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SPIRITUALISM and Spiritism

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Author Topic: SPIRITUALISM and Spiritism  (Read 2537 times)
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« Reply #30 on: July 15, 2007, 01:23:33 pm »

Life is continuous growth and progression, both here and in the spirit world. When you get to the spirit world you are going to keep growing and learning (unless you choose otherwise). Part of that growing and learning may be to teach others the things you have learned (the way your spirit teachers teach you now). Your spirit teachers are teaching and learning at the same time. Some of them may be around you for a while and then leave because they have other people to teach (or need to learn something themselves). Others may be around you for a very long time.

Everyone is always learning life's lessons and becoming better people - leaving the earth plane ("dying") and living in the spirit world is merely one transition in that process. Dying doesn't call everything to a halt. Life is continuous, and so is Natural Law.

Heaven and Hell

Since you don't die when your body does, where do you go? To the spirit world. Is there heaven and hell? No. Not really. Spiritualists don't believe in hell. Everyone goes to the spirit world regardless of what their behavior has been like on the earth plane. No matter what. If you murder 100 people you go to the spirit world. If you save 100 people you go to the spirit world too.

So what's the difference? Why bother improving your life if you are going to go to the spirit world anyway? Because in the spirit world there are many, many places. Remember that the Law of Attraction works in the spirit world just like it does on the earth plane - you will attract people "just like you". If you are of a lower vibration (murdered 100 people) then you will go to a place that is in harmony with that vibration and you will be with people who are just the same way you are. This doesn't mean you will like it or that it will be pleasant. You will not be able to visit the people and places of a higher vibration either, although people may come to see you. You will still have to learn those same things that you refused to learn (or ignored completely) on the earth plane if you want to change your vibration and progress spiritually.

This is not hell and is not eternal damnation. You always have a choice, and you can change your mind at any time. You can stay where you are forever or you can make an effort to learn and progress. Again, it won't happen in a minute or overnight. Your guides and teachers will be there to help you.

What about haunted houses, ghosts, and poltergeists?
Many people know of someone who says that their house is haunted and has had a variety of unusual events occur. Normally, you "die" and go to the spirit world. Some people die but don't go to the spirit world - instead they stay around the earth plane. These people may not accept or realize that they're "dead" and frequently stay in places familiar to them such as houses and the like. All spirits can affect the earth plane in various ways and frequently these "earth-bound" spirits make themselves known as they go about their business. Some are quite harmless and others are not. Spirit loved ones may not be able to get through to tell the earth-bound spirit person that they should be in the spirit world instead. There are mediums on the earth plane who perform rescue work. The medium works with other spirits to help bring the earth-bound person to the spirit world.

The continuity of life

Life is eternal and life is progression, on the earth plane and in the spirit world. Learning is continuous. There is no finality to what you have learned. You may know very much and be living your life in harmony with Natural Law, but soon enough you will pick up something new to add to what you already know. You can always learn more.
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