am a state worker and I am willing to help get him out of office asap!

- Scott Walker's dictatorial style of mis-leadership has already cost the state of Wisconsin millions of dollars in lost jobs, overtime, and good will. We cannot afford to keep in the drivers' seat.

- Scott Walker is not doing what the majority of people in Wisconsin want. He is doing what he and a few people want. He is for the rich and not the working class.

- As a Republican, I am ashamed and embarrassed at Walkers behavior.

- Scott Walker has got to go!

- I want my rights as a public employee for collective bargaining!

- As a retired teacher with 31 years of teaching behind me, I am appalled at what is happening in my state. I have always been proud to be from Wisconsin. Having Walker as my Governor has made me ashamed of my state. Wisconsin has one of the best educational systems in the US, and he is going to destroy the system. Makes no sense to me.

- It can't happen soon enough to stop the permanent damage he is causing our state. It's like a fast train to chaos. (Oh, wait, he cancelled the fast train too!)

- I want to add my name to supporting the recall of Governor Scott Walker. Thank you!

- We must recall or overthrow this tyrant. He is destroying our Great State of Wisconsin.

- Keep the 14 in Illinois!

- He doesn't seem to be a public servant. He seems more like the gastpo type. His agenda is obviously masked by the so called "budget repair". Clearly the union workers have agreed to his first demand (even though he did not truly negotiate anything). So what is he fighting for?? Yeah he needs to go.

- Scott Walker is a disgrace to public service. I've lived in Wisconsin since 1969 and have always been proud of our State through both Republican and Democratic governors and legislatures. That pride is now gone as I see a "governor" wearing a sign "I'm for sale to corporate interests". Corporate tax cuts and no bid contracts have no place in responsible operation of government when our priority is deficit reduction. If Walker wants concessions from workers, he has the obligation to make the same demands of corporations.

- Thank you and keep up the fight to allow ALL of those 5 million voters Walker keeps referring to make their voices heard.

- Let's get this done as quick as possible

- I have voted republican since I turned 18, but this has made me sick the way he is treating people. Lets recall this idiot before he can do anymore damage.

- Scott Walker is the plague!

- Although I disagree vehemently with Gov. Walker's budget repair bill, it wasn't until he relayed an intention to put peacefully protesting citizens at risk by planting people in the protest crowds and then illegally locking the residents of WI out of the Capitol building that I became convinced that he needed to be recalled.

- Thank you!

- Scott Walker wants to destroy the middle class. America is a democracy, not a dictatorship.

- That email address will only work until I get laid off. That is not supposed to be funny. I'll one of the first to go. At this rate, I don't expect to have a job in November.

- I support union rights and hard working middle class citizens. We need good teachers,police,firefighters and public workers and they deserve to earn a good living with decent benefits- how else will we expect good people to go into these fields. I resent the big tax breaks being given to the big corps. and the very wealthy, at the expense of the working middle class and poor. Gov.Walker has gone way too far-he refuses to even negotiate and play fair. He's taking from the poor and middle class to give to the rich.

- By his actions, Scott Walker has demonstrated how lacking he is in leadership qualities. He needs a remedial course in management/leadership 101. He is ill prepared to lead a great state like Wisconsin.

- Ready to recall.

- Will the Governor get laid-off?

- Garbage should be cleaned up now. The longer it's around the worst it smells.

- He has to go!!!!

- This man needs to be recalled asap.

- Get him out ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!

- Let's do it!

- Oh noes, Scott Walker Do not wants! Do not wants!

- Ballancing Tax Cuts on the backs of working people is not going to work. Clearly the Walker agenda is to break the union(s), period. Scott Walker deceived the citizens of Wisconsin and would not have been elected had they known how radical and dangerous this man can be. He cares more about his own politcal asspirations then the people of our state. He needs to go.

- Is he a puppet? or a snake without a backbone? NOT WALKER is worthless !!

- Get Walker Out!!!!!!!!!!

- Horrible. Horrible, dangerous and disappointing,

- Walker needs to get out of the hip pockets of big money and fairly tax the upper 2%. This will fix his budget but he wants to put the burden on the backs of the poor and middle class hard working people again!! He's a disgrace to the hard working Teachers, state employees, firefighters and police. He has to go. I personally know a teacher with 8 years of college education that includes a master's degree who if she gets laid off will not return to teaching again! You kidding me? How does this effect our kids education? You can see where this leads to!! I'm furious !!! Thank you for letting me vent.

- He should at least be willing to negotiate and he is not doing that.

- I have been proud to live in Wisconsin all of my life (59 years), but right now I am embarrased and angry about how our budget crisis is being handled. Scott Walker should be ashamed of himself, along with those that support his tactics. There are much better ways to tackle these problems, allowing the public to feel their concerns have some impact on the final decisions.

- We need to keep our state moving in the right direction.

- See you in November!

- Wow. Easily the worst Gov. in my memory.

- Worst thing to ever happen to WI!

- I think its a great ideal to recall Scott Walker. Because he is not listening to the people

- How can WI expect to attract businesses with such a negative climate??? Great schools, bring people to states. We need a governor that represents ALL of the people and will listen to the people!!!

- I voted for gov Walker. Cuts need to be maide. Since the union has agreed to make his concessions in benefits and pay, I find it deplorable that he will not negotiate.

