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February 04, 2023, 06:37:14 am
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Talk or act...To be or not to be, question is now?

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Author Topic: Talk or act...To be or not to be, question is now?  (Read 4878 times)
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« on: June 14, 2009, 02:29:10 pm »

4th of July March for Freedom
Stop NWO- by sitting there on a computer? March For Freedom

Body: Again, there is no reason for us to complain about what they are doing if we are not willing to act against it together. Respectfully, that is the truth of the matter and we have to be realistic.
No one but Americans can better express that this game of power is all really about controlling the entire human race and enslaving it through artifical debt created by not just American Elites. But the entire organized banking system of the world.

LOL I hate to say this again but........

We are supporting it everytime we spend a dollar, make a dollar, accumulate debt, and use their resouces.

Because it's all we know. Since birth and before we were born it has been this way since 1914.
End the Fed. End NWO. End the use of their money.
There simply is another way and we need to discover it without involving politics or hiring agencies to do it for us. Not just America, But Everyone.

Ofcourse I'm saying this to serve no purpose because people are to comfortable with things staying just like they are. Or are they?

Either way, I'm not and I know alot of people personally that aren't either.
And then there is a network of others who support what we are. Thousands of people literally.
Even ex-soldiers who fought in Iraq who have disclosed things that we all suspected. They confirmed those ideas we all had.
Weapons of mass destruction, my butt. They are coming forward and willing to testify in front of the supreme courts that their mission over there was all a lie. Explain special missions forces being trained to secure ancient sights throughout Iraq and now Iran....

Brother, Sisters the rabbit hole on this is so deep that.........
I'll stop right there.

People have to make up their own minds.
As for myself, I am telling you what is being said among the masses and what I'm seeing out of this chaos. A pattern to it all is emerging and it's pointless to not try for something more then what we are by simply exposing these frauds. Action must be taken now because the window of oppurtunity is closing faster then we think it is and when the hammer falls. I for one am not willing to go into the night defeated by the witt of the devil.

My part is taking place on the 4 of July with or without the support of my community.
They are going to know that atleast I am not being fooled by their lies anymore and that I am telling them I know. If death is all I am to know then I will live on now, telling everyone I can possibly tell that we don't have to sit here and take this outrage any longer.

Yes my dear friend, this is what they do.
And this is why I am going to protest it on this nation's birthday.
They exploit the advantage of super-secret organized crime.

I am going to Exploit the word about it. Period!
Even if 20 marchers show and march that 3 mile walk. Banners flying and signs in the air.
The local news will be airing it, and friends of mine here in town are going to YouTube it......
People one way or the other are going to atleast hear about it and see it.

If the cops end up involved, I had instructed the camera friends to focas the cameras on everything they do.

Technically, we are not breaking any laws by rallying. We are protected still under the bill of rights. I'm going to just do it.
I also took the measure of inviting Alex Jones. LOL
Now I can't say for sure that he will come.

However I plastered it on his comments to his myspace profile, and I posted the invite message.
I am also contacting local AM radio the week of and informing them of what we're doing and why. We are change ladies and gentalmen, And if we don't stand up to these bullies. No one else will either. I feel really good about what I'm trying to do and if all of these things are true or not. Everyone deserves to know for sure what the truth really is about everything.
I am not going to run and hide. I am not going to continue just accepting that this is the way it is.

I feel that it's time to stand up to this monster and stop it before it has a chance to succeed more then it already has in the way it brain-washed us all into this sick and twisted plan for global domination. We have all been fooled and now it's time to tell the others out there that they have been too.

I am not affraid of what this all may bring because the more they act against it the more they reveal the unjust qualities of this corruption. The more they expose the very truth they are suppressing. No matter what is or isn't accomplished by this simple March. People are going to atleast hear why it happened and that is all that needs to happen.
From there, people can make their own decision about it. Hopefully their will be a second annual March of Freedom next year with a bigger crowd.

In kind- It doesn't have to be only myself in this forum that does something of this kind. If enough cities did this on the forth of July, it would make national news.
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