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Gaslight Texts

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Author Topic: Gaslight Texts  (Read 763 times)
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« on: August 14, 2009, 01:37:10 pm »

Max Adeler's "A desperate adventure"
E.F.Bensons' "The room in the tower" (year?)
(prepared by Katie Warrick and Jerry Drake)

Villiers de L'Isle-Adam's "The torture of hope"

G.A. Henty's "Bears and dacoites"
"Pipe of mystery"

Victor Hugo's "A fight with a cannon"

Ernst T.A. [formerly ETW] Hoffmann's "The history of Krakatuk" (year?)

William MacLeod Raine's The hunting of Harry Tracy: The Most Thrilling Man Hunt of Recent Western History (19??)

Arthur Morrison's "The thing in the upper room" (Year?, 1934 ed.)

Baroness Orczy's Scarlet Pimpernel (year?)

Arthur B. Reeve's "Banshee" from Best Ghost Stories (Year?)

W. Clark Russell's "The extraordinary adventure of a Chief Mate"
Prepared by Hunter J. Peters

E.T.A. [formerly ETW] Hoffmann's "The Sand-man" (1817, 1885 ed.)
"The Cremona violin" (c. 1817, 1885 trans.)
Sir Walter Scott's "The tapestried chamber" (1828, 1901, ed)
Honoré de Balzac's "A Passion in the desert" (1830, 1891, ed)
Alexander Pushkin's "The Shot" (1830)
(spelled Poushkin) "The Snowstorm" (1830, 1895 ed.)
(Prepared by Patricia Teter)

Sir Walter Scott's "Wandering Willies' tale" taken from Redgauntlet (1832, 1894 ed.)
Charlotte Brontë's "Napoleon and the Spectre" (1833)
(Prepared by Patricia Teter)
William Makepeace Thackeray's The Tremendous adventures of Major Gahagan (1838-39)
(Prepared by Patricia Teter)
Richard Barham's "Mrs Botherby's story. A leech of Folkestone" (c. 1840)
Thomas Ingoldsby's "The spectre of Tappington" (1840)

Charles Lever's "Patrick's Day in the Peninsula" form Charles O'Malley, the Irish Dragood (1841)
Edgar A. Poe's "A tale of the ragged mountains" (1844) Pr&nepared by Deborah McMillion Hering.
W.E. (William Edmondstoune) Aytoun "How we got up the Glenmutchkin railway, and how we got out of it again" (Oct. 1845)
William Makepeace Thackeray's "Phil Fogarty" (1847)
Elizabeth Gaskell's "The Old Nurse's Story" (1852, 1906)
J. Sheridan Le Fanu's "An account of some strange distrubances in Aungier Street" (1853)
Ivan Turgenyev's "'Faust' A story in nine letters" (1855, 1905 ed.)
Fitz Hugh Ludlow's "The phial of dread"
(Prepared by Robert Champ)
Mary Braddon's "The cold embrace"
(Prepared by Eve Behr)
John Berwick Hardwood's "Horror: a true tale" (1861)
C.H. Hazlewood's dramatic adaptation of Mary Braddon's Lady Audley's secret
H.L. Manse's "Sensation novels"

Charles Perrault's "La Barbe Bleu" (1865 ed.)
Charles Collins's "No. 3 branch line the compensation house" (1866)
Charles Dickens's "No. 1 branch line the signal-man" (1866)

Amelia B. Edwards's "No. 5 branch line the engineer" (1866)

Charles Dickens's A Christmas carol: the reading (1867, 1868 ed.)
Amelia B. Edwards's "The 4.15 express"

Willian Gilbert's "The last lords of Gardonal"

George MacDonald's "The golden key" (1867, this ed.?)


Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888)
"A strange island" [F]
Originally from Morning-Glories, and Other Stories (1868)
J.S. Le Fanu's Haunted lives

James De Mille's "The cord and the creese" (1869, 1897 ed.) 
Charles Dicken's The mystery of Edwin Drood

Anonymous's "Vampyres and ghouls" (1871)
Leopold Lewis's The Bells (1871)

Rhoda Broughton's "Behold, it was a dream" (1872)
J. Sheridan Le Fanu's "Mr. Justice Harbottle" (1872, 1929 ed.)

George W. Cable's "Café des Exilés"
Daniel Clark's "Photograph of the soul"
Picture of Clark, c. 1900

Lafcadio Hearn's "The cedar closet" (1874, 1924 ed.)
Wilkie Collins' Cases worth looking at (1875 ed.)
Mrs. (Margaret) Oliphant's "The secret chamber" (Dec. 1876)

Thomas Hardy's "The thieves who couldn't stop sneezing" (1877)
M.E. Braddon's The Shadow in the Corner (1879)
Hugh Conway (Pseud. for Rederick John Fargus) "The secret of the Stradivarius" (1881)
Lafcadio Hearn's "A strange tale of cannibalism" (1882, 1925 ed.)
Ralph Centennius' "The Dominion in 1983" 
Hugh Conway's Called back
a.k.a The fatal house (mystery)

Thomas Hardy's "The three strangers" (1883, 1903 ed.)

