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News: USA showered by a watery comet ~11,000 years ago, ending the Golden Age of man in America
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Stone Code from Zambales Mountains: A Link to the Atlantean Myth

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Author Topic: Stone Code from Zambales Mountains: A Link to the Atlantean Myth  (Read 2743 times)
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2.2 These Lines Represents "The Massive Force"

With knowledge derived from the geometrical compositions of the artifacts from Parpallo, the authors perceived that the lines could mean something very important. Citing a hypothesis that the stone slab is a map, looking for supporting evidence is an arduous task since it is not yet determined as to what kind of map it represents. Pouring over the voluminous reading material available at the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHILVOLCS) library, the investigators stumbled upon a book that became the groundwork to dig deeper into the subject. The book contains information about hot spots, volcanic mountains and the Mid-ocean ridges. When the data were transferred to a Mercator projection map using paper cut-outs that represents hot spots and volcanic mountains, most of the geometrical lines fall along the compression zones and spreading centers and near the known hot spots around the globe thereby confirming the idea that these lines represents a subject matter well worth studying. This later became the basis for submitting an abstract to the organizing committee of International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior International Conference on Continental Magmatism held in Santa Fe, New Mexico in June 25- July 1, 1989.



In August 21, 1989 , one and a half month after the conference, an article entitled “Quake Stress Map Being Developed” claimed that scientists from 20 countries around the world are developing a quake stress map aimed at identifying patterns of geological stresses around the entire planet (Dye, 1989). Mari Lou Zoback who is coordinating the project, points out that establishing this pattern will help define the enormous forces that drive the giant slabs of the earth's crust- so called tectonic plates-around the globe.

This proved to be the most important data ever gathered prompting the investigators to focus on this map being developed by USGS in coordination with different scientists and institutions around the world. The quake stress map contains keys to the meaning of the geometrical lines on the upper surface of the stone map. When the embossed lines were plotted in the World Stress Map, they fall along the compression zones (creating mountains) and spreading centers (causing rifts and basins) around the globe thereby giving impression that the lines of the stone tablet represent the “force” that help reshape the surface of the earth and creating geological stresses within the entire planet.

In many areas of the world, localized stresses are caused by such things as the weight of mountains on the earth's crust or removal of oil and water triggering devastating earthquakes. If the primary forces are clearly understood, it will be easier to pinpoint secondary forces that will be helpful in establishing better seismic potential identification in any given area and greater chance of understanding localized stress that does not fit the overall pattern.

It was generally thought that the primary geological stress patterns ran in a north-south direction, however, studies show that primary stress is at right angles to the fault. An example of this is the movement of North American plate that is inching south while the Pacific plate is moving north, crunching California along a northwest-southeast axis. The stress caused by the two plates pushing against each other is far greater than the stress caused by one plate moving as it tries to slip pass the other.

After the devastating Dec. 26, 2004 killer earthquake that destroyed almost 300,000 lives and billions worth of properties, some scientists predicted the possibility of more quakes ahead in the tremor-prone Sumatra and its adjacent areas. By using a Slip and Displacement Map created by Chen Ji, seismologist from California Institute of Technology, McCloskey and colleagues found that the so-called Sumatra-Andaman earthquake increased the stress on adjacent sections of the Sunda Trench and the nearby Sumatra fault that runs the length of Sumatra (Roach, 2005).

According to Ji's work, portions of the ocean floor along the Sunda Trench moved as much as 65 feet in an area stretching north from the epicenter for about 310 miles. Subsequent calculations by McCloskey and colleagues show that slip and displacement resulted to a large build-up of stress in a 31-mile stretch of the Sunda Trench just south of the rupture zone.

The epicenter of the magnitude 9 killer quake that wipe out almost 300,000 people in Asia and East Africa according to United Nations, falls exactly within the plotted lines on the Dynamic Earth Map earlier presented. We have confirmed from this natural disaster in recent times that the effects of stress build-up can cause devastating earthquakes and tsunamis. This catastrophe was a clear proof that the lines do represent massive forces underneath the earth's crust.

Uncovering the meaning of the geometrical lines in relation to the “lines of force” beneath the earth's crust was withheld for more than 15 years because it was the authors opinion that the discovery of linear meaning do not constitute the totality of the project but rather a mere fragment of the figures on the coded stone map. Knowledge drawn from the quake stress map confirms that the geometrical lines on the upper surface of the stone map was indeed related to the enormous forces of nature not yet fully understood by many scholars. This brings the project closer to the hypothesis raised earlier.
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