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News: Giant crater may lie under Antarctic ice
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ATLANTIS airs Oct 7th on History Channel

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Author Topic: ATLANTIS airs Oct 7th on History Channel  (Read 7293 times)
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« Reply #15 on: October 10, 2009, 01:00:23 am »

 Smiley  Okay, I saw the show, and I have to be totally honest… I’m ashamed to say, I fell asleep half way through it, LOL.  To be fair to Greg, I’m exhausted from working late nights for several weeks now, so it wasn’t him.  But I’m going to have to agree with RobertO’ there wasn’t much that was new.  I’m going to watch it again as it airs twice more this week, and give it a second chance.  There was great pictures of the Bimini Wall.  And what I found that was totally bogus, was that they did find an artifact, which looked most certainly to be a stone anchor, but because of some stupid law about coral, they were forced to put it back.  What the heck?  There are tons of coral all over the world, and Greg finds an artifact that might be physical proof of Atlantis and has to put it back???  I’m speechless about that!

But I’m going to have to ask all my Atlantean friends for a refresher here… I’m sure Nikas will know the exact phrase of Plato that I’m trying to recall, as I only have read the usual English translations of Timaeus and Critias.  But didn’t Plato say that the lost “continent” of Atlantis was “the way to other islands”? 

So as to what you are all saying as to the Bahama’s not being the correct location for Atlantis, wouldn’t the Atlanteans have dominated all the islands in the region surrounding their “continent”?   What I’m saying is that perhaps this supposed seawall, (that is now submerged), is not Atlantis itself, but one of the nearby outposts. 

As to Atlantis being in Antarctica,  I would think that the Peri Reis maps would have had a notation like “ATLANTIS”  ::)written on it, LOL, since they accurately depict the land mass beneath the ice, as modern sonar have confirmed, (it is actually two land masses as drawn on the Peri Reis maps).   Grin

Greg is looking for evidence in a catamaran in water that is still comparatively shallow, and only requires a wet suit and tank. I would expect that a submerged "continent" to be a lot deeper down.  But the Grand Bahama bank would hardly qualify as a “continent” even if it rose above sea level today. 

But let us not forgot that Greg is NOT acting on what Plato had to say about Atlantis, but on what Cayce said about it, and his prophesy that parts of it would rise just at the time that that the Bimini Wall was discovered by Dr. Valentine.   And someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the A.R.E. has something to do with the funding for Greg’s expeditions, no? 

I love all the conjecture of where Atlantis actually is.  I have to totally agree with the nay on Minoan/Santorini theme and I’m just as sick of that as Desiree is, LOL.  People look for it in just about every place on the planet, yes even under the frozen ice of Antarctica.  But perhaps there’s some truth in all of it.  After all someone in the remote past created an unnatural grid system and harnessed the natural energy field of the entire planet for reasons yet unknown.  Their mark has been left in virtually every corner of the globe.  The work of these megalithic builders sill stands after countless years, and speaks of a united planet or at least one dominated by a global power whose work was imitated by the other civilizations.  It was an Atlantean world, and Atlantis left it’s mark in many, many places.

Sorry Qoais about the programming.  You’d think the History Channel would be more consistent.   But when you do catch it, let me know if you think that was Greg’s wife Laura on the boat talking.  How come they didn’t give her any credit?  Very politically incorrect, LOL. 

And Greg if you read this KUDOS again.  The very least of what you've accomplished is to bring our favorite topic to the forefront of popular thinking.  How can anyone hope to discover Atlantis if no one is taking it seriously, and you have accomplished that, to say the least.  What ever our own individual view points about Atlanits might be, you have done us all a great service by making the public take a serious look at the subject.


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