Plato's Oldest Surviving Manuscript Dates to 895 AD, No Originals Survive

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Angelo Galanopoulos wrote in his 1969 Book "Atlantis the mystery solved",

that 9000 years were NOT Sothis-cycles or Trimesters, but 9000 Months,

This makes the 10.000 bc Issue, whittled down to Ca. 1350 bc !

Substract Dr. Velikovsky's Revised TIMELINE of 500 non-existant Years,

and one gets 850 bc ! Or to syunchronize it in my 11th Atlantis'Theory' 855 bc.

Did I mention that 'Atlantis'(= ATHE ) was hit by not 1 but 3 Mega-Tsunamis ?

Deucalion's  Great SintFlood in 1055 bc ( Better known as the biblical Apocalypse!)

Ogygos-Flood in 855 bc ( During the Battle of Giganto-machia.)

Mega-Tsunami of 705 bc, Sanherib/Sargon2 financed Greek re-settlements in Europe!

" Blue-Hue " from, Amsterdam/Holland.  dd Dec.13  2013.

Quote from: Gwen Parker on August 27, 2011, 11:40:07 pm

Hi Mark,

We had a discussion about this at AR one time. Atalante seemed to think that the number 9000 was simply the largest number in Greek history at the time and that is why Plato chose it. Riven also seemed to think that the number 9000 referred to generations(?). I think it had to simply refer to it as a number outside of their recent history, so Atlantis could have existed anywhere from 2000 bc to earlier.


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