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ATLANTIS airs Oct 7th on History Channel

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Author Topic: ATLANTIS airs Oct 7th on History Channel  (Read 5942 times)
« Reply #15 on: October 12, 2009, 07:23:03 am »

Ok first of all, Plato (or …the Egyptian priest) never called Atlantis a continent!!!! It’s a pure fiction…or at least with the modern notion. The word used is ηπειρον (Ipiron/Ipiros), which is used even today and has two meanings; Continent and West. In the ancient time had only one meaning, the western part of the continent (Europe) with respect to Greece. North-west of Greece, Southern Albania and Southern Italy are in a way still called Ipiros (Northern Continent!)

Let me translate for you the part that mdsungate is referring to and pay attention to what Plato said. Bear in mind that Greek language is a tricky one. A word can have a 1,000 different meanings…on the other hand…a 1,000 words can describe the same thing. You can’t translate Plato by using PERSEUS because they just give you one of the possible manings of a particular word. When you translate ancient greek one has to look at the previews and the following word in order to get the real meaning of that word.

Τοτε(At that time) γαρ(because/was) πορευσιµον(it existed/present) ην(in) το(to) εκει(that) πελαγος(sea),

At that time there was present in that SEA,

So it was present…is not anymore!!! Helloooo!!!!
Pelagos is a Pelasgian word which means Pellag (small closed sea). This word by itself proves that he is not referring to Atlantic Ocean?! Read Babiniotis, Lexicon of the Greek Language.
Νησον(island) γαρ(because) προ(first/just) του() στοµατος ειχεν(has) ο καλειτε(called),
an island before/in front, the mouth(harbor)called,

No mater what Greg is saying, he can’t change the meaning of the words. It is clear that Atlantis was before you reach the pillars and not after. PRO TOU means always before you reach something. Regardless if George Montexano is trying to change the direction.

ως φατε(as eating), υµεις(you) Ηρακλεους(Hercules) στηλας(pillars),
as eat, by you the Pillars of Heracles,

It looks like these are the pillars that Greeks named them and they’re mentioning during dinner. Perhaps during praying….
η δε(an) νησος(island) αµα(as) Λιβυης(Libya) ην(in) και(and) Ασιας(Asia) µειζων(combined/together),
an island, as(big) Libya or/and Egypt together.

Ok, here…as big as Libya and Asia means the city states, not the modern continents!!! People, there were no continents for ancient people?! They were fewer in numbers. The comparison was made in 600 B.C and Lybia and Asia must have also been some states…e.t.c 

Εξ(from) ης(here) επιβατον(travel) επι(through/toward) τας(to) αλλας(other) νησους(island),
From here you could travel to the other islands,

So from Atlantis one can travel to the other Island. How difficult is to understand that the priest is talking with respect to east-west. So these islands are further from Atlantis. Atlantis is before you reach the pillars. Atlantis is somewhere near Tunis-Sardinia….
Τοις(which/to) τοτε(at time) εγιγνετο(became/was) πορευοµενοις(existent),
Which at that time were present,

εκ δε των νησων επιτην καταντικρυ πασαν ηπειρον,
and from these islands to the opposite continent,

Here is the moment where he mentioned the word Continent. He is saying that from these islands one can get to the opposite continent. How hard is to understand from these entire islands; Ibiza, Sardinia, Corsica…e.t.c one can get to the opposite continent? Is the priest talking, so the opposite continent would be opposite to Egypt! So it’s Europe. There are only two continents at this time. Europe and opposite, (Lybia, Egypt, Asia…)
την περι τον αληθινον εκεινον ποντον.
in those real waters/coasts.

ταδε µεν γαρ, οσα εντος του στοµατος ου λεγοµεν,
Now, everything with this mouth we talking about,

Here my friends, he is clearly stating that Atlantis is within this mouth…so is not outside the mouth (Pillars of Hercules)
φαινεται λιµην στενον τινα εχων εισπλουν,
is visible a narrow harbor just to pass,

So one can see a narrow harbor. That means is not narrow anymore at the time of 600 B.C but at the time of Atlantis.
εκεινο δε πελαγος, οντως,
but that other SEA, of course,

Aha, east-west, we have Atlantis then the mouth (the pillars) and then another Sea. Hello people does it look like Atlantic Ocean anymore?
η τε περιεχουσα αυτο γη παντελως αληθως ορθοτατ’
and the surrounding straight LAND

aha again. This surrounding almost straight land exist only in west Mediterranean.

αν λεγοιτο ηπειρος.
Could be called real continent. Or could be translated {if not really called the west…}

εν δε δη τη Ατλαντιδι νησω,
And in this Atlantis Island,

ταυτη µεγαλη συνεστη και θαυµαστη δυναµις βασιλεων,
this great empire and Admired powerful kingdom,

κρατουσα µεν απασης της νησου,
held(ruled) over the whole island,
Pay attention now; they rule the island.

πολλων δε αλλων νησων και µερων της ηπειρου,
many other islands, and parts of the continent,

many other island around them and some parts of the continent. He is not saying the opposite continent or other continent but just CONTINENT. Which means on the same side of Egypt. Now as he is describing the empire he is “traveling” west-east. So Atlantis is around Malta and rules all the surrounding Islands parts on Africa… 

προς δε τουτοις ετιτων εντος τηδε Λιβυης,
from here in addition parts towards Libya,

You see here how is traveling west-east. He is already in Tunis and travels toward Egypt. Parts in Tunis some parts in Libya and up to near Egypt. Not Including Egypt yet.

µεν ηρχον µεχρι προς Αιγυπτον,
within the columns as far as Egypt,

της δε Ευρωπης µεχρι Τυρρηνιας.
and of Europe as far as Tyrrhenian.

Now he jumps on the opposite continent (Europe) and travels east-west. So Atlantis rules up to Tyrrhenian Sea, which is in Sicily. Atlantis is not ruling Atlantic Ocean but as far as Sicily…with respect to Egypt.

One has to understand that is the Egyptian priest who tells the story and not Plato.

Do you really want the truth about Atlantis then pay attention to it:
The sea around Malta was called Atlantis Pelagus. The West Mediterranean was called OCEANUS. The Island of Atlantis was south-west of Malta (Malta being the Atlas Mountain). The Stadio that you’re looking for was 55 meters and not 150 m. It is the Egyptian Stadion not the Greek one.
Also, the Temple Of Poseidon is nothing more a replica of Parthenon. (Actually the other way around). The measurements given by the Egyptian fit precisely the two temples. The secret? Well, he called it barbaric, which he refers to Ionic and Doric civilizations…..

Anyway, if you have anymore questions I am ready to answer them,

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