- He's bad for Wisconsin

- We need a fair minded leader who wants to work with all people and not become a dictator

- We can't stop at Walker, all his croonies that are supporting this bill must also be recalled.

- Please hurry!

- Yes, please contact me for a signature when the petition is possible. Walker has demonstrated that he has little regard for WI citizen rights. If he wants to bust the public unions now, and succeeds, what will he want to take away next? He's also shown to be a poor leader whose ego gets in the way of creating win-win conflict resolutions through negotiation.

- I fear for our state in the interum

- Too much power, too much arrogance!

- Too much power, too much arrogance!

- I think the governor is way out of line with his budget bill. He should meet with the people he is trying to railroad into this new legislation and find a happy compromise. They have offered to contribute to their retirement and insurance, isn't that enough??? What about the senators, assemblymen, etc. who hold those positions and still collect from the states and counties? That is not right either.

- Recall Scott Walker.

- The guy has to go!

- It appears that Scott Walker wants to consolidate the power of the State government within the executive's office...and that is not a good thing for transparancy and democracy. It is clear that he supports just one segment of our state, and is not overly concerned with those in the public sector, or those with limited means.

- Too bad we have to wait so long!

- conflict of interest is obvious

- I firmly support the recall of the current Wisconsin state governer, Scott Walker.

- Bargaining rights should not be taken away. He has not looked at the real problems with school funding and is only blaming teachers.

- I think it is great that the people have taken the opertunity to save the freedom of negotiation whith their government

- How can we stop him before a year's gone by and he's pushed his agenda through?

- We need a govenor to represent the People of Wisconsin, not the corporations. The Republicans under Bush buried our economy and now use the debt as an excuse to bury any rights the working people have gained in the last 100 years. Now is the time to fight back before we have no rights left to fight back.

- He needs to go now!

- The sooner the better....get him out!

- We need a Governor, not a dictator.

- Even though I did not vote for him, as a resident of WI he is supposed to keep my best interests in mind as he runs our state - NOT just the people that bought his election!

- We need someone that is willing to have dialogue and respects civil liberties.

- Thanks, will contribute as we get closer to the date.

- Walker is being absolutly a dictator about everything. Wants to take over the state like a regime. Control even who should and who shuld not get care. Just like Arizona where people are dying because she gives big money somewhere else. OUT WITH WALKER AND ALL HIS REPUBLICAN FRIENDS. Cant use the copier? How sick is that?

- thank you

- Let me know when the time comes and I will sign Julie

- It's not about the budget;it's about the power!We need to get back to the real wisconsin. Wisconsinites need to use their ability,courage and commitment to end this war on the public sector!

- Please make this happen. This man is a truly scary politician with little regard for the people of this state. I do not feel he is listening to the people.

- Let's get this done

- Now we push back.

- My family can help with this effort and we will share this with friends. We have to get this out there, as people are asking if this is happening and where. Thanks

- What a disgusting shame that Scott Walker would think that he can take away the rights of the people who help us everyday.

- Thank you for doing this!Our elected officials need to be able to work in a democratic way NOT a dictatorship and not HIDING things in the middle of bills and RUSHING TO PASS THEM

- We want someone who will see and act in the best interest of ALL the people. TELLING us what we are going to do will not work. To bad, some of us had high hopes and were extremely disappointed.

- Recall Scott Walker before he totally destroys Wisconsin.

- Thank you for getting this petition started. How much damage can he do in the next 10 months? It is so scary!!

- _the sooner the better

- Sooner the better!!!!!!!!

- It is clear that outside interests have supported Gov. Walker and he is their puppet. He wants to destroy the decmocratic base and the burden is on the middle class as usual.

- Voices need to be heard and we have a zealot on our hands unable to hear the people of this state

- _Recall ALL Republicans

- I support the recall - any governor who comes into office and so quickly starts bullying the people of the state should be recalled. It's a predicter of what he'll do next, which we also won't like.

- I support the Scott Walker recall drive.

- Recall Walker Now

- He reminds me of an old expression. "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it." Well, I voted for him, but I did not know what a nasty louse he would turn out to be. I did not vote for THIS!!!

- It is time to stop the assault on men and women's worker rights, not only in Wisconsin but nationwide.


- My daughter receives speech services and will fall through the educational "cracks" if this program is eliminated. Larger class sizes are not the solution. The officials representing us in Madison should take a pay cut as well to "help" out about Plymouth's superintendant that is making $200,000 per year??? PASSING THIS BILL WILL KILL OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM, OUR CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE...DO YOU WANT THEM TO BE ONLY SMART ENOUGH TO WORK AT WALMART OR TO TAKE CARE OF THE BABY BOOMERS?Huh? I SUPPORT OUR DEMOCRATS THAT ARE IN ILLINOIS..THEY ARE STANDING UP FOR OUR CHILDREN, THE INNOCENT ONES THAT CAN NOT SPEAK ON THEIR BEHALF THAT I TOOK AN OATH TO PROTECT!!!!!

- Thank you for your service.

- I fully support the recall of Governor Scott Walker.