George MacDonald's "The haunted house" (1883)

Lafcadio Hearn's "'A ghost story'" (1884, 1925 ed.)
"Theosophy" (1884, 1925 ed.)
"Modern superstition" (1884, 1925 ed.)
Sidney Lanier's Knightly legends of Wales (1884), formerly called Boy's Mabinogion.

Robert Louis Stevenson's "The body-snatchers"
(Prepared by Richard King)

Lafcadio Hearn's "The last of the Voudoos"
Lucretia P. Hale's "The Peterkins celebrate the 'Fourth'" (1886)
Lafcadio Hearn's "New Orleans superstitions" (1886)

Seranus' "The prisoner Dubois" (1886) 

Anonymous' "Can a blind man see a ghost?"
Guy de Maupassant's "The Horla" (1887)

Thomas Nelson Page's "No haid pawn" (1887) Prepared by Deborah McMillion Nering.

Robert Louis Stevenson's "The merry men" (1887, 1912 ed.)

Oscar Wilde's "The Canterville ghost" (1887)
(Prepared by Julie Porter)

Charles W. Wood's "Mrs. Henry Wood: in memorian" (Apr/May, 1887)
installment 1, installment 2, and installment 3

A Dramatist (assumed to be a pseudo. for Jerome K. Jerome) Playwriting: a handbook for would-be dramatic authors (1888)
M.E.M. Davis's "The soul of Rose Dede" (1888) Prepared by Deborah McMillion Nering

James De Mille's A strange manuscript found in a copper cylinder (1888)

John Charles Dent's "The Gerrard Street Mystery" (1888 ed.) 
"Prefatory sketch about John Charles Dent" by R.W.D. (1888 ed.)

Thomas Hardy's "The Melancholy Hussar of the German Legion"

Mrs. Oliphant's "The portrait" (1889)

Mrs. Henry Wood's "Reality or delusion?" (1889 ed.)

Arthur Conan Doyle's The ring of Thoth
(Prepared by Mike Keating)
Jerome K. Jerome's Stage-land

Arthur Conan Doyle's "The straggler of '15" (1891) from the Arthur Conan Doyle Internet discussion group (go there)

Villiers de L'Isle-Adam's "A torture by hope"
(Transl. 1891 by M.P. Shiel)

H.G.Wells' "The rediscovery of the unique"

Mme. Blavatsky's "The ensouled violin" (1892)
Louisa Murray's "Mr. Gray's strange story" 

Agnes Reppier's "The novel of incident"

"A short defense of villains"
Anonymous's Train wreckers betrayed; or, Bob Brooks in Kansas
Anonymous's "The weird violin"

Jonas Lie's Weird tales from Northern seas (1893 transl.)

George MacDonald's "The fantastic imagination" (1893, 1895 ed.)

Annie Fowler Rothwell's "How it looked at home: a story of '85" (1893)

"A.K. Sims"'s Chicago Charlie's diamond dash (1893).
(Prepared by Virginia Conn.)

Robert Louis Stevenson's "The bottle imp"
(Prepared by Diana Patterson)

E. Nesbit's "Mansize in marble"

Louisa Baldwin's "How he left the hotel"

F. Marion Crawford's "The upper berth"
(Prepared by Eve Behr)

Arthur Conan Doyle's Waterloo the play. (1894, 1907 ed.) from the Arthur Conan Doyle Internet discussion group. Go there.

Paul Heyse's "Little Lisbeth" (1894 ed.)

L.T. Meade and Clifford Halifax's "The Ponsonby Diamonds"
"Without witnesses"

Thomas Nelson Page's "The burial of the guns"

George Ira Brett's "The murder at Jex Farm"
WARNING: this story has been consigned to S.S. Oblivion
Kate Chopin's "Her letters"
(Prepared by Deobrah McMillion)

Ralph Adam Cram's "No. 252 Rue M. Le Prince"

Sarah Morgan Dawson's "A tragedy of South Carolina"(1895)
(Prepared by Deborah McMillion Nering.)

Arthur Conan Doye's "How the brigadier played for a kingdom" (1895)
(Prepared by Patricia Teter.)

John Meade Falkner's The Lost Stadivarius(1895)

Kenneth Grahame's "The blue Room" (1895)
(Prepared by Bob Champ)

M.P. Shiel's "The case of Euphemia Raphash"

H.G. Wells' Select conversations with an uncle

Madalene Yale Wynne's "The little room"

Ernest Dowson's "The dying of Francis Donne",
"A case of conscience"
Bulwer Lytton's "The last days of Pompeii", adapted for dramatic recitation in 1896.

