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August 15, 2022, 07:22:43 pm
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What if?

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Author Topic: What if?  (Read 9985 times)
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« Reply #120 on: June 06, 2009, 10:22:37 pm »

What do you think President Obama should be doing, instead of what he is doing?  Just what is it you're demanding of him that will make EVERYONE'S life better?  Are you expecting him to be the messiah then?  That he can satisfy everyone?  That he should be perfect in your eyes as well as in the eyes of everyone else?  That is impossible.   How - by what means - can he take your country and instantly make it perfect so you will be satisfied?  Do you want him to close the mint?  Do you want all the money that's out there to be re-called and destroyed?  Then what?  We are not living in ancient times where people could trade a pig for a clock, or do a days work for food for the whole family. 

You sound like the hippies of the '70's.  Blame everything on the government, expect the government to solve all the problems of the country - and with no money to do this because you don't want to pay taxes - and then whine and complain when it's still not to your satisfaction.  The alternative you know, is communism.  That's what the hippies thought also.  Commune.  Communal.  Share everything equally.  It's never worked in all of history because as usual, those in power at the top of the heap, want to stay there.  They are more greedy than most other types of leaders and totally expect to be worshipped by the peons.  There is ALWAYS someone who wants more and expects more.  It's human nature.

Honestly, To satisfy me! A leader should be honest.
And Q- I Blame us!
I am blaming every singal person on the planet right now for what is going on around them. Please reread older posts my friend. It's in there.  Wink
P.S. What make Communism the only alternative?

If 2/3's of the planet is done away with in our life times, then it's more logical to think in terms of tribes of people. And in history that we are atleast informed of. That is how we all came to be.
We survived a world that was not ruled by desires.
That was the real human nature that enabled love to exist in our very being because it was the glue that held them together through the hardship of simply staying alive.

Yes I think one should atleast try to survive for the sake other helping others even now.
Yes I do veiw the world from a kind of hippyish point of veiw.
However, yes I also see it from the same forms of information that you do and this is what puzzles me about your side of this. How can you not see what these so called leaders are doing to the world right now. Q- There are countless war vets coming home to no jobs. Telling there side of what happened in Iraq. And you are saying that We should give this guy a chance to do something. Even after he tells us in 2007 that he wants to pull our troops out, and then in 2008 he informs the "Media" that he wants to deploy more over there because of there outstanding job overseas.
Hello? Red Flags on the feild.

He Has contradicted himself more times then Carter has pills, and yet everyone who doesn't support this guy is wrong.

LOL I don't think so..............

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