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September 24, 2023, 03:23:23 pm
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"Noah's Flood" Not Rooted in Reality, After All?

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Author Topic: "Noah's Flood" Not Rooted in Reality, After All?  (Read 1112 times)
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il mio va Piano, sono Asino ?

« Reply #15 on: March 24, 2009, 04:32:52 pm »

There is something not right with the timing of NOACH's FLOOD. and the Atlantis flood.

In my theory
The Noach-Flood was invented to hide the fact that
 contemporay people died not because of a Flood
but by marauders that turned heroes afterwards and later were portraited as
" Peacefull invaders called the TEN Jewish tribes from NOAH"

In Noach's Story,  Atlantis is NOT mentioned Nor the reason WHY that Flood happened
The WaterGod EA spoke to NOAH through a Reedmat wall" Because he was not supposed to speak to humans when seen.
in the Hindu Manu-Flood Myth SHIVA spoke to  Manu though a Stone Wall later called a LINGAM.

Whilst in the Plato-Story the Flood-reason is feigned to be Mankind's disobediance against "good nature"
in the Bible it seems to be that not ManKind but only ADAM's disobediance against God's nature counted
because ADAM ate from the Tree of knowledge of GOOD( and bad.) but did not die (after leaving the Paradise.)

A little comparison of Atlantis Story and the Bible-Flood-Story:

The MEN of Atlantis lived in a virtual Paradise, ................ADAM lived in a Paradise
The Atlantoii were visited by an Earth-Quake,  ............... ADAM was visited by " GOD " for wanting to be like GOD
GOD wanted the Atlantoii to die by a ( Red-)Floodsurge     ADAM was spared but had to leave by an Angel with a flaming Sword.
GOD ( RE or ZEUS.)sent his EYE/ messenger to destroy Earth.......That " Messenger " was a Planet Either the MOON or HERMES or Both !

In the KORAN or perhaps in some RCatholoc apocryph it says that on the ARK sat a GIANT that held the Boat straight/ level and warned when the Flood was over. Elsewhere this GIANT is named as the" Beast 666 of the Apocalypse .

In Plato's Atlantis on the INNER ring of Water facing the Center Temple......In the Heavenly Jerusalem on the Mount Moria( Facing the mount SINAii)
The " Watchmen " had their Bunkhouses                                               The " Watchmen " called Cherubim or GRIGORI had their houses on the Walls of
In my opinion that " Giant " was a white arabian *( Now exitinct-)Elephant. Mount Sinaii

In his political Satire called the Atlantis Dialogue, PLATO equated the Atlantean kings PRO- & Epimetheus
with the Athenian war-Archonts ALKIBIADES & NIKIAS.
to demonstrate the HYBRIS of Both Ancient Atlantis &" Modern" Athens !

in this FLOOD variant:
DORIAN Syracuse would than be the Lady PANDORA sent by Zeus to twart or tempt  mankind's progress
AFTERWARDS the Sea became impassable for the " MUD " whereas at AEGOSPOTAMI in 405 bc
ATHENS 'good' name as a Seafaring nation became"MUD " and the City went down in a Persian insurgence in 379 bc.

The FLOOD of NOACH may have never existed at all and thus
the REAL biblical Flood happened much later in Time.

The Story goes that King SARGON -1 was the REAL " NOACH "(=" SargON of ACCAD.")
in ca.1250 bc HE lead a band of marauding Settlers
from the " HINDU- Kush Valley of KARAKORUM, into Southern ARABY
where they picked a fight with the Local inhabitants over arable Land.

That was MYTH
The invasion of Araby by Iranians started inded in 1250 bc
during the Egyptian 15-th Dynasty by HYKOSOS( indian: RASHAKSAS.)
during the 15-17-th Egyptian Dynasty they ruled Egypt

Moses supposedly was an Egyptian fugitive seeking a safe haven
in his Ancestral home of ( South-)ARABY
But actually he was a Fighting-General camkpagning in the early 18-th Dynasty
 AGAINST the Assyrians & Babilonians.

Bible-Scribe EZDRAS in the service of the NEO-Babilonians
ofcourse could NOT write that story of MOSES the erstwhile " Baylonians-Basher "
so for the safety of the POW-Jews in Babilon he faked this own ancestry !

From MOSES agressive campagn to conquer Ancient Babylon 500 years earlier
he transformed the " Generalissimo" into a fugitive meek lawgiver:
thus the Egyptian megalomaniac-General KAMOSE  became the softhearted " MOISHE "
is exactly the same as MOISHE's failed attack on the City of Aii in the SIN-aii mountains.

But that is fodder for another random Posting

Thank you for returning my earlier narrative
with a nice story about comparing Flood-tales. Grin

Sincerely " BlueHue " dd 25 March, from Delft( Polly University )Holland.

Dear BlueHue,

I am not the same person as Wind.  Not sure where you got that.  Maybe great minds think alike.  Grin

Now as far as the Noah character he goes by several different name all over the world.  In Sumer his name was Utmaphishtim.  And in other tablets from Sumer he was also known as Zisudra, Xisuthros or Atrahasis.  And in the stories of Noah Utmaphishtim they were both told by God to build a boat and fill them with all living things. 

In Central America according to Aztec mythology only two human beings survived: a man, Coxcoxtli; and his wife, Xochiquetzal, who had been forewarned of the cataclysm by a god.  They escaped in a huge boat they had been instructed to build and came to ground on the peak of a tall mountain.

A related Central America tradition, that of the Mechoacanesecs, is in even more striking conformity with the story as we have in Genesis and in the Msopotamian sources.  According to this tradition, the god Tezcatilpoca determined to destroy all mankind with a flood, saving only a certain Tezpi who embarked in a spacious vessel with his wife, his children and large number of animals and birds, as well as supplies of grains and seeds, the preservation of which were essential to the future subsistence of the human race.  The vessel came to rest on an exposed mountain top after Tezcatilpoca had decreed that the waters of the flood should retire.  The man sent out birds of which only the hummingbird came back, with a leafy branch in his beak.  With this sign that the land had begun to renew itself, Tezpi and his family went forth from their ark, multiplied and repopulated the earth.

These are just a few of the many flood myths told through-out the world.  I could go on and on.  With so many how could someone say that they do not have some basis in fact?
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