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Talk or act...To be or not to be, question is now?

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Author Topic: Talk or act...To be or not to be, question is now?  (Read 5324 times)
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« Reply #30 on: June 16, 2009, 10:36:03 am »

Bush atleast did his dirt in our faces and then more or less gave us the finger when we questioned it.

Oh - well - I guess if he did his dirt in your face and he gave you the finger, it was ok then.  I guess it's just that if he'd done it behind your backs, you might have raised the roof in protest.

They were wrong about the unemployment rate getting smaller once the stimulus was passed.

Would that be because the companies that got the money gave it to their CEO's for a fun holiday?  That wasn't the deal.  It was the companies that received the money that mis-spent it.  My PERSONAL belief, is that the strategy should have been totally different.  The economy SHOULD have been allowed to collapse.  Because then everyone, would be on a level playing field.  Since everyone needs to think green, there would then be new developments in ways to go green.  America would have rose from the ashes of collapse because when everyone is in need, everyone has a better attitude and they all work together.  I feel this will still happen.  It will have nothing to do with the president.  He can only do so much.  It's the greed that rules big corporate America right now, but when the economy tumbles, those people lose the same as the ordinary man on the street.  

If the economy had been allowed to collapse, President Obama could then have introduced incentive plans.  Plans like what you've mentioned, to manufacture "green".  Perhaps a different, improved finance system, where people are not allowed to be so far in debt.  Lots of new strategies could have been incorporated for the betterment of the country and the economy would keep rolling on.

The whole question for President Obama when he took office, was so severe he basically had to make a fast decision for temporary relief.  The people he gave it to, screwed it up.  When he was campaigning he said he hoped that each State would get on board with plans to repair their infrastructures, to employ people.  What did I just read the other day?  Mississippi or Misouri (can't remember which state) is going back to gravel roads.  In today's times, there are more people living in any one given country than say 50 years ago, so how come they could afford to build all those roads back then with fewer people paying taxes, and we can't maintan them with more people paying taxes?  I think there should be ceilings on  prices of a lot of things so repairs are affordable.  

America can't afford to borrow any more money.  That's the problem.  You're already in debt up to your ying-yang and can't pay it back.

Personally - I'd kill the S.O.B. who made a triangle nut!!!  I was totally ticked when they came out with Torx!!

The President's tour of duty is a learning curve.  He's only one person, he can't know everything.  But he CAN go out on a tour of duty and personally flnd out what the rest of the world is thinking and feeling instead of hearing it second hand, and since most countries in the world DO respect him, they will at least stop and listen.  The times we are in are way different that any other time in history.  I don't think any other president had such a terrible situation to face the very day he was sworn in.  And as has been said before, he cannot make policy.  He can say what he feels should be done, but it needs to be passed before it can be implemented.  If the majority thinks it's a good idea, well then, that means they've hashed it out, discussed the pros and cons, and couldn't come up with anything better.

What can we rely on for a change for the better?

Yourselves.  When the campaign was on, I signed up to receive announcements from the Obama campaign.  I'm still getting them.  In these announcements, they say what the president has been doing, and what the party hopes they can achieve etc.  You can give feed back, saying if you agree, or if you have a different or better idea, you can send it in.  I think there is actually a site somewhere where the people can write in and give their opinions on issues.  Just google President Obama and see what you can find.  SAY WHAT YOU THINK and don't be nasty about it.  He can't know what the public wants if you don't tell him.

Will he save this country?

From what? The greedy people who make up the citizens of his country?  He cannot save it from the financial disaster it's in - no.  It's too late and those that were supposed to be on board with the plan to help the people, sucked up the money.  So why should he even TRY to save the economy now?  Let it fall, then re-build on a different model.  Maybe HFN can convince the people they don't need money.  The barter system is only good in a society where the the young and old are loved and cared for equally.  In my town there is a very disabled person who lives on a mobile gurney.  The only moveable parts of his body are in his head - like his eyes and tongue.  He manipulates the gurney with his tongue, but of course is very limited as to where he can go.  His care person takes him out, but has to be with him constantly.  What does he have to barter that he could gain food and the price of a care person?  He is without doubt, on welfare.  So if there is no plan in place in this barter system for such people, then what?  

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