Arthur Morrison's "The case of the Ward Lane Tabernacle"

Mrs. (Margaret) Oliphant's "The library window"

Vincent O'Sullivan's "On the kind of fiction called morbid"

"The Plattner story"

Grant Allen's An African millionaire 
Louis Becke's "The shadows of the dead"

Miss (Mary) Braddon's "My first book: The trail of the serpent"

Robert Chambers' "The purple emperor"

Arthur Conan Doyle's "My first book: Juvenilia"

C.J. Cutcliffe Hyne's Adventures of Captain Kettle

Richard Marsh's The Beetle (1897, 1917 ed.)

Edward Bellamy's The blindman's world, and other stories
Arthur Conan Doyle's The lost special (1898, 1908 ed.)
(Prepared by Mike Keating)
(With comments by the Gaslight listmembers)

Grant Allen's Miss Cayley's adventures 
Joseph Conrad's The heart of darkness (1899 serialized edition)
(Prepared by Cindy Kogut)

Ernest Dowson's "Absinthia taetra" and "The Visit"

Jack London's "A thousand deaths"
(Prepared by Klaus Johansen)

Arthur Machen's "The white People" (1899, 1922 ed.)

L.T. Meade and Robert Eustace's The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings

George Ade's "The fable of the inveterate joker who remained in Montana
(Prepared by Diana Patterson)
Grant Allen's "Wolverden Tower" 

Willa Cather's "The affair at Grover Station"

Stephen Crane's "Manacled"
(Prepared by Klaus Johansen)

Jack London's "Minions of Midas"

T. Bland Strange's "The story of Riel's revolt, Canada: 1885", 

Part I
Part II
Frank R. Stockton's "Old Applejoy's Ghost"

Newton MacTavish's "An unposted letter"
W.W. Jacobs' "The monkey's paw" (1902, 1906 ed.)
L.T. Meade and Robert Eustace's The sorceress of the Strand (1902/03)

B.A. Milburn's Curious cases

Emmuska Baroness Orczy's "Old man in the corner" (1902, 1910 ed.)

Edith Wharton's The Lady's Maid's Bell (1902-nov.)

Mary Wilkins's "The wind in the rose-bush" (1902, 1927 ed.)

Baroness Orczy's "The murder in Saltashe Woods"
Louis Becke's "Saunderson and the dynamite"
W.A. Fraser's "The remittance man: a tale of a prodigal"
"The scoring of the Raja"

D.W. Higgins' "The mystic spring" (1904)
"The duel" (1904)

M.R. James's "The mezzotint" (1904, 1931, 1944)
"Oh whistle and I'll come to you"

Rudyard Kipling's "They"

John Wilson Murray's Memoirs of a great detective (1904)

Charles E. Van Loan
"Tales of the Midnight Club" [F]
(Prepared by Bob Birchard)

Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews (d. 1936)
"Through the Ivory Gate" [F]
(Prepared by Deborah McMillion Nering)
Arnold Bennett's The loot of the cities

Valerie (Yakovlevich) Bryusov [also known as Valery Brussof and Valerii Briusov] (1873-1924)
"The Republic of the Southern Cross" [F] (transl. 1918)
Henry James's "The jolly corner" (c. 1905)

Robert Barr's The triumphs of Eugene Valmont (1906)
Robert-Houdin's "A conjurer's confessions", extracted from his Memoirs (1906 ed.)

Arthur Train's "A murder conspiracy" (1906)

David P. Abbott's "Fraudulent spiritualism unveiled" (1907)
Anonymous' "How spirits materialize" (c. 1907)

Hereward Carrington's "More tricks of 'spiritualists'"

Stewart Edward White's "The two-gun man" (1907, 1927 ed.)

Joseph Conrad's "The duel" (U.S. title: The point of honor) (1915 ed.)
Reviews of A set of six, including "The duel"
Perceval Landon's "Thurnley Abbey"

Arthur Symons' "Villiers de L'Isle-Adam"

Arthur Train's "The Lost Stradivarius"

Mrs. Henry Wood's "Ketira the gipsy" (1908 ed.)

Augusta Groner (often published under August Groner) "The story in the notebook" (1909 ed.)
Ernest Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann "The deserted house" (1909, 1913 ed.)

