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News: Were seafarers living here 16,000 years ago?
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Stone Code from Zambales Mountains: A Link to the Atlantean Myth

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Author Topic: Stone Code from Zambales Mountains: A Link to the Atlantean Myth  (Read 2741 times)
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Stories and memories of a vanished continent seem to be instinctively shared even by some animals. Twice in their lifetime, eels swim from European rivers to mate in the seaweed forest of Sargasso Sea , where a great underwater river still flows along the ancient bed beneath the Atlantic . Birds on their seasonal migration fly from Europe to South America circle over an area in the Atlantic perhaps looking for a place where birds once rested.

Why does the European eel make it's hazardous two-year journey just to mate in Sargasso Sea ?

One probable answer is that, ingrained in the minds of the eels is a genetically maintained memory that an island once existed in that area. Instinctual animals cannot learn from experience and eels have been ruled by instinct since the Cretaceous period. The eels are aware that the island no longer exist but they could not change their instinctual lifestyle of going to Sargasso Sea to mate. An eel it seems has a better memory than man (Muck, 1978).

The Sargasso Sea is in itself a huge enigma. It teems with small fish, crabs, prawns and mollusks when very few of these creatures are natural inhabitants of the open sea. It is almost as if a massive landmass submerged at this point leaving behind a floating platform of debris that is constantly being added to.

A memory of the island of Atlantis was being recalled by the discovery of massive and unexplained ruins on both sides of the Atlantic . These structures are so huge that their construction by “ civilizations ” before written history seem inconceivable and consequently according to the generally accepted timetable of history, the “ruins” of a civilization that once existed in the Atlantic indicates the use of mechanical devices thousands of years before these were invented by us.

Within the last 35 years, the discovery of buildings, temples, walls and roads at the seafloors indicate civilization that once existed on land now under the ocean floor. Massive “stone ruins” that were photographed are now being explored off the coasts of United States , Mexico , Cuba , Venezuela and in the sunken banks of the Bahamas . Underwater ruins are also investigated off the coast of Spain , Canary Islands , Morocco , Portugal and Azores . These ruins do not only resemble one another but are also similar to the megalithic structures that were discovered in the mountains of South America, the coast of Europe and Asia and in some islands in the Pacific belonging to a prehistoric civilization.

Could these structures on both sides of Atlantic remnants of lost civilizations or are they colonies of the once mighty Atlantean empire?

According to Plato, Atlantis was located “not in the Mediterranean but far out in the Atlantic beyond the Pillars of Hercules ” ( Gibraltar on the southern coast of Spain and Mount Atlas on the northern tip of Africa ). He specified that, “The Island was larger than Libya and Asia put together and was the way to the other islands. From this island one will pass thru the whole of the opposite continent that surrounds the true ocean; for this sea (Mediterranean) which is within the Straits of Hercules is only a harbor having a narrow entrance (the Straits of Gibraltar) but the other is the real sea and the surrounding land may be most truly called a continent”. (See Image 1)
From this account of Plato about the legendary island, we were given a hint as to where Atlantis can be found.
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