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News: Plato's Atlantis: Fact, Fiction or Prophecy?
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What if?

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Author Topic: What if?  (Read 11787 times)
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« Reply #45 on: May 13, 2009, 11:46:42 pm »

Simply put........

They elect the monkey to work as a scapegoat/figure head.
Those who control the world's money, are puppet masters and what a show they put on.
However, is it really better to igore the potential that one of these days.

America might really collaps?
We might all be subject to the rulership of a dictator?
Should we just turn the other cheek and let whatever happens, just happen?

I guess it's a matter of choice on both side of the debate.
However, if all these stories have any truth to them.
Then the answers will be revealed soon enough.
However I see a glimmer of hope for everyone according to this whole story.
For 6 billion people it takes around 8,000 or so to simply encourage love.
I see a number larger then this doing just that and counting.
The more people who care for another and love people, the better.

Being aware of why we haven't falls into the big picture in this discussion.
We should question what is going on around us.

Then it all won't matter who's fighting what cause and when.
It will be them killing each other while the rest focas on what present and future they are going to create.
There is scientific proof that our emotions are an energy and that energy does in fact create our life.
It's hard to wrap your brain around but we are like quantum computers. We manipulate this reality at the quantum level by willing it into a part of the collective creation.

The wrong person discovered how this all works and that was that. The world as it is today.
Now we are developing an understanding.

One more idea that may play a huge role in how this all unfolds.
We call our ancestors, primative in academics. This is probably because they were so advanced that they used substance differently. The were more in harmory with nature and themselves.
What if, this is what the ancient visits from ETs was encouraging our ancestors to teach future generations to learn from.

Everything as it is, as we know it.
Is a product of dreams motivated by desire.
We all play a role in this because like any ripple in a puddle.
Our act in a day is what creates the next thousand steps we are going to make by choice.
Not just for ourselves, but everyone in whom we effect to perpetuate the next wave of actions in what they decide. And again in whom they manipulate to add the driving mechanism at work and so on.

Yet how many times have we seen an act of kindness between two strangers ignite a wonderful feeling that carried over the same? This can equally effect us for the better if the effect creates a ripple of it's own. Which is actually the direction this topic has been going into.

Freeing our minds from what is wrong by acknowledging the problem and solving it.
We do not have to continue on as we have if enough of us are willing to show the world another way through love. The basic moral of God and what we have learned by it is just that.
Love thy neighbor as thy self.
Don't steel from them.
Don't kill them.
Don't sleep with there spouces.
Don't lie to your neighbor.

Simple laws that almost always are broken because our collective thoughts are driving by fear.
If we loved, there is no reason to do any of those things Gods said not too.
Makes perfect sence to me... We have an oppurtunity right now to do this and it's easy.
Now think hard on why your not going to do it. LOL
It's because of something inside driven by a fear of something or another.

"I don't want to be looked at like a crazy person or a fool"
"what if people laugh at me"
"What if my friends stop talking to me"

And many more questions follow.........
Let go of that and just do it.
That is whats going to make the biggest impact in our future.
Learning that love is encoded in our very being is not enough.
Acting on it is.

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