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"Phantom energy” brings time travel closer to reality

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Author Topic: "Phantom energy” brings time travel closer to reality  (Read 256 times)
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« on: December 21, 2010, 01:01:50 am »

"Phantom energy” brings time travel closer to reality
by Dick Pelletier

            "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our Century-22 Time Portal. In a few moments, we will beam your minds to the year 2005, where you will each live a day in the life of your younger self. Although your physical self will remain in the present, 10/26/2102, your mind will actually travel back in time and merge with your former self. We hope you enjoy this unique learning experience”.

            This scenario may sound like fantasy, but physicists, encouraged by recent discovery of a strange matter called "phantom energy”, believe that time travel will happen in the future. This mysterious energy comprises 70 percent of the universe and many believe it could provide all the power needed to construct wormholes, the prime element for making time travel possible.

            Princeton University’s Richard Gott describes wormholes as shortcuts through space and time that connect two distant points, like a worm tunnel through an apple. "You jump into the wormhole and pop out on Alpha Centauri and you’ve gone through a tunnel that connects two distant places.” These shortcuts allow instant travel to vast distances in space – and to past and future times.

            Although laws of physics permit time travel, the concept is laden with uncomfortable contradictions. Say we travel back in time and prevent our parents from getting together. This would prevent us from being born; we could not exist and our journey in time could never happen – this creates a paradox. We have created a past different from one that already exists.

            Clearly, mischievous time travelers cannot change the present. People do not suddenly disappear because a rerun of events has prevented their birth. Therefore, something is preventing time travelers from changing our present, and physicists Daniel Greenberger and colleague Karl Svozil believe they have the answer.

Before we observe an event, they say, there are a number of possibilities, but once we become aware of it, the possibilities shrink to one. If you know your parents got together, there is no possibility of them not getting together. If you go back to separate your parents, you might arrive after they left the room, you would not find them, or you would change your mind. Something will always protect the past from change.

            Another solution is the multiverse idea. This holds that the universe – as suggested in the Gwyneth Paltro film Sliding Doors – can split off into a myriad of alternate universes. If you traveled in time and convinced your parents to separate, you would immediately enter a parallel universe – never to return to your "home” universe – bummer!

             In his book, Parallel Worlds, Michio Kaku claims our universe may be but one among many and we all live, with slight changes, in numerous universes.

            Forward-thinkers believe that as early as 2050 to 2100, massive discoveries could appear enabling us to harness the vast resources in our galaxy required to power time travel.

            We dream of breathtaking changes ahead as we approach the upcoming Singularity event where machines surpass human intelligence. We ponder how our "magical future” will unfold, what miracles will we accomplish. Will we live on exotic planets; discover aliens, and travel through time? Time will tell!

This article appeared in various print publications and on-line blogs. Comments always welcome
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« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2010, 01:15:29 pm »

To think in some timeline NASA may have actually honored Adamski and we could have a present day space based economy and have Tesla/Venusian technology to travel the solar system.

However since the decision was made to keep Adamski info and Venus info under wraps and have Earth run by the New World Order we are in the 2010 time frame of today.
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