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March 28, 2023, 04:39:08 pm
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News: Comet theory collides with Clovis research, may explain disappearance of ancient people
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ATLANTIS airs Oct 7th on History Channel

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Author Topic: ATLANTIS airs Oct 7th on History Channel  (Read 7927 times)
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« Reply #45 on: December 03, 2009, 01:27:00 am »

 Smiley  Well Iíve already stated earlier in this thread that I actually fell asleep in the part of the show on the Minoan/Santorini theme which is boring beyond senselessness to me at this point.  But Greg was the most interesting part of the show and is out there doing what I could only dream about doingÖ actually looking for Atlantis.  But I donít need to defend him, as Desiree has already done a much better job at that than I could have.


Here, there is only Greg little looking at pure geological formations and making amateur statements.

Well I canít agree with that statement, Nikas.  Iíve been looking at the pictures of that particular geological evidence for for a couple of decades now, and if thatís a geological formation, than mother nature must also have sculpted Machu Picchu.  And here I should call in Qoais for some support, as weíve been bouncing around the theory that the megalithic stone works, inclulding the Great Pyramid, are actually not stone carvings but made with a process that softened rock and turned it into a type of cement, which later was almost indistinguishable from natural stone.   

If that theory is correct than it may well be that the Bimini Road or Wall as it were, was probably produced using the same ancient technological process.  This is why you canít even fit a razor blade between the stones at Machu Picchu, because they werenít carved, they were poured.  The stones at the Great Pyramid are not recognized by geologists as anything but natural today.  So for any trained geologist to determine that the stones of the Bimini Wall are a natural geological formation is premature to say the least.  The stones need to be brought up and chemical analysis has to be done on them to determine that, and as yet no one has done so. 


Well that's what happens when you listen to the ramblings of a psychic.

Oh Robert, you really need to read up on this guy.   To compare Cayce to a mere physic is like calling the Pope a bible salesmen, LOL.  He was no Tarot Card reader.  In fact he hated having to go into the trances he was subject to.  If it werenít for the fact that he had doctors from all over the world contacting him for help with patients that were hopeless medical cases, and him prescribing hundreds of cures, and healing countless people, than nobody would have paid a bit of attention to what he had to say about Atlantis. 


Very few people actually investigating Atlantis are credentialed academics.

Well thatís because no accredited academic is going to risk his reputation on investigating a subject that is practically scientific heresy.  Letís face it if a distinguished scientist was abducted by a UFO he would have to turn himself in for psychiatric observation and believe that he was having a nervous breakdown, rather than risk his reputation on what he knew had happened.  Certain subjects are simply off limits to serious investigation in the scientific community and Atlantis is one of them.  I think we all owe a debt of gratitude to Greg Little for putting Atlantis into the spotlight and out of the shadows.


Not to intrude, butÖ

Donít let what happened with Bianca put you off.  The Modís are people too, LOL.  Your opinions and comments are always as welcome here as anyoneís.  Personally when I compare this to AR, you guys do a pretty darn good job. 

We all have our various opinions. Nikas believes that Atlantis is in Malta, and that Greg is foolishly looking in the wrong place.  Robert suspects that Atlantis is in Antarctica.  Qoais too believes that the real location must be in the Mediterranean, and I think that Greg is looking at things that must have once been mountaintops in Atlantis, which in my opinion lays fathoms deeper on the Mid Atlantic Plateau.  But look at us all having a civil conversation in the best place on the web to talk about what must be a race memory in all of us.   

The show did suck.  But it beat the hell out of Ice Road Truckers or Pawn Stars.  If thatís the best the History Channel can offer, than give me more of Greg.  I think Greg mentioned something about National Geographic.  Hopefully they can do a better job.  After all it wasnít Greg who produced the show. 
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