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The Bock Saga vs. the Lord of the Rings

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Author Topic: The Bock Saga vs. the Lord of the Rings  (Read 5496 times)
Terra Sohns
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« on: June 14, 2009, 02:59:30 am »


The Sa-Ga is a history and mystery so huge it defies description. To date, Ior Bock has released information about four major periods in Earth's history. These periods are Paradise time, Atlantis, the time following Atlantis and the New Times. All of this knowledge is known as the Väinämöinen Mythology.

According to the Sa-Ga's history of human evolution, which dates to the first seeds of life on this Earth, the seeds grew and evolved to a point where eels formed. Eels then gave rise to frogs, which eventually evolved, into monkeys. At some point, the genetics of the monkey and the goat (the symbol of Bock) were combined to create the first two humans, "Frej "and "Freja". The Sa-Ga does not say who was responsible for these genetic manipulations.

This occurred at the exact North Pole around which the sun circled and never set. Surrounding the Pole was a land that became the Motherland known as Odenma, Uudenmaa. At its centre was Hel, meaning clear, home and complete. The humans were known as pi-pol. people and all knowledge could be understood within the pol and ring. It is significant to note that mathematics is based on 0 and 1, a pole and a ring. Uudenmaa, the garden of Ooden, which later became known as Eden, is now in Southern Finland and was a tropical paradise and the home of the first people known as the Aser. Ringlands were created outside of Uudenmaa and within each ringland the breeding system was put in place. The people that lived outside of Uudenmaa were known as the Vaner people who had the Van (means "one") language.

Within the Kela of sounds, which make up the Rot language was the knowledge of how to be one with nature and our plan-et, plan means plan and et means family, family plan to create wholeness. Men and Women were equal. The man had his-story (history) and the female her miss story (mystery).

Both understood the knowledge of how the light of the Sun enables all things to grow and is everything, known as Oden. Ooden also represents the knowledge of the Court of Aser. One Ring, whole and complete, one giving, breeding system, Ye-hov-a “give to the Court of Aser" was in Uudenmaa with Hel at its centre. With this knowledge and its proper utilization, the Aser was considered healthy whole and complete. This was eventually changed to Jehovah. God (good) within became "God in Heaven." During Christian times the Heathen system, and all it represented, was hunted down, destroyed and removed.

Eventually the female was excluded from this new system because much of her mystery (miss-story) became ta-boo (taboo). Ta is to give (germinate the seed) which is feminine, b is borg, meaning cast-el, (castle) the breeding system and oo is Oden the Sun and knowledge to make things grow healthy. Shiva is the Sun and moon once a month, knowledge of the Moon and monthly cycles.

The respect and sharing of male and female essence, sperma and sav, was regarded as whol-i (holy) and created the i-moo-en system meaning in the mouth, creating a healthy and whole immune system. Then the respect and sharing of sperma and sav became taboo, in other words restricted and forbidden. Men could no longer understand the history and mystery to assimilate the seed of knowledge, did not follow the breeding system and create wholeness with Ooden. Prior to this time it was the female's right to choose when to be a mother by way of the dream of Lucia. This happened on the 13th of December, Lucia day.

The 24th December was Fest-i-val (festival) day when the Disa's (stem mothers) were impregnated by Lemminkäinen inside Odenma. On this day the coming fathers stood on ped-i-stals (pedestal) naked with standing pricks so that the self-chosen mothers could look their 'sweet hearts' in the eye and choose that one they like. The 25th December was Jule Tide, the birthday of the Sun (not the Sun of God). On the 26th of December the men chosen on Festival day had to pass physical tests to prove their fitness to be a father. This day was known as Bock-sing day, now called Boxing Day.

Throughout the corruption of Christian times, the original meanings of the language and their importance were changed, lost or contaminated. Consequently, the female was denied her natural worth and equality. Instead of sperma and sav being honoured it became ill-used and wasted.

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