Plato's Oldest Surviving Manuscript Dates to 895 AD, No Originals Survive

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Mark of Australia:
Well said Gwen :)

Gwen Parker:
Thanks, Mark!  I wish we did have a reference older than Plato when it comes to Atlantis, but the ones frequently cited have only a superficial relationship to Plato's Atlantis. The Spanish investigators also like to say that Plato's writings existed intact, but that never happened. What they have are fragments, and a Latin copy usually translated back in modern times to ancient Greek!  That is not the same thing.

Mark of Australia:
Hi Gwen,
 Yeah, we just have to trust the translations and what has come down to us.. That said, i find the ideas of the renaissance scholars to be interesting. I think there might be something in the fact that they are closer in time to the original , even if it is only by a few centuries.. What I am getting at is that the Spanish historian? Sarmiento de Gamboa was adamant that the 9000 years was really 9000 lunar cycles, so 9000 months.. he seemed to have taken it for granted... I am curious as to how he could be so sure, perhaps he had some info that is no longer available to us... perhaps he was as much a crank as many Atlantis theorists today, but you never know.

Gwen Parker:
Hi Mark,

We had a discussion about this at AR one time. Atalante seemed to think that the number 9000 was simply the largest number in Greek history at the time and that is why Plato chose it. Riven also seemed to think that the number 9000 referred to generations(?). I think it had to simply refer to it as a number outside of their recent history, so Atlantis could have existed anywhere from 2000 bc to earlier.


Ian Nottingham has already, fully quoted the solution
 to the 900-9000 Questian
IT was NOT an  egyptian error but a LATIN one
The LATIN x =10 but the Greek X is 1000
SOME WHERE THEY GOT' MIXED-UP'  that was IAN's " Problem Solution "

Far from citrizing err ..... critizizing, your performance here
You yourself mentioned that Herodote tells about the Atlantes
that live  at the shore of the ( WEST-) Atlantic Okeanos !

If you'd care to have a glance at the HERODOTUS ARABIC Map dd 450 bc
You'll see the names Atarantes Atalantes Gorgones AND Auson + Garamantes
NOT in Northern-/ West Africa or Morrocco BUT in South-Arabia in ADEN

Do you think that " Public Opinion " had placed it there by mistake  Hmmmmm ???
To get back at the NAME ATLANTIC Ocean,
You defied me about the ancient name for the Atlantic Ocean in Europe

THAT would be Okeanos Atlantikoum, or Oceanus Atlanticum from ancient time.///
but the Name Oceanus Brittanicum is OLDER in 1500 bc the names
Oceanus Brittanicum was written but NOT yet Oceanus Atlanticum because

the name was invented at the Treaty of M"unster in 1649 ad
Because the boasting Dutch were loaf to fare on the Spanish Ocean
and wanted the name be re-changed into the Dutch(= German ) Ocean !
which didn't happen the Treaty took a prescribed, neutral name not Spanish nor german but Atlantis

Sincerely ' BlueHue ' dd 20 Febr, 2013



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