- There is no reason not to negotiate over this. I am wondering if walker is paying his fair share and even if there are these layoffs, some people won't be able to afford their homes etc. or health care so I look for more foreclosures and more people getting on Badgercare. so who is going to pay that tab? He is trying to abolish unions, plain to see. What is next with this jerk? Teachers have been a target so I can't imagine why kids nowadays would want to go to school to become a teacher with the chaos this SOB has created.

- I wish we could recall him now.

- Lets Do It!!!!

- I will be happy to help gather signatures by going door to door when the time comes to recall Mr. Walker.

- There is no place in a democracy for dictator. I'm sick of my tax dollars going to cronies as well.

- We don't need a man who would try to deprive us of our collective bargaining rights.

- recall Walker

- if the Koch brothers support him....he's bought and does not represent the State of WI

- I want to help collect signatures for the recall petition.

- the governor should thank the unions. If it wasn't for the unions, our working conditions would be bad. Many working people use badger care. In fact, all the people I know that have badger care work. I think he needs to start at the bottom of the working ladder to get humbled. Washing dishes would be a good job for him, or some other menial job with low pay

- he does not support the people...oust him now

- Scott Walker has betrayed the trust of the people of Wiscosin with his many power grabs, intent to rob public employees of their collective bargaining rights, and his many times stated refusal to consider any sort of compromise although major unions have agreed to his demand to pay more for pensions and health insurance. He has done more to create enmity and dissention in the state than any governor I've experienced in my 70 years. He needs to be replaced.

- How do recall state senators and assemblymen, also?

- Recall Scott Walker please!

- Can talk to a Koch brother for 20 minutes. Can't speak to the teacher's union. Disgraceful

- Quit picking on the teachers!!!!!!!you go work with kids

- consider this my vote/signature to recall. thanks

- Gov. Walker has shown that he does not represent the people of WI, and is not placing the people of Wisconsin's best interests first. He does not deserve to stay in office any longer, and should not, as his governship could very likely be detrimental to our future.

- I am extremely unhappy with Gov. Walker's attitude toward the people of this state and his close relationship with billionaires from other states. I am a WI business owner. I DID NOT need a tax break.

- Please contact me with the official recall form!

- Egypt, it's our turn in Wisconsin. Kick the bloody dictator, walker, out on his arse.

- Walker is going to destroy our fine state.

- i support the recall of this gov.

- THANK YOU!!!!!!!

- Let me know what I can do to help.

- HE NEEDS TO GO!! Before he wrecks everythin for this state he is not helping anyone or doing anything usefull

- Walker needs to go. He is going out of his way to sacrifice the state's education system, completely neglecting future generations.

- Proud Union Member Currently CWA Local 4603 and formerly of Local 4611

- This man is NOT representing the citizens of Wisconsin!!

- As a resident of Kenosha Country, 1992, I voluntarily sign this Petition to Recall Governon Scott Walker, the Sooner the Better!

- I hope this works! I did not vote for Scott Walker and am deeply saddened, and personally affected as a teacher, by his horrific governing.

- I back the movement to recall this Governor. We elect state officials to go what the people wish and to listen when we have something to say. To force control is a dictator, not an elected official.

- He should be ASHAMED of himself! Though that will likely never be the case. All about his personal profit. Disgusting.

- This guy has GOT to go!

- We need you Russ Feingold!!!

- His arrogant stand will ruin the economy and the public education of all Wisconsin children. Recall him ASAP!

- Recall Walker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Thanks for the opportunity!

- ive been working in wisconsin for 2 Yrs now for IBEW local 2150

- The Unions gave you everythng you asked for to positively affect the budget issue we are facing. Collective bargaining is what our ancestors fought for, and in many cases died for. You do not have ANY capital, whatsoever, to ask for these rights to be negated. You are an embarrasement to the Great State of Wisconsin.

- Out with the trash.

- I voted for this "man" based on his STATED intentions: what appeared in Late January is NOT what he campaigned on and NOT what I voted for. I am only about half-way through this bill, and I"M SCARED TO DEATH! I will NOT vote for ANY STATE REPUBLICAN who continues to support this IDIOCY. I have sent a THANK YOU to the SENATE DEMOCRATS who had the Courage and Good Sense to visit our neighbor to the south. P.S. I've voted REPUBLICAN 95% for 40 Years.

- I usually would not support a recall. However, due to this governor's blatant unwillingness to compromise and do the job he was elected to do, I don't believe that he has the ability to lead our government for the following four years.

- The People of Wisconsin Voted "You" IN to do this: Make smart decisions, not hard decisions. Lead the State, not dictate to the people of the State. Work with all of the WI Senate, not just your party. Be a good politician, not a dictator. Be smart, not stubborn. Be honest, not slippery.

- Can't happen fast enough!

- lets all worked hard to recall scott walker.

- I cannot wait to sign the document that will remove walker from office.

- Please keep fighting!!!

- He is a dork...

- Never should power be in the hands of one such as this. Never.

- He's gone too far. It's that simple.

- A good leader is someone who leads by example, who listens more than they speak,who empowers those around them, someone who considers both short and long term ramifications of making change/decisions, and someone who works for all people (taxpayers)not just the ones who voted them into office. Considering what is best for the state, the country, our future (children/education) and the OVERALL economy NOT just a select few.

- I will help in any way I can to get this idiot out of office before he ruins our state.

