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August 15, 2022, 08:56:39 pm
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What if?

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Author Topic: What if?  (Read 9985 times)
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« Reply #135 on: June 06, 2009, 11:54:08 pm »

You say HFN that Communism is not the only answer.  Tribal life is not much different.  In the past, there was not equality between the sexes in tribal life.  IF perhaps, in the future, there are less people and these people live in tribes where equality of the sexes is practiced, perhaps it would be successful.  Work has to be shared equally, as does the fruits of the labour.  But human nature being what it is, there will always be those who are lazy but still want a share, there will always be those who want to be the leaders, even if they aren't qualified, and will cause no end of frustration to those who are qualified.  Mankind is not ready for world peace.  Mankind has not yet raised itself high enough on a spiritual level to UNDERSTAND what love and peace is.  The movement has started, but it has a long way to go.  The few that HAVE raised their mindal level are the Tibetan Lamas.  There, they share the chores without question, they exist on a minimal amount of food and clothing, and do not desire more than what they have of the physical accoutrements.  They understand that they don't need more than what they have to raise their consciousness to the highest levels.  In fact, having more would just get in the way.  

I have felt for some time that there is a goundswell forming that people can feel, and yet we don't know what it is.  But something is happening and it's like people are starting to panic without knowing why.   They are looking for an explanation for their inate fear and suggest any manner of different themes.  For instance, this business of the Mayan Calendar and the world ending in 2012.   Or the notion that some planet X or Nibiru is going to come out of the clear blue and throw us out of orbit, or smash into us, or something wild like that.  Perhaps it's a sub-conscious fear that we're all generating because we've all over spent, are in debt up to our necks and not just individuals, but states and provinces and countries.  If the whole financial world crashes and comes to a standstill - this could be what will make the world start over.  But it would have to be done with everyone being on a level playing field.  

I watched President Obama campaign.  He came across as super sincere, very desirous of helping his country.  I believe with everything in me, that he was very sincere and had no idea that once he obtained the office of presidency, it didn't matter how much he wanted to help, he was taken aside and told how it was going to be.  Now I don't know just what secrets are told to the incoming president, but I've seen it with all of them since I was old enough to notice.  It was the same with Kennedy.  He saw the nation getting fat and lazy and uninterested in what was happening around them.  He went out front and centre and told everyone to get busy and exercise, get fit.  The mind stagnates when the body is inactive.  He had great ideals, and gradually he was worn down too, but obviously he was still fighting for his idea of the American Dream that didn't fit in with the controlling powers' plans and he was gotten rid of.  The presidents since Kennedy have been good little puppets, not making any waves.  The Clinton years showed a movement forward in prosperity and the nation had a surplus and low unemployment.  Then like a symphony of cannons blasting off, George W. Bush, in 8 measly years, totally destroyed your constitution, took away your freedoms, not only broke you country but put you so far into debt you'll never get out, and sent all your young people to war against the wishes of the people so that they will not only be financially broke, but psycologically destroyed as well.  Why?  What the hell do the manipulators have in store for the future and why?  

Is it necessary to purge the world of most of it's inhabitants in order to start over again?

As far as I can see, we, as individuals cannot stop what is coming.  If we are to survive, then yes, we need to have a storehouse of food and water, but we should have that anyway in case of any disaster.  I'm not afraid to die.  I'm afraid of suffering before I die and I'm afraid for others to suffer also.  If death is coming, I want it to come quickly.  However, the point is, death comes to us all eventually, so why panic about what we THINK is going to happen?


Panic is what others do when poop hits the fan.
What I'm doing is telling them ahead of time to prepare for the worst if it happens so that they don't need to panic.  Smiley
Budda bing-budda boom.

(throws hands in the air)

I need 2 tylonols and a ward cup of tea.

I love anyways Q.......
I need to find a hobby. LMAO

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