W.W. Jacobs' "Self help"
"The tollhouse"

Otto Larssen's "The manuscript" (transl. 1909)

Guillaume Apollinaire's "La disparition d'Honoré Subrac"
B.M. Bowers's "Ananias Green"

William Hope Hodgson's Carnacki the ghostfinder

Emmuska Baroness Orczy's "The Fenchurch Street mystery" (1910 ed.)
"The robbery in Phillimore Terrace" (1910 ed.)
Lady Molly of Scotland Yard

Col. À Court Repington's New wars for old

"The submarine menace"
"The airship menace"
Edith Wharton's "Afterward"

Irvin S. Cobb's "Fishhead"

F. Marion Crawford's "The screaming skull"

M.R. James's "A school story"

Stephen Leacock's Nonsense novels (1911, 1921 ed.)

"Maddened by mystery: or, the defective detective"
"'Q': a psychic pstory of the psupernatural"
"Soaked in seaweed: or, upset in the ocean
"The man in asbestos: an allegory of the future
E. Phillips Oppenheim's Peter Ruff and the double four (1911/12)

Arthur B. Reeve's "The invisible ray"
(Prepared by Bob Champ)
"The white slave"
(Prepared by Bob Champ)


John Buchan (1st Baron Tweedsmuir) (1875-1940)
"Space" [F] (1939 ed.)
Anton Chekhov's "The safety match" (1912 ed.)

Joseph Conrad's "Some reflections on the loss of the Titanic"
"Certain aspects of the admirable inquiry into the loss of the Titanic"

William Hope Hodgson's "The derelict"

Vsevolod Vladimirovitch Krestovski's Knights of Industry (1912 ed.)

Marie Belloc Lowndes's "The lodger"

Arthur B. Reeve's "The steel door"
(Prepared by Bob Champ)
"The campaign grafters"

Joseph Conrad's "The inn of two witches"
(Prepared by Richard King)
Arthur Conan Doyle's "The horror of the heights"
(Prepared by Mike Keating)

H. Rider Haggard's "Smith and the pharoahs" (1912-13)

Isolde Kurz's "Nekropolis" (?, transl. 1913)

Arthur B. Reeve's "The dope fiends" (1913, 1916 ed.)
"The clairvoyants"

Ernest Bramah's "The coin of Dionysius"
"The tragedy at Brookbend cottage"
"The game played in the dark"

John Buchan (1st Baron Tweedsmuir) (1875-1940)
"The rime of True Thomas" [F] (1939 ed.)
Joseph Conrad's "Protection of ocean liners" (1914)

Bram Stoker's "The judge's house"


John Buchan (1st Baron Tweedsmuir) (1875-1940)
The power-house [F]
Katharine F. Gerould's "Louquier's third act"

Stephen Paget's "Moving pictures"

Thomas Burke's "The Chink and the child"
William Hope Hodgson's Captain Gault

Eugene K. Jones's "Ghost whistle" (c. 1917)
(Prepared by Deborah McMillioin Nering.)

Edward William (E.W.) Thomson's "Red-Headed Windego" (1917 ed.)

Charles E. Van Loan's Buck Parvin and the movies
(Prepared by Robert Birchard)
"Levelling with Elisha"

Achmed Abdullah's "A simple act of piety" (1918, 1919ed.)

Valerie (Yakovlevich) Bryusov [also known as Valery Brussof and Valerii Briusov] (1873-1924)
"Protection: a Christmas story" [F] (transl. 1918)
A. Merritt's "The moon pool"
(Prepared by Joe Moudry)

Charles G.D. Roberts'Jim: the story of a backwoods police dog(1918, 1919 ed.)

W.A. Fraser's Bulldog Carney
Joseph Lewis French (ed.) "Some real American ghosts"

Dr. R. Austin Feeman's "The case of the white footprints" (c. 1920). "The mystery of the sand-hills" (c. 1920)
Ellen Glasgow's "The past"
(Prepared by Deborah McMillion)

L. Adams Beck's "The hatred of the queen: a story from Burma" (1922 ed.) ,
"The ninth vibration"
Benjamin Brawley's "The negro in American literature"
May Sinclair's "The nature of the evidence"

William MacLeod Raine's "Dodge City" (c. 1925)
M.P. Shiel's "Arthur Machen" (1925, 1950 ed.)

Marie Belloc Lowndes's "Popeau intervenes" (1926, 1929 ed.)
S.S. Van Dine's (pseud. for Willard Huntington Wright) "Twenty rules for writing detective stories"
Sidney Sutherland's "The mystery of the pencil factory"
M.R. James's "An episode of cathedral history" (1931 ed.)
Theodore Roosevelt's "The wendigo" (1932 ed.)

Rafael Sabatini's The Sword of Islam, the novel

Athan Chilton's "Firefly's turning" (1993) ©
Gerald M. Carlson's "The adventure of the white plume"©
Athan Chilton's "A curious encounter" (1995) ©

Athan Chilton's "The ballad of Reynardine" (1997) ©
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