- Scott Walker needs to be recalled. He is not for the people, but rather for himself. His inability to communicate affectively with the masses and distortion of the truth makes him a poor leader. Tanacity is a good thing when given the right situation, in Walker's case, he is stubborn, unyeilding and fearfully manipulative. Recall him and elect a governor that will make an honest effort to help our state and people.

- I vote to recall Governor Scott Walker. Thank you for organizing this.

- I am young and wonder what my working conditions are going to be like. He needs to work with people and for the best interest of everyone.

- We don't don't need dictators, we need communicators!!!

- Recall Walker Now

- I think it is sad the way he came into office where he is not talking and just being a dictator. The way you get things done is working together for the best interest of everyone.

- unconsitutional methods

- you are neither intelligent nor christian. no christian would treat a fellow human being with such lack of respect. you should be ashamed and back off

- the union didn't cause the budget problems. gov. doyle left you with a surplus and you "gave" it way and now want to talk about the "expected" shortfall. shame...shame...shame. you're union busting and you are wrong. i know when you're budget bill comes out tuesday that the whole state will be up in a rage because i believe you wanted the bill signed before you showed them "rest of the story". i want to see you taken out of office and someone installed that will work to improve the state budget without taking away the rights of workers to negotiate through their union. you are not GOD.

- I would like to see Russ Feingold as our Governor. I did not vote for Walker. I voted for Barrett.

- we do not need a govenor that is a dictator the union people have said they will give more for pension and insurance all he wants to do is bust he unions

- If we can get 10,000 people to help we only need to collect 55 signatures each!

- I am on board to recall Walker. He is not helping WI. I am sad to say that he is even worse than I expected him to be. I DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM. I hope people who did have learned their lesson!

- Please contact me in November when the recall petition can be signed. THANK YOU!!

- thank you for starting this recall.

- get him OUT

- i moved back to Wisconsin because of the education system that is in place, while it may not be perfect it sure beats others. i believe that the middle class is being eroded and outside money bought Governor Walker. Wisconsin can not survive 4 years of him.

- Please contact me in November when the recall petition can be signed. THANK YOU!!

- Many of us in New Mexico stand with the workers of Wisconsin!

- Please let me know if you need any further help with this effort

- Scott Walker only represents his own selfish interests. We need a governor.

- Enough of his insults on our dignity!

- Scott Walker is only interested in his personal agenda, and that of his financial supporters. He represents the worst of all I detest about politics: the double talk, the blaming others, the refusal to listen and have an open mind. Most glaring is his abuse of power, acting in an extremely undemocratic way.

- I believe Scott Walker has NO right to take the unions bargaining rights away after they agreed to a pay cut. That is just a slap in the face to any working class person!

- Impeach!!!!!!

- Get rid of this dictator!!!!

- Recall the dictator!!!!! He is all about big government and corporatations filling his pockets.

- I also would like to volunteer in the fall when the petition gets into full swing.

- I am appaulled that Scott Walker is only interested in advancing his personal, conservative agenda. He has made it abundantly clear that he does not care about the good of the people and clearly lacks the critical thinking skills necessary to make sound, sane, and educated decisions in regards to the citizens of Wisconsin. We need a leader, not a dropout.

- I am a Madison teacher. This recall can't happen soon enough!

- I also want to sign the recall petition against Sen. Alberta Darling. She has been in office long enough to start an immediate recall. I don't want to be left out!

- He is starting out as one of the worst governors that WI has every seen. Trying to bust the unions.

- thank you for the work you are doing.

- What he is doing to totally ridiculous! Why do WE have to pay for the budget shortfalls? Why can't the ENTIRE state pay? How about just raising state sales tax by a half a percent? Then THE ENTIRE STATE pays, not just workers in the state retirement system and union workers!!

- God save Wisconsin

- walker's action are an attack on Democracy. He was going to send thugs in to cause disorder at the rallies? Our Governor contemplating violence against his constituents? Sick.

- Let's get him out!

- Walker is evil...

- I think Walker is dishonest. /He has no concern for the States workers. His only concern is a radical right wing agenda, in which he wants to be the poster boy.

- I am in the nursing field and what he is doing is so wrong. As long as he makes all the money he don't care about me or my family. I am going to lose my home and will be on the street's with my kid's one of who has Cerebral Palsy we have had to cancel our insurance because we can't afford it any more but what dose Walker care. it is all about the rich and him. it makes me sick to know he is in office he needs to be gone. No one out there want's to help me save our home. thank you

- Don't hate.

- To bad it can't happen sooner

- I am outraged. Scott Walker, you should be ashamed of yourself.

- He is my most unfavorite person.

- Wisconsin deserves an honest politican. One who supports all of it's citizen. One who unifies it citizens instead of dividing them for person gains.

- Crossing my fingers!

- I will be very happy to sign a petition to recall Scott Walker. He has proven to be unworthy to represent the public workers of Wisconsin.

- Governor Walker's approach is undemocratic. His refusal to negotiate with the electorate is similar to autocratic rulers who want to rule outside the law. This gentleman will destroy our state if we allow him to finish his four-year term. He is willing to talk for twenty minutes with his supposedly donor but will not give a minute to those who elected him. Walker must start listening to his Wiscosin citizens instead of his soponsors. He has boxed himself in corner, and instead of accepting his political miscalculations he continues to issue threats after threats. If he thinks that higher unemployment in Wiscosin will give him a second term in office, he must think again.

