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Talk or act...To be or not to be, question is now?

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Author Topic: Talk or act...To be or not to be, question is now?  (Read 4893 times)
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« Reply #30 on: June 16, 2009, 07:04:57 pm »

Let me first of all say that "The Urine Test" was written by a fellow who works on the rigs in norther Alberta.  Those were his words not mine, but I certainly agree with him.

Let me also take this where you don't want it to go because there are many possible outcomes to what you suggest. 

I think first of all, that for what you want to happen, there can be no religion.  There can be spirituality, a belief in something greater, a belief in a higher self, but there can be no "God" as we term it today - or as religions classify it.  Because we are already fighting over whose God is right and whose God is wrong, when in fact there is supposedly only one God.  However, we invoke him to help us when we're competeing, even when we are fighting, and both sides invoke him as though he would play favorites.  We bestow human qualities on an entity we really know nothing about.

Secondly, let's just say we do away with the monetary system.   Can you give us a step by step break down of how this will work?

Let's say for instance, my husband goes to work tomorrow and they tell him that for his services for this month, they will supply him with some meat, some potatoes, some bread, maybe some jam, peanut butter, coffee, sugar and milk.  How do we go about getting the rest of the necessities of life?  What do we trade for our rent?  For our medicines?  For fuel for the car so he can get to work?  There are so many things we need to survive that we couldn't possibly do enough things to "trade" for all of it.  Especially workers that are skilled say in nursing.  They know the one trade only, so how do they go about using that skill to trade for everything they need?

I'm sorry HFN if we disagree, (which is ok too) but what you say doesn't make sense for this modern time.  If we still lived in tribes, and the tribes could trade with each other - like say we had buffalo meat we could trade for fish and salt to get something different into our diet, it would work, but not with as many people as there are in the world today.  The monetary system was developed so that people COULD travel from place to place and have something that was of equal value wherever they went.  Gold. 

Or - lets look at the way the hippies wanted to do things.  Live in communes where everyone is equal.  Everyone does the things they want to do, and everyone shares in the results.  Trouble is, there is always those who give more than others and there is always those who take more than others and then the fighting starts.  Back to square one.

If there is any system that would work, it would be tedious, because it would be a system where EVERYTHING is put to a referendum.  (We'd be spending all our time in the voting booths)! There would of course be basic rules and regulations that are standard.  Say someone is caught stealing, there is a standard punishment.  None of this business that he had a tough childhood, or his mother dressed him funny or his dad called him Sue.  If he stole, he gets the punishment.  Standard law.  There's too many words in policies today, creating loopholes that are usually used to avoid punishment or the taking of responsibility.  Things need to be kept simple.
You are absolutely right when you say we have to look at what we have and share with others, although when President Obama says those things, he gets another label stuck on him - socialist.

Moving beyond material weath as you call it, would basically mean training like the Tibetan monks do, which just might be a good thing.  It would be in my mind anyway. 
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