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Stone Code from Zambales Mountains: A Link to the Atlantean Myth

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Author Topic: Stone Code from Zambales Mountains: A Link to the Atlantean Myth  (Read 2743 times)
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3.1 Ruins Under the Ocean Floor

From various underwater discoveries, people have already known that curious underwater formations on the shallow waters of the Bermuda Banks were turning out in the Western side of the Atlantic . Pilots flying at low altitudes deemed that the underwater formations could be the tops of buildings, which were submerged under the seafloor. Dr. Manson Valentine, an underwater archaeologist from Miami , Florida , investigated this indication of ancient constructions within the Bahama Banks. According to him, during one of his trips in an undisclosed area within the Bahama Banks, he took pictures of a network of modular straight lines intersecting at right, obtuse and acute angles that resembles an architect's complex urban development (Valentine, 1976). By comparison, they look like those Nazca lines in Peru where geometrical mélange of triangles, quadrangles and trapezoids can be found (McIntyre, 1975). Valentine even suggested that the pyramidal structures along the Bahama Banks looks like those of the pyramids in Egypt .

Further exploration of the Bahama Banks was made in 1970 by Dr. Ray Brown, a diver and a lecturer from Mesa , Arizona during one of his expeditions in the Berry Islands . His group were looking for a sunken galleon treasure ship, however, what they discovered in the area are outlines of buildings. Their group went down to a depth of 135 ft. where they found some pyramidal structures surrounded by ruined buildings.

Dr. Brown strongly believes that the pyramids and other edifices in the area were extended below the seafloor with only their upper parts visible. Others who have seen it the air said that these are 5 miles wide and slightly larger in length (Berlitz, 1984).

One of the pyramids found at a depth of 22 fathoms is 120 ft. high with only 90 ft. visible protruding from the shifting sand of the seafloor. The surface of the structure is smooth and mirror-like with indiscernible joints between individual blocks. This pyramid has a rectangular room with a pyramid shape ceiling that contains no algae or coral growing on the inner walls. It is in this room that Dr. Brown discovered a 3-˝ inch crystal sphere, which he exhibited in 1974 (Joseph, 2003). Experts from Smithsonian Institute in Washington noted that the technology for cutting quartz stone to the perfection exhibited in the crystal sphere was not accomplished by our civilization until 1900.

It is worth noting that most of the underwater discoveries in the Western Atlantic were within the Bermuda Triangle (a section of the Atlantic lying roughly between Bermuda, southern Florida and a point past the Antilles at 60 degrees west longitude) where hundreds of ships and planes with their crews and passengers have disappeared without a trace.

In modern times the phenomenon has been closely investigated and that ships and planes encountered unusual conditions in this mysterious zone like compass going berserk, sudden power failure, malfunction of navigational equipment and sometimes glowing fogs over small area at sea level or as cloud in the sky accompanied by strong magnetic pulls on planes and ships. It is being suggested that electromagnetic forces or stresses emanates from the sea and causing the disappearance in that zone (Berlitz, 1984).

But Professor Joseph Monaghan and honor student David May of Monash University claimed that massive methane gas bubbles raising from the sea might be the culprit behind the disappearance of ships and aircraft in the Bermuda Triangle (Dowling, 2003). It is a known fact that methane gas hydrates beneath the ocean floor when disturbed erupts or explodes if internal pressure is too large. In the Bermuda Triangle, methane gas is known to be present and so sudden release of this gas could cause explosion if it came in contact with hot engine of a plane. Personnel in oilrigs are aware of the potential dangers of ocean floor gas bubbles so they have to follow safety procedures if they hit a methane gas pocket.

Since Bermuda Triangle is within the converging plates of North American and South American plate, the Nazca and Cocos plate the authors opine that low-intensity ocean floor quakes could trigger the release of the pockets of methane gas into the surface and appearing as clouds or sometimes glowing fog within the danger zone before the disappearance of ships, planes and crew occur.
(See Image 2 and 3)
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