- He is taking away our right to having a union, to have better working conditions, equal pay for men/women, health benefits, and fair treatment in the workplace. Too many times I have been taken advantage of. For example, I have more experience and someone just starting gets more pay. I want to work 8 hours, but am forced to work more hours, perhaps without a lunch. Wisconsin isn't going to protect my rights. When it's my word against a bosses word, I lose. There is no reason to get rid of the unions. Walker claims that people get paid too much with unions, such as bus drivers getting as high as 100k a year. Tell that to CEO's, Administration and others who are high ranking in a company. How come they aren't even looked at. Does a bus driver deserve as much pay as an administrator and a CEO. I think administrators and CEO's should receive less pay. They don't do what the workers have to do below them...actual work such as teaching or waiting on the public or even cleaning.

- About time...

- It got to be done NOW!!!!!!

- This country was founded from the people and it is supposed to be for the people and elected by the people. Don't put another political insider in think out side the box.

- I would love to see a recall and have us vote in Russ Feingold

- KILL THE BILL !!!!!!!

- I totally agree with the recall of Scott Walker. He is not negotiating with the untions and it is apparant that he wants to bust the unions. As a long time union backer and a former state worker, this is unacceptable. This is America not Lybia.

- What an ass!

- Enough of this crap he needs to go. Never have I been a fan of an it's my way or the high way people. This is not all the problem of our educators,public works, and hospital employees. Let's work together to find a solution.

- Remove Scott Walker Immediatealy

- Get Scott OUT!!

- I really wish I would never have voted for him. He is an extremist.

- He can not be allowed to destroy this great State.

- This is not a governor - this is a dictator!

- By taking away my collective bargaining rights, you are taking away my rights as an American.

- My husband will also be signing this recall petition! So this will count as 2!

- Governor Walker does not have a clue at to what passing the bill to cut funding to our schools will be doing to the students of the state of Wisconsin.

- This man is not a leader, he is hated. We need a leader. Russ Feingold is my choice.

- Recall Walker-replace with Feindgold.

- I dind't vote for him in the first election and would glady vote against him again.

- Recall Gov. Scott Walker

- Hey Hey...Hey Ho...Scott Walker, he's gotta go!

- Let's keep the energy generated these last couple of weeks intact!

- Do we really have to wait one year?!?!?!?

- I am a 17 year career Correctional Sergeant.

- I vote to recall Scott Walker.

- Can't wait! This guy is garbage! RECALL, RECALL, RECALL!

- Thank you!!!

-  God be with you! The Truth Shall Set Us Free!!

- Hurry before it is too late!!!

- This bill is wrong for Wisconsin on all accounts. Walker is taking way from the vulnerable to fix the budget. There are other ways but that call to doing what Walker doesn't like to do and take cuts himself. Lead by example

- I believe that Scott Walker does not have the best interest of the state of Wisconsin.

- “We must close union offices, confiscate their money and put their leaders in prison. We must reduce workers salaries and take away their right to strike.”~~Adolph Hitler, May 2, 1933 ~~

- Thank you for setting up this website. I hate to go after someone to take away their job, but Walker isn't doing his job. He needs to work with Wisconsinites and he is only looking out for himself and to do the work for the republican party. I am so disappointed in him. THe thing is...he doesn't care what the Wisconsin people want or care about.

- Keep the right to organize safe. Go 1st amendment, Don't tread on me!

- Pleeeaasssee recall him!!!

- recall scott walker

- 2 registered voters who would GLADLY sign a recall petition at this address.

- This guy has go to go!!!!

- Recall walker! Calling on Feingold!

- Russ Feingold for governor!!!

- Russ Feingold for governor

- Scott Walker is dishonest. Lacks integrity. Discriminates against gender and age. Cops tend to be men, teachers tend to be mild mannered women. I need a garbageman once a week. I need a policeman once every 15 years.

- Tax the rich. Walker is dividing the nation. United we stand, divied we fall. Lets get together.

- I will gladly sign a petition to recall Walker. I would also like to know how to recall Senator Ellis.

- Walker needs to step down from this office... He is not abiding by what the people's wishes by which he was been elected to do. He has ignored the voice of the people..... He has self motivated career goals that don't include the majority of what WI's voters want. To take away people, rights is a violations of the consitution.

- I have been a Union member for 40yrs at UFCW Local 538. This "anti-worker" legislation is just the first step of many bills Walker wants to bring to Wisconsin. Leave the middle class alone and make the corporations start paying their fair share of taxes. RECALL SCOTT WALKER

- Oust Walker

- My first signature for this petition was sent incomplete so please disregard the first attempt. Daniel Archambault.. Remove this governor!!

- We don't want him to have control of Medicaid changes. He wants to remove the legislative process.

- Out of college, I had a choice of where to move and raise a family. When I made that decision to move to Wisconsin 37 years ago, it was based on our excellant quality of life, the people, our natural resources, and unsurpassed school/university system. Walker has compromised everyone of those reasons, hurt our economy by driving us out of or away from here. Today my desision would be different. If I have to live in a state with poor public services, I will move to one where the taxes reflect it. I am willing to pay more taxes if I can see what we are getting for our dollars.

