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What if?

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Author Topic: What if?  (Read 11787 times)
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« Reply #120 on: June 06, 2009, 10:11:28 am »

Besides that. Obama hasn't done squat yet.
My opinion, and no I'm not racist. 
Q- Obama might have you fooled for now. I just hope that when the truth is revealed that you won't take it to hard.

Herefornow, what makes you so certain that you are right about Obama and everyone else is wrong?  Because you saw a couple of Volitzer's bogus Alex Jones films?  Alex Jones is an entertainer, all about getting ratings. 

And no matter who the President is, there will always be a bunch of people that have issues against him.  I have real doubts that the differences people have with Obama are based on the facts, since he has only been on the job about one hundred days and is still trying to get things passed.

He hasn't gone grabbing your guns, he hasn't raised taxes on the Middle Class, he hasn't made war on white people so I would suggest just giving him a "break" until he proves he's "the enemy."

Oh, and those tea-bagging protests are filled with rascists, so even if you have your issues with them, I would stay away from them.

Well I think the question is; What has Obama shown?

Then aside from this film, let's look at the track record of all presidents since JFK.
One minute they tell us everything we want to hear. The next minute they are telling us what wall street wants to hear.

Again, everything comes full circle with these guys, including Obama.
Democrats and republicans alike support one another to acheive a singal agenda.
I don't care if you or everyone else wants to research this or beleive what I'm saying.
It's your choices to agree or disagree. However, if you discover that what I am telling you has merit down the road. It will be to late for you by that time to prepare.

If you are not willing to take my word for it personally that is fine. Yet atleast research it for yourselves before you judge me for trying to explain to you all about how you are all being screwed.....

I'm not part of any political party or section. Yet I will not support anything or anyone that does not support free will.

No government on Earth at the moment is about preserving the free will of mankind because everything is about money anymore. Where there is greed, there is suffering and slavery.
Period. The distant past shows this and it still shows today.

Beleive what you all want to.
However, I'm not going to allow myself to be blind sided by all this deception and corruption.
It's happening and I am trying my best to help people see that.
Say what you will to me, but remember these things when you hear the word of Obama and all presidents yet to come. They are not your friend. They are not here to make things better for all people and that not all people are considered equals in society.

In that-Not everyone is going to benefit from the policies of these liers..
Until all people do, what you have is an actor telling you everything that the banks of the world want them to say.


 Roll Eyes Tell you what, don't research it. Don't listen to another word I say about anything.
Keep living your day to day routines and ignore the possibilities that you might be wrong.
It won't matter when you learn it all the hard way because it will be your own faults that nothing changed and then you can call me stupid all you like.

Something tells me that I'm wasting my time as it is regaudless.....
Yet I tried! Thats all that matters to me really.
Sheep!  Roll Eyes

Go to your shepard people and have fun.
Support these dictators and enjoy yourselves.

You all will be eating your own words in the end though. I promice!
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