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News: Has the Location of the Center City of Atlantis Been Identified?
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ATLANTIS airs Oct 7th on History Channel

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Author Topic: ATLANTIS airs Oct 7th on History Channel  (Read 7948 times)
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Feel free to comment on my future post on the subject if your interested.

I’m actually quite interested in Antarctica.  Though I’m not inclined to believe that it is the location of the fabled Atlantis, I do believe that there was a time in the remote past that it was free of ice and supported a thriving civilization, perhaps even a technologically advance people.   

I am not a proponent of either “ice ages” or of “global warming” due to carbon emissions.  I say that because the evidence, (and I mean ALL of the evidence), does not support either of those theories.  Our science instead picks and chooses which pieces of evidence to use to support the accepted academic theories and tries to ram it down our throats. 

But I AM a proponent of the theory of “pole shift” which even now our science is beginning to take a more serious look at.  Previously the idea of the “poles” shifting was considered utter nonsense.  But now in the advent of the currently “accepted” tectonic plate theory, the idea has reemerged in the notion that only the crust of the earth “slips” over the molten sea of magma that surrounds the core, and thus place on the surface of the earth where the poles reside now “shifts” and not the actual poles, which are considered fixed in orbit and impossible to move.  To me this is a nute point, either way the evidence points that in a mater of moments Bison in Siberia chewing on buttercups in a tropical locale, found themselves so near the North Pole that they were flash frozen.   Tongue

 Grin The evidence is all over the globe.  The poles have shifted several time in history, and not just the magnetic poles,.. but the actual poles.  So I believe that Anartica was once actually in a tropical location on the globe, and the evidence of the civilization that flourished there is now buried under tons of ice waiting for us to discover it… or waiting for the next Pole shift to thaw it out, LOL.

Send me a personal message as to where you post in this maze of threads that AO has become in the last two years, LOL.  Or I’ll just look for where you’ve posted last.  Cool

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