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News: Plato's Atlantis: Fact, Fiction or Prophecy?
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ATLANTIS airs Oct 7th on History Channel

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Author Topic: ATLANTIS airs Oct 7th on History Channel  (Read 7948 times)
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Well, I have to disagree with your observations, Nikas.  First off, Greg not be a trained archaeologist, but who is?  Very few people actually investigating Atlantis are credentialed academics. Point is, he does work with a geologist (Bill Donato) and he does send samples out to labs to get tested. He has done carbon 14 dating, sub-bottom profiling of Bimini, and has done more dives in that area than anyone looking for Atlantis in history.  He is one of the few "Atlantologists" actually doing field work in the Atlantic, and that alone gives him credit. I don't put much stock in "experts" opinion.  Believe it or not, only one trained geologist has ever really looked at Bimini up close, Eugene Shinn, and he has an honorary degree, he didn't really earn it (see Greg's paper, the "Bimini Hoax"). The rest are simply commenting on Shin's observations.

The formations he is looking at are made of beach rock, but that doesn't mean anything.  The Phoenicians built their ancient harbors from beachrock, too, in fact, most ancient harbors are made from beachrock. And those stones he has been bringing up with the boreholes in them are identical to those used as stone anchors by ancient Phoenician mariners.  The fact that the stone blocks on the road itself are sometime stacked atop isn't conclusive that they were worked, but it is a good indication.

Greg has never come out and said, "I found Atlantis."  Even in that email that Bianca sent out (quoting him), he is simply stating that (from the water level the stones have been found in), they date to 10,000 bc, the era of Atlantis, not that they were Atlantis itself.

I believe that the Bimini Road and the Andros Platoform have been dated by Greg to only about 5,000 bc, which he doesn't consider to be Atlantis, cause it is from a more recent era.  His claim actually is that he has found an ancient maritme culture that existed in the Bahamas in prehistory, maybe not Atlantis (unless Plato has his dates wrong), but something similar.

Oh, and he doesn't just get his direction from Edgar Cayce, he is pretty well versed on Plato, too. In fact, he has investigated just about every claim that has been made of finding Atlantis in the Atlantic of the last forty years, and sorted out which ones have merit, and which ones don't.
I do agree with you that the special was a bit lame, but that is what you get if you only look at Bimini and Santorini. There are lots of places that I have seen that are totally ignored by these docs that are just as good candidates:  Azores, Canary Islands, Antarctica, Cuba, Morocco, South America.

Finally, one last thing about the bad footage, if we ever did find Atlantis beneath the sea, we should ask, how would we expect it to look like?  It wouldn't be pristine underwater temples, like Jules Verne.  You'd actually see a lot of straight formations with corals, barnacles and other sea crud attached to them, sort of like we are seeing now in the underwater footage. You wouldn't find a temple, for instance, you’d find a collapsed temple, especially if (as Plato says) it was destroyed by an earthquake.
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This power came forth out of the Atlantic Ocean. But afterwards there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea.
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