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Author Topic: REMOTE VIEWING  (Read 998 times)
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« on: June 30, 2007, 07:16:12 am »


My research interest has been in the biological and biophysical basis of paranormal phenomena. Since the body has an intrinsic EM mantle, could this EM field be projected outside the body?

Dr Ross Adey's research has identified a pathway by which EM fields can directly affect the brain. Could information-gleaning by roving biophysical EM field effects be the basis for RV? These EM fields could be picking up information, then transferring it to the brain by the above mechanism. It seems a valid basis for RV. Unfortunately, it is not the whole picture.

Remote-viewing operators can travel to distant star systems, travel backwards and forwards in time, and enter US facilities that are protected by metal Faraday cages and armed with EM flytrap field generators.

All of these phenomena indicate that something not limited by Einstein's special theory of relativity and Maxwell's EM field equations is acting as the carrier for RV.

Perhaps US researchers investigating remote viewers' capabilities have learnt to manipulate EM field effects for their RV experiments using electronic enhancement of psi effects. This methodology is the basis for US experiments into biological synthetic telepathy-the use of EM fields to boost latent psi-gene activity to the level where it is useful. My research seems to indicate that they are only scratching the surface of the RV envelope.

What is interesting to note from Dr Ross Adey's research is that a 6-20-Hz frequency is needed for neuronal calcium efflux events. 'Normal' people are entrained to function at high beta, which pushes their EEG-measured brainwave frequency above the 20-Hz threshold. This means that they have no contact with neuronal calcium efflux events. If these events are, as I believe, an integral part of RV and other psi operations, the general public will be psi-damped, not exhibiting parapsychological talents to any marked degree.

Alpha training, which teaches people to work in the 7-14 Hz range, seems to open up psi abilities. If neuronal calcium efflux events are crucial to psi operation, we can begin to see a reason why simple techniques of alpha entrainment and biofeedback can bring on paranormal functioning in humans.

Major Ed Dames (Retired) has stated that military remote-viewers operate in theta. This is a brainwave frequency of 4-7 Hz. So it may be that lower frequencies in the 6-20 Hz window are more powerful for psi activity. Since the energy of the EM wave is related to frequency, if we lower the frequency of our brainwaves we can think with less energy and our biophysical RV vehicles are therefore more efficient.

To understand what is really going on beyond the EM bandwidth of RMCT events, we need to reappraise physics. In the early part of this century, Einstein formulated his general theory of relativity which linked the curvature of space-time with gravity. In formulating the field equations to link curvature of space-time with gravity, Einstein found that the energy-momentum tensor (simplistically, the sum total of mass-energy) did not equate to the Ricci tensor (a sort of one-term summary of curvature which varies from point to point). To balance his equation, Einstein had to subtract from the Ricci tensor, R. As a scientist, I was intrigued by the question of why this should be so. It would seem to indicate that reality is not singular but has a duality. The Einstein tensor only balances when one subtracts the mathematical summation of the curvature of this other reality, from the curvature of physical space.

The dual nature of reality has been written about in many books.11 Could RV be a biophysical field effect moving in this parallel reality? If so, our knowledge of the nature of reality may be so limited that we are completely blind to this second reality which is contiguous with our own and only makes itself known to us in the quantum realm.

This parallel reality is seen in lucid dreaming and OOBEs (out-of-body experiences) and is glimpsed in daydreaming states. Australian Aborigines have a whole body of knowledge about their Dreamtime reality. Remote-viewers are relearning abilities that our ancestors had direct knowledge of millennia ago.

My research has led me to believe that this 'dreamtime' reality is not electromagnetic in nature, but is composed of a new set of field effects. These field effects are the basis of biophysical, biotronic and bioplasmic phenomena. The electronic RMCT of the US Government mind-control devices and related weapons systems mimics these higher-order field effects.
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