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the Sinclair Family

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Author Topic: the Sinclair Family  (Read 864 times)
Jennifer O'Dell
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« on: February 25, 2007, 12:45:01 am »

Hey Keith, just found this, thought you might like to check it out:

Roslin castle, within sight of Rosslyn Chapel was the home of the St Clairs for many years,

From St Clair to Sinclair – the family who built Rosslyn

ANYONE looking for colourful family history need only take a peek at the Clan Sinclair. It's all in there - family ties to William the Conqueror, A pre-Columbus voyage to the New World and liege lords to Robert the Bruce. To top it all there's their position as Scottish Grand Masters of the Knights Templar and legendary guardians of the secrets of Rosslyn.

Not bad for one family, if it were all true. But there is a problem separating Sinclair romance from reality.

London based Scots businessman Niven Sinclair has gone to great lengths to prove the family origins, having recently purchased a hand-worked replica of the Domesday Book (William the Conqueror's valuation role of lands and owners, which includes St Clairs.) This allows Niven Sinclair to demonstrate the Clan's lineage back to a Norse raider called Hrolf the Ganger who invaded Normandy in the 10th Century.

A portrait of an early Sir William St Clair.
"He was created the first Duke of Normandy by the treaty of St Clare-sur-Epte in the year 912," says Sinclair. "His descendants in northwest France became known as St Clare, or St Clair. This is all recorded in the Norse Sagas."

These sagas provide Niven Sinclair with further clues as to the clan's journey from Viking raiders to Scottish lords. It is a long and complicated trip that begins to pick up around the time of William the Conqueror.

A St Clair descendant, Wildernus, married a daughter of Richard, the fifth Duke of Normandy, father of William the Conqueror. One of Wildernus's sons, William St Clair, fought alongside his relative at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. And so the Sinclairs arrived in Britain.

Whilst this earlier French period of St Clair history may not be entirely accepted, we can be more certain about the St Clair lineage once they step foot in Scotland. Here we find the same William St Clair who fought at Hastings acting as cupbearer to King Malcolm Canmore's bride Margaret Atheling (whose family had been contenders for the English throne and exiled after the Norman invasion.).

But if the St Clairs did well out of Norman land grants in England, they went on to do even better by turning their allegiance to the Scottish king.

The Clan Sinclair crest.

Picture: Clan Sinclair Girnigoe
In the reign of David I (Malcolm Canmore's son) St Clairs held the Barony of Roslin and Pentland and were powerful landowners. A century later, another William St Clair was one of the most powerful men in Scotland, as sheriff of Edinburgh, guardian of the heir to the throne and governor of Edinburgh Castle.

"If you peppered Scotland with dots across Lothian and Caithness in medieval times," says writer and Scots historian Ashley Cowie, "chances are you'd land within ten miles of a Sinclair property."

Cowie has spent a decade researching the family and has discovered that if you follow a straight line from Rosslyn directly due north you end up at the Castle of Mey, which was built in the 16th Century by the 4th Earl of Caithness, George St Clair. Ravenscraig and Keiss castles (also St Clair built) are on that grid line and so is Balmoral Castle, which has at its core another castle built in the 14th Century by William Drummond (married to a St Clair.) This same line passes Holyrood – named after the sacred relic of the True Cross, or Holy Rood. This was said to have been guarded on its journey from Hungary to Scotland by William St Clair, cupbearer to Margaret Atheling.

Dozens of other St Clair castles and strongholds are alleged to follow a connecting geometric pattern involving the re-usage of ancient megalithic and druidic sites. This is used to demonstrate St Clair connections to the Knights Templar – who could have introduced them to the teaching of sacred geometry.

This gravestone of Sir William St Clair is thought by some to be a Templar grave.
The remains of William St Clair, great-grandfather of the founder of Rosslyn Chapel, are said to be buried in Rosslyn, Templar style, with crossed leg bones placed beneath skull. Many believe the Chapel to be a Templar shrine and its position on the worldwide stage as a place of historical intrigue relates in part to this. Robert Cooper, curator of the Grand Lodge Museum and Library in Edinburgh, does not believe the church is necessarily adorned with Templar motifs.

"As the Knights Templar were in reality a Western Christian order originally sanctioned by the Roman church, it's hardly surprising that their symbolism was used in a pre-reformation church by the St Clairs of Rosslyn."

Even without any Templar influence William de St Clair led an interesting life. He was killed alongside Sir James Douglas while taking the heart of Robert the Bruce to the Holy Land. His grandson Henry St Clair (created Earl of Orkney through the family's Norse links) is said by some to have travelled to America 100 years before Columbus.

