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Halloween Oak Island

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Author Topic: Halloween Oak Island  (Read 581 times)
Jennifer O'Dell
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« on: October 19, 2009, 11:47:19 am »

Halloween Oak Island

Vancouver, B.C Canada-Is there any more gas in this oak island treasure mystery to enclose a halloween tale or two, but some claim oak island is haunted with ghostly pirate spirits? News reports of no such concrete evidence of oak island ghosts what so ever, but there is some people from oak islands past that vowed to never "ever" step foot on oak islands soil ever again? Just what could of startle anyone to say any such feverish rhetoric to a give waring to people that this oak island is haunted. Well we can begin by saying six live has already been brought passed deaths door in the search of the legendary oak island treasure unfortunately.

Oak island has been recognized around the world as the most interesting treasure hunt in the world, we can go as far as saying its the longest treasure search ever by far? But what is the treasure and whats eluding countless of treasure hunters into despair on this never ending treasure hunt. The speculations run endless on just what is hidden in this teasing treasure hunt. Captain Kidd's treasure was the acceptable answer to who may have buried the oak island treasure cache and this pirate theory is what allured treasure hunting enthusiasts to this infamous island discreetly for over the two hundred years so far, that fooled many peoples imagination down a expensive hole in the ground .

One famous legend is to say is that seven must die to get to the oak island secret? And as of now six are dead. Oak island may have got its name from because of it was ingrown mysteriously with oak trees amazingly just where could of these oak trees came from? There not from the oak island area it is only to suspect that oak island was inhabitant many years before the oak island money pit was constructed by travelers? After all the layers of the money pit consisted of oak logs as reported by the original excavators. So the probable thickness of the oak island money pit logs would of determine on how much time past that is how old possibly is the making of the money pit, thus time before it was built?. This could be the reason of the the other lore story to oak island that the oak island treasure won't give up its treasure until the last oak tree has vanished, last reported by some oak island treasure hunters only one oak tree is standing from the original island hunt? and that was many years ago are we in the eve to finding out just what this hunt is all about?

Many questions are out there, on what may be the big oak island secret. The knights templars holy grail or the hidings of the ark of the covenant is the popular theory to the many theories of what just maybe hidden in the labyrinths of the oak island mystery. And who knows this could be the cause of the oak island phenomena

A infamous oak island mysterious story and I do not know if its actually true but this story has been handed down as a maybe pop folklore to story of this treasure island it goes that one late evening, bizarre strange lights were electrifying out of oak island in the early days of the oak island search and two young men victoriously went rowing out to oak island from inland mainland to investigate these alluring lights coming out of oak island only to never be ever heard of them again? Well this story sounds urban legend alright because there is no names attached to this oak island abduction story if this story was in fact true you could be sure there would be a police inquiry into this missing persons investigation there is nothing on record that even says this story is even true by the nova scotia authorities.

What I find intriguing is oak island ghost like sightings told by various oak island witnesses in the past that the spirits of the once inhabitants roam oak island even a dog if you can believe it? The dog is described as a lean muscle beast as big as a large pony that walks in stealth to the ground and has fiery red eyes that can burn through the soul of any of his victims. The oak island demon dog has been told in many accounts to this oak island enigma many other haunted stories are associated to oak island like from a lobster fisherman being lured to oak island while checking his trap line by of a ghostly pirate like being asking him to come forth and he will give all the gold that he can carry if the lobster fisherman can help him get off the island?

Is oak island haunted that would be up to the believer you can only take someones word and there accounts of there actual sightings to be true in this treasure hunt. Or do you? In recent times obscure markings in stone found on oak island turned up ghostly images of oak island pirates and even of a dog? could this evidence elaborate with these oak island ghost story accounts?

Warmest Regards,

Happy Halloween Atlantis Online,

Keith Ranviile of Vancouver,
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