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What if?

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Author Topic: What if?  (Read 9985 times)
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« Reply #135 on: June 07, 2009, 10:42:34 am »


It appears that discussions of the present and the past form the basis of current thinking (i.e. our belief structure of what ‘reality’ is). We have been led to believe that the way we view the world is how it ‘is’, how it has been, and how it will be, but I don’t feel this is the way we should approach our future. When we focus our energy/personal power on what is or what has been, then we are generating more of the same for our future.

My wife and I had a discussion yesterday regarding ‘awakening’, and she was trying to define what ‘awakening’ is. To me, awakening “begins” when we realize that what we have held as ‘truth’ in our lives begins to be questioned. I am not saying that we should become radical extremists and rebel against everything that is. I feel for me, experiencing life as ‘Q’ noted is extremely important, for the only true knowledge you have in your life is what you have experienced. Everything else is a ‘belief’ based on someone else’s truth, which of course may or may not be an actual truth. So what benefit is it to ‘know’ the truth? It takes personal power to maintain a false truth. The real truth needs nothing to maintain it, for it ‘is’.

For the short time I have been on AO I have seen a big increase in its member base. Why? Humans are awakening at this point in time in larger numbers every day, and they are beginning to ask questions regarding their existence, their ‘reality’, and this is accelerating. I cannot say what is causing this for I don’t know for certain. I do feel that this is not a linear function, but an square function  (i.e. not 1, 2,3, 4…, but 1, 2, 4, 16…). Just as in nuclear fission, there is a critical mass required to cause an explosion, the same is true with human consciousness as a whole. When enough people have awakened, when they have generated real ‘truths’ in their lives, and they desire true change, there will a dramatic shift. Do we human beings truly have this ability? In silence, ask your own heart.

So why is personal power important? Personal power is what humans use to focus their intent. The act of focusing one’s intent is used to manifest what we want, for the universe responds to our intent. Anyone who is familiar with the movie “The Secret” has at least been exposed to this, and those who have applied this information ‘know’ that this is a ‘truth’. If you want to know/experience this truth, then try experimenting with your ‘intent’. There are many guides out there that will explain how. Do not accept what I am saying, know the truth for yourself through experience.

So, we have personal power and we focus this personal power through our intent on what we want our reality to be. This typically generates the question, “what goes into the makeup of our intent?” Your ‘intent’ is made up of magical elements; your thoughts, words, and deeds. Yes, magical elements, but we have lost the knowledge of their power and use. If our thoughts, words, and deeds are filled with our past and present ideas of what things are and how they should be, then this is what we will continue to manifest. Insanity has been described as the act of repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different result. But if we begin to focus on what we truly want to change, then this is what we will manifest. By building our existence on truth, we continue the awakening process and begin to see clearly what these changes are. A most famous saying but one typically understood only in passing…”The truth will set you free”.


no thing
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