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JFK, Chiron And The Wound That Never Heals: America's Turning Point

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Author Topic: JFK, Chiron And The Wound That Never Heals: America's Turning Point  (Read 823 times)
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« on: May 25, 2009, 08:57:42 pm »

Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination

Did this 24-year-old loner and former U.S. Marine actually kill the President of the USA? Did he do it by himself? Did others conspire to kill the President? The killing of JFK is certainly the greatest American crime of the 20th century and it remains the greatest enigma. Notice Pallas, Juno, Neptune, Ceres and the Sun all in Scorpio--sign of mysteries, puzzles and the unknown. The Sun in the very last degree of Scorpio seems to sum up the feelings of total despair for the nation and the world, as the Sun would move into international Sagittarius by the late evening of November 22, 1963. And by Monday, November 25, 1963, one of the largest gatherings of world leaders took place in Washington, D.C. during the burial procession of our slain President.

In the assassination map, stationary and completely immobile Chiron (the nation's wounds, pains, mourning, grief) at 10+ Pisces guards the first house of national self-expression--opposing a Uranus-Pluto union in Virgo (7th house--enemies of the nation) and squaring Mercury at 10 Sagittarius. The Chiron-Mercury square could symbolize the "frozen" and "shocked" media of the nation--where every TV station was focused on the assassination and burial of the President for four days.

But also notice that Saturn at 17+ Aquarius had just risen over the Eastern horizon, moments before the shooting. Saturn is a strong symbol of the Chief Executive of the country (the President) and also our "father figure" of the nation. On July 20, 1963, a Total Solar Eclipse had occurred at 27+ Cancer--exactly on President Kennedy's natal Saturn (27+ Cancer) in the 10th house of profession/career!

Ancient astrology had some terrible things to say about a Total Solar Eclipse falling upon the Saturn placement for a leader! Particularly if that leader also had Saturn in the 10th house. [Note: There seems to be a "cardinal rule" in astrology that if you are born with Saturn in the 10th house and aspire to a position of great leadership, be very careful! You may experience a major fall from grace and power. This happened to Napoleon, Hitler, JFK, Richard Nixon, and even Bill Clinton, if we use his 8:51AM CST birthtime.]

JFK's natal Saturn was also directly opposite the USA Pluto (27+ Capricorn) from July 4, 1776--possibly signifying the sinister, Underworld (Pluto) connections to the assassination event. Note that part of the magic and charisma of the President was that his natal Pluto (3+ Cancer) was exactly conjunct America's natal Venus! That signified our hypnotic and enticing "love affair" with President Kennedy. Not that everyone admired him. He had many enemies, but so did FDR and other Presidents. Nevertheless, JFK's charm, wit and intelligence created a kind of magic spell with women (his Pluto on the USA Venus) and with the press (his Sun in Gemini, and his Venus not only in Gemini, but right on the North Heliocentric Node of Venus).

The chart for Lee Harvey Oswald (birth data from Oswald's Mother, obtained by Lois Rodden, see Lois' Data News information on page 3 of this issue) reveals a strong and approaching Sun-Saturn polarity, from Libra to Aries. If Oswald was involved in this assassination, was he symbolically trying to kill his own father (Saturn symbolism)? After all, he grew up without a father, his father having died before his birth. And Saturn was rising right at the assassination. In addition, Oswald was born at a Sun-Saturn opposition, an opposition which also squared JFK's natal Saturn in late Cancer!

In parallel fashion to the assassination, Oswald is born with Chiron (the maverick; outsider) in the first house in a water sign. With Cancer rising, his ruler, the Moon, is setting at 13+ Capricorn--exactly opposite the USA Sun (13+ Cancer), along with Saturn another symbol of the President of the USA.

We also see two, very extraordinary planetary placements for Oswald--Mars at 11+ Aquarius and Uranus at 20+ Taurus. His natal Mars (strife; murder; violence) is exactly conjunct the transiting Moon at the assassination, where the Moon symbolizes the nation's feelings-emotions. Notice that he was also born with a very tight Mercury-Mars square, in fixed, power signs, an astrological signature of his periodic temper-tantrums and violent streak. And in the 22+ years separating the birth of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald, we notice that Uranus has moved from 23+ Aquarius (JFK's birth) to 20+ Taurus (Oswald's birth). That puts Oswald's Uranus (shocks; surprises; guns and rifles) exactly conjunct JFK's natal Mercury (mind; thinking; the head and throat wounds to JFK).

One way or another, whether assassin or patsy or somewhere in between, it appears that Oswald--or someone born on his birthdate!--was involved in the shooting of President Kennedy. I have always felt this and the Progressed maps for both men at the assassination--perhaps to be shared at a later date in this magazine--bear this out.
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