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What if?

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Author Topic: What if?  (Read 9985 times)
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« Reply #135 on: June 07, 2009, 10:09:32 am »

Oh rats, your link is experiencing technical difficulties and hopes to be back on line soon!

Yes I suppose that's what's really ticking me off about the American situation.  Everyone just floated along without paying any attention to what the leaders were doing to their country, until it was in such a mess it was to the point of mass panic.  Now they need someone to blame, a doorstep to lay the fault at, and since the ones that brought them to this passe can't be punished, they take it out on the one who sincerely wants to try to rectify things.  I can see that HFN feels that all he can do is warn people, of what I'm not sure because the whole world seems to have finally awakened to the fact that there is a world wide crises, and it is going to take exactly what President Obama is saying - teamwork - to try to effect repairs.  Everyone is already aware of the crunch, that's why they're scared, and it's not just in the States.  There are more things to fear as a future, than what people are calling a One World Government.  Forget that.  Ain't gonna happen. Statesmen in England are already calling for England to "get out of Europe", as they don't want to be lumped together.   Unless of course the Chinese make a move for control since they're probably the only ones with the power now to manage it.  Have you ever seen that show called Soylent Green?  Now THAT could really happen.  Too many people, no money, no food, greenhouses to grow the food, but no power to run them.  So what happens?  Legal cannibalism.  Render down the dead into food for the living and ration it out with green stamps.  A bit extreme?  Not really.  California is supplying the food for a major portion of the US and a lot of Canada as well.  How long can they go on growing 3 crops a year or more before the soil finally gives out.  Because everyone imports from California, the soil in other places has either already been overused, or is being left to blow away in the wind.  There won't BE land to grow things on.  What little land is left, won't be able to sustain the massive populations.  We in the Americas can't really fathom it because we can hop in the car, drive out to the country and see the huge fields planted with crops.  In China and Japan, there are so many people, that to live in a space of about 250 sq. ft. is a luxury.  Thousands of people live in drawers.  Literally.  The drawers are stacked up, and people rent the drawers, which is where they "live".  They sleep there and have a few personal belongings in the drawer.  When the world is out of balance like that, something has to give, or, someone will do something about it.  Like create a war.  There will always be wars and rumors of wars until there's a shift and balance is regained.  People have been worried and concerned about the "end times" since the beginning of time.  

As for worrying about what the government is doing, those that scream the loudest get the attention. Here in Canada, it is Quebec that always threatens to pull out and the government jumps through hoops trying to pacify her.  We in the west, say let her go.  If it's time for Canada to break up, then so be it.  Why keep trying to force something to work that is broken?  If you want change, you have to find a way to make it happen.  That's what Obama was all about.  HE saw it, and made a move to do something.  If you want change, write it down, take it to the person who is your local representative.  Hound that person, until they make a move to satisfy their constituents.  The system is there, use it instead of whining about what's happening.  Rise up in civil war if you think things are so bad.
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