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Vans With Explosives Confirmed At The World Trade Center on September 11th

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Author Topic: Vans With Explosives Confirmed At The World Trade Center on September 11th  (Read 50 times)
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« on: June 01, 2009, 08:03:47 pm »

Vans With Explosives Confirmed At The World Trade Center on September 11th

Videos of these startling facts have been made available in sections at the end of this article.

Reports of vans packed with explosives were confirmed at the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001 as well as sub level explosions, among many other explosions. Vans were also discovered around the area, one had been exploded, one had been stopped for having a picture on the side of it with a plane flying into the World Trade Center, one had been stopped and found with explosives in it, and many others. The FBI actually had confirmed that a device was found in the complex and the building had begun to evacuate. It was this evidence that made the Federal Agency to speculate that a van packed with explosives was parked in the garage which was detonated to help weaken the structure.

The New York City Authorities released the recordings of the radios from that day where one officer reports a van actually exploding and him needing assistance ASAP. Another series of radio communication confirms that a van was pulled over for having a mural on the side of it depicting a plane flying into the World Trade Center. Reference to the mural van was also made in the February 2006 Norman Y. Mineta International Institute for Surface Transportation Policy Studies (MTI) report entitled: “Saving City Lifelines: Lessons Learned in the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks”.

The report states:
“There were continuing moments of alarm. A panel truck with a painting of a plane flying into the World Trade Center was stopped near the temporary command post. It proved to be rented to a group of ethnic Middle Eastern people who did not speak English. Fearing that it might be a truck bomb, the NYPD immediately evacuated the area, called out the bomb squad, and detained the occupants until a thorough search was made. The vehicle was found to be an innocent delivery truck.”

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Winter Soldier
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« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2009, 08:04:32 pm »

The Culhavoc blog site, which has covered this mystery in depth here, notes:

The MTI quote makes absolutely no mention of the truck exploding.

This report states that the truck was rented. Doesn’t the MTI find it interesting that middle eastern men rented a truck and painted it with a mural depicting an attack currently taking place blocks away? Why would someone paint a mural of WTC being attacked by planes on a rented van?

In the audio transmission recordings of New York City Authorities radio calls is this transmission:

officer: [inaudible] I got a message on that uh plane,
it’s a big truck with a mural painted of a of a airplane diving into New York City
and exploding [inaudible] know what’s in the truck, the truck is in between 6th and 7th on King Street
officer: [inaudible] 10-5 10-5
officer: with a mural painted uh airplane diving into New York blowing up. Two men got outta the truck
ran away from it, we got those two [inaudible] under.
officer: kay great.
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« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2009, 08:05:07 pm »

The report of a van exploding was discovered while reviewing previously withheld police audio records of radio transmissions made available in this article. In the transmission, the clear audio sections were placed in this transcript:

officer: we got both suspects under kay, we have the suspects who drive…drove in the van and that exploded
we have both of them under kay let’s get some help over here
officer: now I’m sending you [inaudible] I just want to make sure you and your guys all right over there kay, that’s all.
officer: what’s the location [inaudible]
officer: put em up, put em up
officer: you know we have both the [inaudible] driven that exploded. Is that correct?
officer: what location?
officer: location [inaudible]
officer: [inaudible] location [inaudible]
officer: King Street between 6th and 7th
officer: King Street and 6th and 7th avenue, King Street and 6th and 7th avenue
officer: [inaudible] on the scene King 6 and 7, which unit are you kay?

Another transcript of 9/11 police radio transmissions, originally obtained by in 2005 through a Port Authority Freedom of Information Request, reveals a second separate mention of a van with “terrorists” and explosives:

CPD – Ch . 018 – Radio (Ch . W) LT Police
from page 148 of 1593 (in pdf pages)

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Winter Soldier
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« Reply #3 on: June 01, 2009, 08:05:25 pm »

MALE C: Attention all 880(?) police units . Stand by for the (Inaudible) the Holland Tunnel . (01 :18:57)
MALE D : (Inaudible) copy .
MALE C : (Inaudible) from the Holland Tunnel exit, a tan Ford alpha van . New York tags . delta (Inaudible), November 8970 . Information has it this van was seen with possible terrorists in it, with explosives . That’s from the Holland Tunnel desk, (Inaudible) 32nd . It’s heading eastbound towards Le Havre(?) at this time . but they haven’t caught it yet, and it may be coming towards this way . (01 :19:25)
The Holland Tunnel exit is a few blocks from King between 6th and 7th.

Could this be the same van that exploded on King St. as was reported on NYPD radio or is it a completely different van?

In a separate transcript first broadcast by NBC news, another mention is made of a white van with explosives and “terrorists” heading for the Holland Tunnel.

Dispatcher: Jersey City police.
Caller: Yes, we have a white van, 2 or 3 guys in there, they look like Palestinians and going around a building.
Caller: There’s a minivan heading toward the Holland tunnel, I see the guy by Newark Airport mixing some junk and he has those sheikh uniform.
Dispatcher: He has what?
Caller: He’s dressed like an Arab.
The following are posted videos and audio of these startling revelations. The audio recording of the radio communications has been made available in 3 sections below.

Explosives Found, Heard or Confirmed as Well as Speculation of Tower’s Demolition

This video is a compilation of 9 quick clips reporting from different stations that explosives were either found, heard or confirmed. The last 3 clips in the video are of the response to a confirmed explosive that resulted in the authorities to make the decision to evacuate the area because the towers were going to come down.
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« Reply #4 on: June 13, 2009, 02:15:45 am »

Towers in tact to the Towers in dust:

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