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SPIRITUALISM and Spiritism

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Author Topic: SPIRITUALISM and Spiritism  (Read 2492 times)
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« Reply #30 on: July 15, 2007, 01:18:15 pm »

Thoughts (with feelings behind them) are just as powerful as actions, and everyone is living in an ever-changing sea of thought. If your friend on the earth plane is sensitive enough to pick up on your thoughts from time to time, you can be sure that the spirit people around you pick up on your thoughts also. Spirits are more sensitive than your friend on the earth plane and can perceive your thoughts more easily.

Consider the implications. Thought can travel any distance and be perceived by others. Thought can become a method of communication. Thought is the basis for Spirit communication. Spirits send a thought which is perceived by the medium and passed onto you.

Both thought and action are subject to Natural Laws. For example, if your thinking and outlook is negative you will draw negativity toward you (through the Law of Attraction). On the other hand, positive thinking and outlook will draw the positive toward you.


Law of Cause and Effect

In physics, for every action there is an equivalent reaction. In spiritual matters there is a similar rule - the Law of Cause and Effect. The common phrase for this is "what goes around comes around". People seem to have a more immediate understanding of this law because they can apply it to the negative. Ask someone about "what goes around comes around" and you will most likely get a story about how they hurt a person in some way or did something that was really rotten and it "came back to haunt" them or an event occurred that "made it all even".

Remember that there are no exceptions. Natural law is unbreakable. You may have done something that was very rotten and think you have gotten away with it. There is absolutely, positively no "getting away with it". It may take a while for the effect to come back to you. It may take years. It may take a lifetime. It may not happen until you have left the earth plane and are living in the spirit world. But come back it will. You may not recognize the connection between the effect and its original cause but there is a link in there somewhere, whether you ultimately learn what it is or not. This includes your thoughts. Keep this in mind when you are about to unduly criticize someone or wish something horrible upon them.

If you have done some of those "really rotten" things and are suffering from the consequences of those actions you are not doomed. Yes, you will have to pay for those transgressions and you won't get out of it. But the Law of Cause and Effect, like other Natural Laws, works in both the positive and negative directions. You can stop the negative thoughts and actions and replace them with positive ones, and before long those positive effects will be coming your way. Start with something simple like a heartfelt "have a good day" to the next person you meet. You don't have to "perform a miracle" in order for this to start working. Remember that Natural Law is always working. Start small and go from there. You will be amazed at the results. You will have a whole new appreciation for "what goes around comes around".

Law of Harmony

When you listen to good music, you appreciate the sound you are hearing and how it all blends together as one. Everything sounds "just right". Often you are not paying attention to this "blending together" as you are listening because the band is in harmony and all the instruments are in tune. But if the piano is badly out of tune and the guitar has a broken string you would notice it. The sound would be off and the music not right until you tuned the piano and replaced the guitar string.
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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