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May 29, 2023, 07:30:48 am
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News: Comet theory collides with Clovis research, may explain disappearance of ancient people
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ATLANTIS airs Oct 7th on History Channel

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Author Topic: ATLANTIS airs Oct 7th on History Channel  (Read 7948 times)
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« Reply #45 on: December 04, 2009, 01:22:47 am »

 Smiley  LOL, comrades, comrades.  As I’ve mentioned we all have our own little pet theories here at AO and I for one say viva la difference!  I for one have learned a lot by listening to other’s opinions of where and when the fabled land rests.  Be it in Malta, ala Nikas, or Africa ala Qoais, or Anartica ala RobertO, or Bimini where Greg Little is searching, let us not bicker, but revel in the “fact” that unlike the scientific community, we are taking the legend of Atlantis seriously, and it is NOT a taboo subject here at AO, LOL

So then Nikas just what would one expect to find after 12,500 years have passed and the land under investigation has sunk beneath the sea?  Hurricanes aside as Desiree has pointed out, if there’s any evidence of human “mess” it would surely be buried under considerable mud and muck, no?  Greg is diving and looking at the surface primarily.  If there’s anything at Bimini to be found, it needs to be dug just as it would be if it was on the surface.  And I suspect that the sediments involved would be quite deep.

As far as Machu Picchu is concerned, I wasn’t talking about the site itself, but the stone construction.  If you look at how the stones are fitted together, you’ll see the resemblance to the Bimini Wall.  And for that matter look at how the stones are fitted together at Malta.  Again can’t you see the resemblance? 

You know there’s a McDonalds golden arch in almost every corner of the globe today.  So be it Atlantean, or Egyptian, or Incan or what ever you’d like to call it, there is considerable evidence of a megalithic construction technique that is found world wide, and it all dates to prehistory.  Perhaps we should all agree to just refer to the evidence of a prehistoric global culture that shared information on building techniques.  Plato describes Atlantis in far greater detail than he does prehistoric Greece.  Yet the Parthenon sits atop a much older megalithic stone block which dates back to this prehistoric global culture.
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