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News: Plato's Atlantis: Fact, Fiction or Prophecy?
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SPIRITUALISM and Spiritism

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Author Topic: SPIRITUALISM and Spiritism  (Read 2537 times)
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                              R E I N C A R N A T I O N   A N D   S P I R I T U A L I S M

By T Stokes

This topic is at the top of the agenda in many churches at present.

A few points need addressing on the subject.

The occult rule that says; “as above so below” tells that as in the world of nature that comes alive in the spring, and then dies each winter, so it is with man, he must by the same rules perish and then come back.

The birth of Spiritualism as an independent doctrine really began last century, and allying it to Christianity probably ensured its survival, but today when Christianity is failing fast, we need to ensure separation is as painless as possible.

Recent scandals involving the investing of christian church monies into the arms trade, supporting violence in Africa, south American and Ireland, the hiding of sexual predators within its ranks, and the deliberate falsification of archive material, and preferring to see babies in Africa born with AIDS rather that allow birth control have decimated support for Christian sectarianism.

The problem spiritualism has with reincarnation is that if we reincarnate, then where do the mediums messages come from?

And why do intelligent people when dead give so little information of any importance.

Both these questions can be answered by the hagiographers, but outside the main body of spiritualistic doctrine.

However, the main criticism of the reincarnation belief system, comes from modern Christianity, whose teaching is, we only live two lives, this one and the one after.

But Christ was an Essene, who were teachers and believers in both re-incarnation and vegetarianism.

It was Christ’s apostles and followers who proclaimed over and over again about the second coming, in other words Christ’s re-incarnation, and if HE were to come back, why not us?

Of the many bibles that one can study perhaps the Chaldean is the most sympathetic, but even this has been “got at” by the church establishment.

Political correctness is not a modern thing it has always been a weapon to silence dissent, it was used in 325 A.D to edit out reincarnation.

More recently, the “born again” Christians, do not realise that when Christ was asked; “how can we achieve this kingdom of heaven” his reply “you have to be born again” meant just that.

The modern twisting of his words, was not just political correctness, but the more sinister religious correctness, but for what motive ?.

This can be one of the government’s weapons in the psychological operations dept.

(psy /ops) and the twisting of dogma to religious ends is now known as “churchianity”

Religion has always been a great tool to influence the people, Winston Churchill was a master at it.

Christians believe in bodily resurrection which means on the day of judgement, god will call them physically from their graves up to heaven, ( metamsomatosis ) but what of those whose bodies have been blown up, or amputees? Or whose limbs are not all there?

“Remanation” which theologically is the returning to the godhead, is a universal belief, but how is this achieved ?

The Koran tells us ”god sends the souls of men back time and time again until, they be perfect”

Hinduism has so much on reincarnation, it was difficult to think of a particular comment, in fact every major religion bar Christianity teaches it, except modern Christianity.

There is no Christian answer to the question, that if god is this kind, just, loving person we are told he is, then why would he allow one person to be born a cripple, to a life of hunger and poverty, and another a prince, born to a life of luxury and plenty?

Where is the justice in that?

And the truth is he doesn’t choose, we do, we choose what would be best for our soul development, before we are born.

There are arguments in favour of, transmigration, palingenesis, metamsomatosis, metampsychosis etc, but the truth is simple, just as when you look at the oak tree, and it throws down it’s leaves and falls asleep for the winter, and then wakes up for the spring, so do we also, throw down our clothes, and fall asleep, before then waking up.

It was Shakespeare who said that we wear a mask for the brief period of our life, then just take it off to go home, now that does make sense.                           
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