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July 03, 2022, 09:51:07 pm
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Author Topic: REMOTE VIEWING  (Read 989 times)
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« on: June 30, 2007, 07:23:16 am »


Dr Gerald Edelman, a leading neurophysiologist, has formulated the theory of neural Darwinism. This postulates that neurones compete with each other by natural selection and, in the process, neuronal group selection forms neural networks which have the capability of primary consciousness. As the process is iterated, high-order consciousness develops, leading to sapience in man.17

Connecting this work with that of Dr Ross Adey, there is an indication that the brain can think without biophysical field effects; but these field effects, through their link with calcium efflux-modulated neuronal potentiation events, can interact in a synergistic manner.

Research into RV and OOBEs indicates that biophysical field effects also have high-order consciousness.18 The mechanism of high-order consciousness in biophysical field effects is derived from similar processes of Darwinian selection in morphogenetic fields.19

It is known by morphogenetic development researchers that the human genome does not contain enough information to turn the blastocyst (the small clump of fertilised cells) into an embryo. Morphogenetic field effects are needed to switch on specific gene groupings depending on their position in the blastocyst. These biophysical morphogenetic fields switch on specific genes and turn off other genes, all based upon their location in space-time.

It was a profound revelation when I realised that the biophysical fields contain large amounts of information not held in the genome and, further to this, that the biophysical fields can control gene expression.

It then did not take me long to realise that a natural consequence of RMCT was the development in RV practitioners of an evolution in their morphogenetic fields. Like the neurones affected by neural Darwinism, morphogenetic fields could evolve through primary consciousness to high-order consciousness. This would enable powerful RV abilities but, more importantly, it could enable psi-able operators to switch their genes on and off. The health and gerontology implications of this are far-reaching.

I have developed a technique which I call paranormal psychoneural immunology-the use of RMCT to raise morphogenetic field effects to high-order consciousness. And with the discovery that a gene can change naturally into a normal version in a patient suffering from a lethal genetic disease, it appears that our genome can be changed in vivo.20

RMCT, then, in its guise of paranormal psychoneural immunology, can be used to change our own genome. It would also seem that the use of theta states can enable psi-able operators to rewrite their own DNA.

I am using this line of research in an attempt to increase the telomeres on the ends of my chromosomes by selective stimulation of telomerase enzymes in the nuclei.

Since telomere loss is associated with ageing, this may boost longevity without the risks associated with the US drug rejuvenation programmes being developed by American corporations for the NWO super-rich.
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