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May 28, 2023, 07:04:16 pm
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Talk or act...To be or not to be, question is now?

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Author Topic: Talk or act...To be or not to be, question is now?  (Read 4893 times)
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« Reply #30 on: June 16, 2009, 05:23:03 pm »

I'm fully aware of the mess in my own back yard and have been invovled in trying to change it. 

Millions of Americans are seeing that the crises is worse than they thought, because finally it is affecting more people than it did before.  If people were involved in what was going on, they'd know how bad it is.  They don't usually notice it until it effects them.  Obama cannot fix the state of the world.  He's not a magician and people shouldn't be expecting him to change the world.  But he's sure trying hard to fix the things he can.  As I said, if people want things to change, they have to get up and help, not just sit there and say the government owes them.  They owe it to themselves to supervise what their elected officials are doing.

Ok but I have said almost the same things with the exception of supporting government.
All along I have stated that we are the problem and we need to fix ourselves and help others do the same for the sake of the whole of "Mankind".
Yet you have been fighting me on this. Q- I don't dislike Obama personally. His personality is charming. Not to mention the guy has got a way with words. Yet;
I just don't trust him or any other politician because this is what our recent and even not so recent history teaches us. More then anyone else I know personally, I love what this country used to stand for and what it used to mean to be an American. As time went on I began to notice that every great kingdom on Earth falls. This is because of some mistake or corruption that dictated it's course.

Now even if Obama is not entirely responsible for the actions of the rest of this kingdom.
He is obligated by his own words to tell the truth because that is change.
As a leader, a husband, and a father he should be looking for a way to disclose what American odds are of pulling through all of this no matter what happens after. If I was in his position, the truth about everything in this country would be adressed and publically disclosed.
I would have pulled those poor kids out of Iraq so they can atleast see what is left of this country with their families. Plus I would do everything in my power to make good on every word I spoke instead of putting on a fake smile and telling people what I think they would want to hear. If I didn't have some proof that an idea would work I would tell my people it's risky folks. This is why it is. Vote on it for yourselves, and we will go with what the majority feels is right.

I would also have the federal reserve and IRS disband for good measure.
These are not the changes I'm seeing. I am one who can not vote for someone I don't agree with. Nor can I support a country that didn't involve the word of it's people in these decisions that have transformed this poor country into what it is today. I support the people who live in poverty, and are suffering the worst as a result of what has happened. I support the meek.
I support those who get out of bed and work for next to nothing so his/her families can atleast eat and keep a roof over their heads barely. These are what I came from, just like Obama says he did.
Yet he bends over backwards to assist wall street?

In my eyes Q- A leader is defined not by what he speaks. He is defined by what he does.
Until my eyes see changes that are for the good of all and not just some. I will not and can not support him or anything that has to do with the politics in which he is involved in.
I will support those who smile regaurdless of what adversity they face daily who continue in strife to live on and make changes in their own lives and those of others.

Leaders teach others to lead.
Who is becoming leaders under the Obama administration?
The Chinese Government? The Russians?

No pun toward you Q- yet worldly influences inspire you more then what is in your heart old friend.  Undecided I guess we can't agree on really anything because we are obviously not on the same side if you think that the answers to all of this are going to be found by any power outside of what is in our own hearts.

Unless we consider how much more we have then others even now, and learn to share those things with these others. Unless we are willing to commit to changing things on our own without relying on governments to do it. Unless we are willing to finally take the fate of All humankind into the hands of it's own being and embrace truth and complete autonomy.

Nothing Obama or anyone else does is going to help the current situation.
America could be a self-sustaining mechanism that would endure. For that matter the world can!
We just have to come to terms that material wealth is what is haulting these things and moving beyond them. It's the reason we are having these discussions even now. It's why power is so important to those few who have taken over the world. It's also why we live like kings compared to those in 3rd world countries as we call them and these people suffer.

The world sees making more money as the answer to all these things.
Including Obama! I say that money is the reason for all these problems because of how it was abused.

Does anyone see where this is going?
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