- We have to get somebody in there that can actually govern. This guy is NOT a governor.

- Scott Walker needs to go!!!

- Governor Walker should be totally ashamed of himself and does not belong in office. The people of Wisconsin put their trust in him and he betrayed them by becoming a dictator..

- Scott Walker is an uncompromising, "Power- Mad", self promoting individual. He was a awful Milwaukee County Executive and is now even worse as Governor for the State of Wisconsin. What a mistake Republican voters made this past election!

- I support this recall of Scott Walker

- This delusional lunatic not only needs to be stopped but needs to be committed to a mental hospital for psychological evaluation immediately! I fear not only for the residents of this state the United States as a whole I feel is in jeopardy. I feel he is a threat to our national security in these uncertain times of world conflict, especially with a Lt. Col. by his side! Did a quick background check of his henchman and they are just as frightening!

- I voted this man in on the premise of smaller government and less spending. Not to take away the rights of Wisconsin workers, and a bigger government reach. I voted him in, I will definitely help vote him out.

- We need representation. This man is not representing the people of Wisconsin. He is trying to rule us.

- quickly!

- Scott Walker out PLEASE

- get walker out

- Kick out scott walker

- I may not be a citizen of Wisconsin but I am a fellow sister of the same union that unites ALL citizens of the United States of America. A crook is a crook, and the law cannot bend for any fool - elected or not!

- Let the voices of those who did not support Mr. Walker be heard!

- Proud tradition of union benefits for (not only state) workers cannot be undone by the stroke of one pen. There are too many ramifications under the guise of saving a few bucks -- everyone who voted to dismantle unions ought to be willing to give up all their protections and benefits, and be subject to recall as well. Adding my name to this petition is all I can do to support all the protesters at the capital, and I will do it proudly.

- We MUST get this despicable man out of office!

- Please Recall Gov. Walker.

- We didn't elect a partison, union busting, obstructionist governor. Get out!

- Thank you for getting this recall petition going. We must remain united so that come November 2011, we can move forward and get Walker recalled.

- Send Scott packing ASAP

- If you are unable to negotiate, then you are unfit to be a politician.

- Can we get rid of Kleefish, too?

- Former Wisconsinite checking in with my support!

- I feel Scott Walker is not doing what the people want, but what he wants.

- Governor Walker has too realized 2 things: 1.) State and local employees are taxpayers also and 2.) He has a responsibility to those who didn't elect him as well as those who did. He is the Governor of Wisconsin, not just the part of Wisconsin that voted for him.

- George W taught us there is no place for a "my way or the highway" politician anymore. The wealthiest 5% can fend for themselves, we don't need a return to robber baron capitalism.

- I would go door to door in my neighborhood if requested.


- one way isnt the only way and Debating isnt the same as negotiating.

- thanks, please keep the pressure on Scott. do not give up!

- Recall, Recall, Recall

- RECALL SCOTT WALKER ASAP!! He is hurting Wisconsin.


- He is in with Satan!

- I am sorry to say, I am a republican and I voted for this dictator. I will never ever vote republican again

- Solidarity!

- Let's get-r-done.

- Not what I voted for!!!

- This site needs to put on signs in Madison

- Recall him.

- Scott Walker is scarey - unions are an important right for workers, and the progress we have made in years shouldn't be taken away in just months by a "Hitler like" man, especially when the workers are willing to give up the money benefits that he was asking for. We need someone in the office of govenor who will listen and compromise for the sake of Wisconsin residents and the future of our fine state.

- Let's get this guy out soon, he is going to ruin the state financially and create such chaos that it will take years to undo. I am amazed that the Republicans do not recognize this and are blindly following this course of action.

- Walker needs to be impeached. Failing that he must be recalled.

- I agree with some of what he has brought to the table, but this man thinks he's a king. At last check this country is not a monarchy. This man is a threat to democracy. Everything our forefathers have brought to the table, he is trying to bring down. This is an issue most people can't grasp. It seems to me a lot of these protesters are looking for their just deserts, while really they should be protesting a man who thinks he is king.

- This man has been in Office now for around 2mos. & already is pitting neighbor against neighbor, family members against family members. He is also a liar & a deceiver w/his "fake phone call" statements, threatening to send out the Nat'l Guard, place State Patrol People at the Dem. Senators homes..(which is illegal by the way)inciting trouble makers of his making to mingle w/the masses in the capitol..Then to deny all of this. Who can trust this guy? I don't feel safe w/him in office....

- What kind of "leader" would let his state become so divided just to serve HIS agenda? Losing collective bargaining rights does NOT fill the budget gap no matter what he says!!!!!!

- Let's get walker out! We need to have our 70,000 people up at the capital tp prtest and sign the recall on Nov. 3,2011

- Walker needs to be recalled! His antics are pure fascism! I am a teacher trying to teach my students democracy!

- He should be gone!!!!!!

- Let's get rid of this monster.

- I'm NOT a Union worker, but I support the right for one! I can't belive that Scott Walker has teh nerve to threaten the Senate (and workers) of Wisconsin that the must pass this bill or expect laid offs, even though the union and the workers already agreed to Governor Walker’s benefit cuts. This is an outrage and I plan to take my family and protest along with the tens of thousands of others that will be there! Dam right I think we need to recall Scott Walker! To boot I would have to consider myself more of a Republican! This is a disgrace!

