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SPIRITUALISM and Spiritism

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Author Topic: SPIRITUALISM and Spiritism  (Read 2361 times)
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« Reply #30 on: July 15, 2007, 01:14:45 pm »

You can see the Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration working together when a person makes genuine, positive changes to their life. Alcohol abusers who quit the habit are a fine example. Initially, the abuser's life revolves around getting drunk. Their "drinking buddies" lives also revolve around getting drunk. They are together because they have something in common they can relate to, similar needs, interests, and outlook (i.e. have a similar vibration). When the abuser changes his or her life and stops drinking because they honestly "don't need it" (i.e. have begun progressing spiritually) the drinking buddies fall by the wayside. The abuser is not interested in the drinking buddies (and vice versa) because he or she is "not like them" anymore.

Since the abuser's vibration is now a bit higher and different than the drinking buddies' vibration, the attraction for them is broken. The Law of Attraction hasn't stopped working at all - before long, the abuser will be with other people whose vibration is also "a bit higher". Like is still attracting like.

The Law of Attraction applies primarily to the spiritual and mental realms. In the physical, opposites attract. Although it is not used, it may be clearer to say that the Law of Spiritual Attraction is "like attracts like" and the Law of Physical Attraction is "like attracts it's opposite".

Law of Thought

Have you noticed that people with a negative outlook seem to be surrounded by negativity and negative thinking in general? Think about these people who are chronically miserable - complaining that the world has short changed them, others are always getting ahead faster than they are, and how things could be so much better if only things were done their way instead. Their world is largely a reflection of the negative thoughts that they generate.

Thoughts, both positive and negative, play a large role in your life. Your thoughts and your way of thinking are part of your being and vibration. Everyone is living in an ever-changing sea of thought. The waves, tides, and currents produced by your thoughts has an affect on others (and their thoughts affect you too.)

Don't dismiss this by saying that your thoughts don't have an affect on anything. They do. Negativity, bitterness, and jealousy cast darkness over your being as surely as love, kindness, and compassion spread sunshine. That sunshine (or darkness) affects how you feel and react to things, and is also reflected towards others when you come into contact with them.

Thoughts are very powerful. Thoughts (with feelings behind them) are just as powerful as actions. Your thoughts (and your way of thinking) are the base for your being and vibration. Since "you are what you think" (to a degree), change your thinking for the better and you will change yourself as well. Of course, it won't happen over night, but will change over time.

Your thoughts are not isolated to yourself. You don't think in a vacuum. Thoughts with enough energy behind them can be perceived by others. For instance, how many times has a friend or relative called you on the phone and you tell the person that you had just been thinking about him or her? Or vice versa? You probably just take this experience for granted, but there is more to it. You sent out a thought (most likely subconsciously). Your friend picked up on the thought (most likely subconsciously) and was many miles away from you.

A phone call is a simple example that shows the point, but do not dismiss this whole idea as trivial nonsense. It is not. And it is not as easy as arbitrarily thinking whatever you want and having it immediately happen either. If it worked that way then everyone would be a lottery winner and never have to work again!! There's no "faking" here, be genuine. It bears repeating.
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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