The building of Rosslyn Chapel by William St Clair, the third Orkney Earl, has to be the family's greatest claim to fame. On his death, the settling of his estates on his sons split the Earldoms of Caithness and Roslin. The Caithness Earls began to use the name Sinclair and the spelling came into general use, though the Earls of Roslin still use the older spelling.

Latter-day family members still court controversy. Sir Archibald Sinclair was Secretary of State for Air under Churchill in 1940 and was said to be behind secret peace negotiations prior to the Hess landing in May 1941.

The present Earl of Roslin, as head of the Metropolitan Police royal protection squad, was probably thankful to use his lesser known title of Loughborough when Osama bin Laden in a pink frock (disguised comic Aaron Barschak) managed to gatecrash Prince William's 21st birthday party.

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Keith Ranville
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« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2007, 05:50:54 pm »

Hi Jennifer

A little theory info

Prince Henry Sinclair and his voyage to the America’s
As I was touring around Nova Scotia I inquirer to Native elders about Oak Island and its heritage, I also asked questions about a mythical giant called glooscap; Could the Micmac people story telling of glooscap be misinterpreted over time and mean Gooscap? Gooscap is another meaning for Prince Henry Sinclair, the Micmac people had no written text, and most stories of their heritage were handed down through generations over time. Most Micmac texts are pictograms and are on stone inscriptions.
If this theory is posible then this may be a different understanding’ that Europeans discovered the America’s at an earlier date then what was believed?

One other symbol that the Micmac explain the meaning of a triangle' that means God in Micmac tradition translations, that I think that is in relation to the meaning of the Birch Island Triangle and what the triangle may represent? After all Oak Island or Mahone Bay is in the Back yard of the Micmac People, it would be hard for them to not know what was going on’ in a area where such large a complexed operation took place, or let alone of them to be possibly involved in this Oak Island treasure Mystery?   

New Research:
Oak Island Treasure Hunter/Researcher
keith Ranville

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Keith Ranville
Superhero Member
Posts: 2387


« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2007, 05:24:47 pm »

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Legendary Treasure Story To Be Filmed


Chittenango, NY – Frank W. Pandozzi Production, LLC the producer of Exploring Historys Treasures TV series, has received the exclusive rights to film the Oak Island treasure story. Ryan Prucker of Imagelight Advertising & Production, LLC will be the co-producer.

For centuries the treasure on Oak Island, Nova Scotia has been a mystery to treasure hunters, historians, and adventure seekers.   

“The Oak Island treasure has been as puzzling as any treasure story in the world. What is buried on Oak Island and where it is buried has received interest for more than two centuries. Some say the “Holy Grail” the cup that Jesus drank from at the “Last Supper” is buried on the Island. Others have speculated that the treasure may very well be a book or a letter that could significantly affect the world today. Whatever is buried on Oak Island may now be located based on a new interpretation of a centuries old clue. The clue could lead to what the treasure is and it’s whereabouts,” Pandozzi states.

The Oak Island treasure legend began in the summer of 1795. Three individuals, Daniel McGinnis, John Smith and Anthony Vaughn were adventuring on Oak Island when they discovered a spot on the ground that looked as if it had been recently uncovered. Fifteen feet above the ground, swung a ships tackle hanging from a sawed off tree branch. On the tree were carved strange markings.

Visions of a buried treasure danced in their heads, so the three kept digging.

Digging deeper a former oak Island company encountered a flagstone with a strange inscription scrawled into it. It is this mysterious cipher that has captivated the world of treasure hunters. No one has been able to establish what the code means.

However, Keith Ranville, a Canadian Cree Native Indian, has studied the clues and believes he knows where the treasure is buried.

“Keith Ranville has worked diligently to uncover the mystery behind the code. I believe he is on to something,” Pandozzi says.

Filming will begin sometime this year.

Frank W. Pandozzi Production, LLC in Chittenango New York started operations in 2005.The production company produces Exploring Historys Treasures Television series and DVDs.
The series features history, metal detecting and treasure hunting.

Imagelight Advertising & Production, LLC in Syracuse New York is the co-producer of Exploring Historys Treasures TV series. Imagelight also provides full-scale film production, editing, media buying services as well as advertising to businesses and corporations. Interested parties may visit

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Frank W. Pandozzi

# # #

New Research: Friendly
Oak Island Treasure Hunter/Researcher

Keith Ranville
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