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The True Adventures of a Psychic Spy

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Author Topic: The True Adventures of a Psychic Spy  (Read 1312 times)
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Antony Sutton asks: "Why the cover-up? Morehouse believes that the US Government did not want to take care of thousands of military casualties. We suggest another reason. We have a report that the US allowed export of these agents to Iraq knowingly, and even some members in the government had investments in the firm making these for Iraq.

"Recall that no credible enemies are left for the military industrial complex which General Eisenhower warned us about to use as a claim for large defense expenditures. Then the entire picture comes together... Then you see why Psychic Warrior is a key piece in the puzzle back of Desert Storm. An artificial war against an artificial enemy. Why? Because you can't have a defense budget unless you have a credible enemy. If no enemy exists, you make one."

Rodney Stich confirms these allegations in his monumental encyclopaedia of US Government crimes and cover-ups, titled Defrauding America. He writes in great detail (an entire chapter, titled "Bank of Lavoro and Iraqgate") regarding the scandal in which the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL), through its Atlanta branch, was used to lend over US$5 billion to Iraq just prior to the Gulf War.

Stich writes: " November 1989, White House officials guaranteed the payment of loans made by banks to Iraq for the purchase of US farm products under a program run by the US Agriculture Department's Commodity Credit Corporation. The approval provided that US taxpayers would indemnify the banks lending money to Iraq for the purchase of US food supplies if Iraq defaulted on the loan payments...

"These loans made possible the war capability for Iraq to invade Kuwait. In effect the US taxpayers, through their leaders, made possible the terrible bloodshed in the Gulf War... Some of the money furnished by the United States was used to purchase poison gas that was used on Iraqi Kurdish villages, much of it purchased through Cardoen Industries in Chile, a CIA asset. Cardoen supplied considerable war materials to Iraq under the guidance of the CIA."

Regarding the Gulf War oil-well fires, Morehouse writes: "...every soldier downwind of those fires must have inhaled the bug or whatever."

The implications are clear. The so-called Gulf War syndrome (GWS) is a direct result of this exposure. The Department of Defense (DoD) knew about it and remains liable for the thousands of cases of veterans contaminated by this chemical/biological warfare.

And what does Morehouse think about it now?

"I think about it every day," he says, his voice dropping. "We know that we were being manipulated to (1) being able to confirm, but (2) not being able to confirm it in any record where anyone could go back to it. They denied it. They said it never happened.

"First they said there was something to it. Then we blew up one chemical dump. Then they said it was two chemical dumps. The problem is that the American people continue to forgive this sort of betrayal. They ignore it and thereby forgive it, and so they set the stage for it to happen again.

"They stood there, men who knew, and baldfaced lied to us and said it never happened. General Powell went before Congress and fervently denied that he had any knowledge of it or that he had any evidence of it, which is again 'plausible denial' because nobody briefed him on it.

"The CIA was keeping track of all the wind charts pertaining to this theatre of operations. Let me tell you something. In 18 years in the military, I never once turned to the CIA for a weather report. So why is the CIA telling us that the downwind messages showed this and this? Are we so stupid that we can't see that these guys are concerned about what's going to be revealed in time, that they've jumped in to level the playing fields? They're in there BS-ing and lying right and left, day in day out."

Antony Sutton is unequivocal in praise of Morehouse and his book. He writes that, "Psychic Warrior is one book that you should read. Not only will it open your eyes to the strange new technology we outlined, but it will make you disgusted with a Pentagon whose main interest appears to be to keep its Washington generals in luxury and golf courses, while it can't keep its planes in the air. Yet DoD has time to persecute an officer who truly served the United States."
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