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The Death of Ior Bock

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Author Topic: The Death of Ior Bock  (Read 2711 times)
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Using rocks and minerals to heal the earth and us.

« on: October 26, 2010, 03:30:28 am »

this page was referenced in the above page... which appears to be written with no understanding of Ior Bock... this article however has due respect for Ior's unique task.. from last August..

Ior Bock, Pagan keeper of the old ways
Posted by Bill on August 26, 2010

Ior Bock

Ior Bock was born Bror Holger Svedlin on the 17th of January, 1942. His Mother was the daughter of the last Man to hold the secrets the Pagan culture had handed down, Knut Victor Boxström. Knut died at the age of 81 one Month after his Son/Grandsons birth.  It seems that Knut took this drastic action due to his being the last man alive tasked with keeping the verbal histories of the Scandinavian and Finnish cultures dating back to before the last Ice Age. In the days before Digital Recorders, Audio Tapes, Typewriters, Movable Type, Papyrus Scrolls, Clay Tablets or even written languages it was common for there to be a family entrusted with keeping a verbal history of the culture. In the Middle East these verbal histories eventually became the books of the Old Testament.

Ior had a Sister, Rachel and their Mother would sit with them every day to tell them the family tradition of the Bock Sa-Ga. They were not allowed to ask questions because “by listening one learns more than by talking”. Ior Bock started transcribing his verbal history in 1984, it tells of mankind before the “Ice Time” and continental drift separated our languages and cultures. He details Pagan beliefs and rituals. The saga, or Bock Sa-Ga, is said to have been handed down from over 10,000 years ago. It is not just a collection of words but a language of sounds that serves as an acoustic programming. Supposedly in this saga, like many others, there is the obligatory secret chamber hidden away, this one called the Temple of Lemminkäinen. Thus far Bock has recorded audio covering mankind’s time in Paradise, Atlantis and afterwards up to modern times. Much of what Ior Bock has to say sounds far fetched and could easily be dismissed as the rantings of a deranged mind or someone out to perpetrate a grand fraud. It would be easy except for one thing.

In 1987 Ior collected enough backing to start looking for a secret chamber told about in his verbal history. The story told of 3 large stone slabs that covered an entrance to a hallway carved down into solid bedrock. At the end of the hallway is a chamber holding items passed down from prehistory, a time capsule from the distant past. Were it not for Ior’s story all knowledge of this site would have been lost due to the destruction of all Pre Christian documents by the Catholics.

Excavations located the stones. Then they located the shaft descending through the bed rock, though it was now filled in with sand. Then the digging stopped when they encountered water. Currently they are awaiting someone with the money to do a proper excavation.


UsH says:
September 3, 2010 at 3:52 AM

Hello, Bill,

nice compilation, though the opening of Lemminkäinen Temple is not a question of money and investors and neither the lack of a proper excavator.

It is the mere courage to look at the pagan source of mankind without moral prejudices but with the courage of people who admit that they do not know too much about their own early history.

And seeing the NWO we are going to face these days it will not be easier as BockSaga is holding some secrets that seem not to be very politically correct if you take the measure of the mainstream. The question of body liquids will be a taboo-topic and might not be for children. Am I right here or not? Anyway the Finnish people go their own way and it is first of all their job to accept their prehistory and embrace it.

Then and not before we will be looking forward.
Thank you for your contribution


Bill says:
September 6, 2010 at 4:56 AM

Thank you UsH, the story fascinates me and I’ll be doing deeper studies as time allows.

If the excavation has funding and equipment why is it not proceeding? It seems to me that if the Saga is correct the Temple might hold not just treasure in the form of items of antiquity but knowledge and understanding that might well transform the “modern” World.

I agree that the old Pagan ways are taboo in the current social order and will remain that way for quite some time. From my limited knowledge of the subject I think it should explored further.


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