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SPIRITUALISM and Spiritism

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Author Topic: SPIRITUALISM and Spiritism  (Read 2527 times)
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« Reply #30 on: July 15, 2007, 01:20:43 pm »

Your life is like a band that is always playing music. The song you're playing is the song of your life, a song that is uniquely yours. Your music can be anything - classical, rock, folk, blues, rap, country, jazz, or heavy metal, it doesn't matter, as long as it is in harmony.

The instruments in your band have to be tuned up and work together well to sound best. As you bring more instruments into tune, the music gets better because the overall harmony improves. Musicians are continually tuning their instruments so that they are always sounding their best.

Keeping your instruments in tune and in harmony with each other is an ongoing process. Of course, "stuff happens". You just finished tuning the piano, then the lead guitar snaps a string and one of the drums needs to be replaced. You have that almost finished when someone hands you a new instrument you've never played before.

What are the "instruments" in your band? The important forces that affect your life. Work, school, family, friends, and your love life are some obvious examples. Your thoughts, actions, attitudes and outlook are more subtle examples. Your body is an instrument that needs tuning also - are you eating/exercising/sleeping too much or not enough?

How do you "tune" these "instruments"? By using your awareness. By staying in touch with yourself and responding to your needs. You can start by paying attention from moment to moment. "How much do I want to eat right now?" "Should I go to bed now or stay up for a while longer?"

Overeating is a common example of being out of tune. Your mind is busy telling you to eat and you're not paying attention to the fact that your stomach is getting full and don't need all that much to eat. Bring your eating and sleeping habits into tune by being aware of (and responding to) your needs.

Maintaining harmony in your life is a dynamic, ongoing process. This is not exactly the same thing as balance. The term "balance" implies a teeter-totter with two sides going up and down over a fixed point in the middle. Harmony is more of a smooth flow without any fixed point, a blending.

Take the time and make the effort to bring your life into harmony. Live in harmony with Natural Law. Improving your harmony can affect your vibration in a positive way.


Law of Continuity

The Law of Continuity states that Natural Law is continuous and applies to both the earth plane and the spirit world. Life is continuous. You don't die. Your body does. Your body is a physical thing and you are not. You are spirit ("essence").

What is the shape of water? Shapeless. Water assumes the shape of the container it is put in. When the water evaporates into a cloud, the container can not hold it any longer and is discarded. The cloud used to be water and still is water, although in a changed form.

In the same way, spirit is shapeless. Your spirit is in the container called your body. When you "die" your body can not hold your spirit any longer and it is discarded. You remain the same, although there is a change of form. Your personality, attitudes, thoughts, actions, sense of humor, your "essence" is unchanged.
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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