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Author Topic: REMOTE VIEWING  (Read 998 times)
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« on: June 30, 2007, 07:18:24 am »


Remote-viewing would have been of great use to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Hunters who could find game would have been, by natural selection, more likely to breed. This would mean that any 'psi genes' would have been selected. Throughout our hunter-gatherer past, psi genes would have increased, as those carrying these genes would have been more likely to survive.12

With the onset of agriculture, the selective pressure would have ceased to be so important. Consequently, highly developed cultures such as our own would have lost the psi genes to some extent, whilst hunter-gatherers such as the Aborigines of Australia or the Kalahari Bushmen would still have RV capabilities at large in the population. Only cultures which have not persecuted paranormal ability would have kept a high level of psi genes. The North American Indians venerated paranormal abilities, so they would have been a repository of these genes had Europeans not slaughtered them.

It would seem that women in many parts of Europe during the Middle Ages had a number of psi genes removed from their genomes due to the selective pressure from the widespread burning and persecution of 'witches'-indeed, of any woman who showed paranormal ability. This deselection would have made psi genes much rarer, and my research seems to indicate that European men would score significantly better at RMCT than would European women. However, cultures which have not persecuted their females may have many women in their populations with enhanced RMCT performance, as there appears to be significant sex-related psi-amplification in females.

The world wars in Europe would have acted on any males in combat as a considerable selective pressure to choose in favour of those individuals carrying psi genes, as in all probability they were more likely to survive. This would mean that the progeny of Europeans who fought in the wars would have more psi genes in the population than they would normally have had, had it been peacetime.

The former Soviet Union has been researching psi genes for decades. KGB operatives were told to pick up people displaying paranormal abilities for use in their vast parapsychological research projects.13

The Americans only tacitly began to research the subject in the 1960s 'because the Communists were doing it'. Their research was based on 'new age' phenomena and methodology. This meant the Americans never achieved any great breakthroughs in biophysical field phenomena, hampered as they were by 'new-age thinking' at the expense of scientific methodology.

In 1995 the US security establishment decided to take a new interest in biophysical RMCT. This meant that the CIA had to release disinformation that purported to state that the Americans had given up this research-even though it worked!

From our research, it does seem that some people can display significant RV capabilities. Indeed, people who do RV courses could have psi genes in their genomes that affect their ability to view remotely. This would seem to indicate that not all the psi genes have been deselected from the population in mankind's long history. Interestingly, the magazine Fortune has stated that the 'top 500' CEOs have greater-than-normal psi-intuition and gut-feeling, symptomatic, precognitive reactions.

My research seems to indicate that there are primary and secondary psi genes. Primary psi genes are those that give enhanced RMCT capability by the specific nature of the proteins they code for, which act as biophysical batteries, and other more obscure phenomena which are involved with biophysical processing, storage and utilisation. The secondary psi genes are those that facilitate biophysical integration with the organism and which code for richer and higher-function neural networks to interface with the biophysical energy.

It also appears that some peoples' bodies act as natural psychotronic generators and can store psi energy.14
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