- workers rights cannot be sacrafised under the guisse of balancing a budget

- That he was elected governor is a shame.


- I want to sign the petition to recall Governor Scott Walker this January!

- I am 64 years old, and in all my life I have never seen a governor that is like a dictator as Walker is.The thing is it won't stop with just public employees giving up, it will continue on with all of us tax payers giving up more in taxes. He says he wants to create jobs, well he is destroying jobs. I understand we have to grab hold of the problems here in the state, but be a man and discuss this problem. Don't dictate to people what you plan on doing.

- I think Walker is very dangerous for this state and the country. By his legislation, he is trying to make it very difficult for Democrats to get elected in the future. Doing away with unions will stop a large financial support for Democrats. Also the voter ID issue will make it difficult for students to vote along with a lot of seniors.

- I want to be the first to sign!

- Like to see Scott Walker leave Wisconsi.

- Thanks for starting this!

- Gov Scott walker will do a lot of damage in a year. Can we get him out sooner. I think all gov official should have college degrees. Thank you

- Our great state should be run by the People, Not a puppet for big corporations.

- I'm 29 years old and suffer from multiple health problems that have made it virtually impossible to get private health care. I struggled big time with health care issues before badger care. I have a full time job and do pay taxes. If walker messes with the badger care system I will be left without health care entirely, as will many others who suffer the same issues I do. Beyond being tired of the lies and manipulations I am concerned that he will leave a high number of people without any means of maintaining their health and well-being.

- Bye Bye Scottie!!

- democracy requires his recall

- Thank you!!!!!

- I was at the Madison rally 2/6 to support union members/working families. I will attend on weekend days in the future to support this movement. I am a former State employee and a nurse. Let's do it!

- Let's put an end to this insanity. We can't give up!

- I feel that his election was bought by contributions from the Koch Brothers and other corporations. His payback is to break up unions which support mostly democratic candidates. He is not willing to comprise on any issues.

- Get ride of him.

- Sign me up!

- we need help now. WI used to be a nice place to live. Walker is doing unrepairable damage to WI.

- you are insain mr walker t have no feelings about others lifes. you need t see a doctor. you need help and the rest of your family t.

- Breach of public trust. Gotta go.

- The sooner the better.

- He has gone too far and needs to be removed from office.

- will recall him. He's done!

- Unions built this country. support the working class.

- Hurry before it is too late!!!

- This bill is wrong for Wisconsin on all accounts. Walker is taking way from the vulnerable to fix the budget. There are other ways but that call to doing what Walker doesn't like to do and take cuts himself. Lead by example

- God be with you! The Truth Shall Set Us Free!!

- I believe that Scott Walker does not have the best interest of the state of Wisconsin.

- Maybe we should think of recalling some Republican Senators as well.

- Walker MUST go!

- Please get the real petition going ASAP. Walker has already proven himself to be a delusional and petty little tyrant. We can't get him out of office fast enough.

- There is no reason for him to take away the peoples barginning rights. It has no effect on repairing the dept.He is trying to break the unions and pay back the bussinesses that supported his campaign.

- Enough is enough!!!!

- We need to save our state before there's nothing left.

- Scott Walker is only doing what benefits Scott Walker. He is not a leader. Recall Scott Walker.

- Thanks for doing this!

- He is going to sink the economy of WI into a deeper recession!!

- Its time for Walker to lead and listen to the people. The State of Wisconsin is not for sale to big donors of his campaign.

- I elected you as Governor, not as DICTATOR. Don't forget the world you live in. This is the United States of America. The majority of us call our government a democracy. By the way, thanks for ruining my strictly Republican view of government. I no longer consider myself a strict Republican.

- I support the recall of Gov Scott Walker

- In Oct. 2010 our union president told us we would have to pay more for our health and pension in the next contract. This should have been signed in 2010. Here we are with Walkers stronghold at literally gunpoint saying we won't compromise with the Union.I don't want my grandchildren to have to work in sub standard working conditions and the sub standard wage which is what this legislation will do. Stop Walker with what ever legal means needed. His remark that he has a baseball bat in his office to use shows me this man is not in his right mind. My neice told me that she voted for Walker because of his Christian beliefs. This man is no Christian, he is related to Satan. So much for being raised by a Minister

- Let's get 540,208 signatures!!! Get him out!!

- The republican party is dead set to get rid of Obama with any means at their disposal. They have absolutely no interest in helping create jobs, only in getting rid of their opposition!

- This governor is going to run Wisconsin education into the ground. His Repair Bill is one of the most ridiculously unfair things that I've seen in my 49 years on the planet. Let him take his extreme ideology to some third world country, far, far away. Just leave Wisconsin be!

- Wish we could do this sooner. What you are doing is a great thing! I hope we are not at this standoff through november.

- scott walkers gotta GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- This college drop out is not qualified to lead our state! Get rid of him! Kevin

- what does mr walkers benefit package look like? what does the tax payers pay for?

- Will help any way I can!

- I'd like a governor who knows his constituents and is willing to listen to them. Walker is WRONG for Wisconsin.

- I come from a family with a long list of union members. This is the wrong direction for this state to be going. Everyone I talk to says if they had to do it over they would not! vote for walker.

- The governor is corrupt. No bid contracts,junkets to "Cali",State Police Commissioner appointment and considering goog squads to disrupt protests with no concern for public safty only political fallout, he has no decency.

- As a resident of Milwaukee County I can say first hand of the distrust other residents and myself feel for Gov. Walker. I don't know how he got away with the lies he said to us and I don't know how in the world he got elected to be gov. I'm sure atleast half of if not all of those republican union members regret voting for him. It appears to me that this was a dishonest attemp by repub. govs. around the nation.

- Willing to help

- He's a crook

- Glad you are initiating this effort. Cannot donate at this time, but I now know where you are and will donate when I can.

- He think he's a king, not mine.

- Can we tax the rich now?

- I support an effort to recal Governor Scott Walker.

- I support any effort to recall Scott Walker.

- It is a very sad time for our state and nation. Let's hope a majority of Wisconsin voters realize the damage Gov. Walker is doing to our state.

- Recall Scott Walker!

- We are Badgers not Weasles

- He is a liar!


- Walker's recent proposals r beyond rational economic solutions for all except big business.

- Please, please, please!!!!!!!!!!!

- Walker is a dictator

- Scot Walker is refusing federal money, train, high speed internet, and soon transportation money. together this is almost a billion He has stopped 1.8 billion in wind farm construction, manufacturing, and maintanence He is lowering income potential for all wisconsinites Pleas stop him Mike

- Please unite with other organizations to make this effective and successful!

- Keep the momentum going and let's accomplish our goal! We are doing the right thing for the good of our great state!

- can`t wait

- Russ Feingold can beat Walker!

- You are done !

- The "crank" phone call says it all. Please everybody listen to every word. Are you still with him? THINK! He wants to stomp me down with "trouble makers". He wants to destroy unions, he is not Wisconsin! God! Mr. Walker please go away.

- I am retired and did not work in a union job but I support the unions. I wish we could recall him now.

- The American people need to clean house, from the bottom to the top. We need to create the Government that is For the People, By the People!!! United We STAND!!!

- I didn't vote for Scott Walker in the first place, but never could have imagined how power hungry he would be. Our country is built on a political system of give and take. We debate the issues and come to a compromise. Scott Walker clearly believes its his way or no way at all. We don't want a dictator running Wisconsin.

- Let's recall Scott Walker

- Thank you for doing this!

- Recall this Governor before he continues to run Wisconsin into the ground. We need a Governor that does not want to be a dictator who wants nothing but the lime light. The unions have agreeded to the percentages that he has requested in his budget. Taking the collective bargaining away from people has not affect on the budget. All it does is give Walker larger control to take even more away from the teachers because they will not have anyone to stand up for them.

- He is ruining our future

- Thank you for the website and helping us make our voices heard! Keep up the great work! Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Scott Walker has got to go!!!

- I can help get signatures in Mukwonago if needed but would need help. I have four children, two son-in-laws, and one daughter-in-law that are teachers. This is devasting to them. They will be losing 1,000-1,300 a month. My husband is a retired teacher.

- REMOVE before he ruins this state permenantly


- Scott walker needs to go asap!

- Yes, we need to get rid of this beady-eyed weasel. He is a typical lying republician.

- Walker is an abyssmal joke!

- Scott Walker has no mandate from the voters of Wisconsin. He only received votes representing 25.8% of the WI voter age population. Less than 50% of the voter aged population voted. 2.1 million voted (1.1 million for walker and 1 million for Barrett). Winning by 128,000 votes does not make one a monarch. Many Republican teachers voted for Walker knowing they would give up benefits. They NEVER would have voted for him if they thought he was going to disolve collective bargaining.

- I'm against Walker taking away collective barganing

- I'm not public worker. But, get rid of him ASAP.

- How can we recall Joell Kleifisch as well?

- Hurry please.

- On Wisconsin!

- Also Start One for Attny General Von Hollen. He will try to stop this Recall Petition!

- We are now starting something that is good.

- 1 year is long enough.

- I think there's too much out of state influence here by the out of state and notoriously crooked Koch brothers, who have already been found guilty of lying thousands of times and stealing oil from the federal government and the American Indians.

- I regret that we must wait a year to really get this going. In the meantime I will do everything I legally can to help with the process. I am a professional musician, and will be happy to play music where needed. Just give me a call. We should also start recall proceedings IMMEDIATELY for all Senate and Assembly Republican supporters who have already been in office for a year!

- If this governor is not recalled he will continue on the road to ruining this state and all it stands for.

- We must recall Scott Walker, who does not have the interests of the people of Wisconsin foremost in his agenda.

- I think all elected officials should live up to the rules you make for others. CUT YOUR BENEFITS AND PENSION your time is next it won't stop at the teachers. Get rid of the bum

- This guy has to go NOW!

- God help us defeat this evil governor!

- I am sorry to say that I voted for him and I want to recal him for what he is doing now. He lied to us and he is wrong. Our voices need to be heard.

- He is not working for all the people, just his own party and money donators. he could have easily ended this whole fiasco. i think he wants to just get media attention, Not do what brings people together.

- He's proven he puts his agenda before the needs of the people and the state.

- I'm in!

- Recall Walker and replace with a reasonable Democrat!!

- Hooray! Not soon enough!

- He is too radical. He did not campaign on union bust
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