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The Egyptian Book of the Dead

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Author Topic: The Egyptian Book of the Dead  (Read 7919 times)
Josie Linde
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« Reply #120 on: December 24, 2008, 10:42:08 pm »


Vignette: Ani standing, with both hands raised in prayer, before four gods who are seated on a pedestal in the form of Maat; before him is his heart set upon a pedestal.

Text [CHAPTER XXVII.]: (I) THE CHAPTER OF NOT LETTING THE HEART OF A MAN BE TAKEN AWAY FROM HIM IN THE UNDERWORLD.[1] Saith Osiris Ani: "Hail, ye who carry away hearts, [hail] ye who steal hearts! (2) ye have done.[2] Homage to you, O ye lords of eternity, ye possessors of everlastingness, " take ye not away this heart of Osiris Ani (3) in your grasp, this heart of Osiris. And cause ye not evil words to spring up against it; because this heart of Osiris Ani is the heart of the one of many names, the mighty one whose words are his limbs, and who sendeth forth his heart to dwell in (4) his body. {???} heart of Osiris Ani is pleasant unto the gods; he is victorious, he hath {???} gotten power over it; he hath not revealed what hath been done unto it. He {???} gotten power (5) over his own limbs. His heart obeyeth him, he is the lord thereof, it is in his body, and it shall never fall away therefrom. I, Osiris, the scribe Ani, victorious in peace, and triumphant in the beautiful Amenta and on the mountain of eternity, bid thee be obedient unto me in the underworld."

Appendix: The three following chapters, which do not occur in the Ani papyrus, form part of the group of the chapters relating to the heart. They are here supplied from Naville, Todtenbuch, Bd. I., Pl. xl., xlii., xxxix.

[1. In Naville's edition there follow the words hab-nef ab-f xenti xat-f temam ab-f er neteru sexem am-f, "his heart goeth to inhabit his body; his heart is perfect before the gods, he gaineth possession of it."

2. The reading of Naville's edition is better here. "Ye who steal hearts, and who make the heart of a man to come into existence according to that which hath been done by him; may it (i.e., his heart) be made strong by you."]

{p. 313}

Text [CHAPTER XXIXA.]:[1] (1) THE CHAPTER OF THE HEART NOT BEING CARRIED AWAY IN THE UNDERWORLD. He saith: "My heart (2) is with me, and it shall never come to pass that it shall be carried away. I am the lord of hearts, the slayer of the heart. (3) I live in right and in truth, and I have my being therein. I am Horus, a pure heart (4) within a pure body. I live by my word, and my heart doth live. Let not my heart be taken away (5), let it not be wounded, and may no wounds or gashes be dealt upon me because it hath been taken away[2] from me. (6) May I exist in the body of my father Seb, and in the body of my mother Nut. I have not done evil (7) against the gods; I have not sinned with boasting."

Vignette: The deceased adoring a heart.

Text [CHAPTER XXXA.]: (I) THE CHAPTER OF NOT (2) LETTING THE HEART OF A MAN BE DRIVEN AWAY FROM HIM IN THE UNDERWORLD. [He saith]: "My heart, my mother; my heart, my mother. My heart of my life upon earth. May naught rise up (3) against me in judgment in the presence of the lord of the trial; let it not be said concerning me and of that which I have done. 'He hath done deeds against that which is right and true'; may naught be against me in the presence of the great god, the lord of Amenta. Homage to thee, O my heart! Homage to thee, O my heart! Homage to you, O my reins![3] Homage to you, O ye gods who rule over the divine clouds, and who (5) are exalted by reason of your sceptres; speak ye comfortably unto Ra, and make me to prosper before Nehebka." And behold him, even though he be joined to the earth in the innermost parts thereof, and though he be laid upon it, he is not dead in Amenta, but is a glorified being therein.

Vignette: The deceased holding his heart to his breast with his left hand, and kneeling before a monster with a knife in its hand.

Text [CHAPTER XXVIII.]: (1) [THE CHAPTER OF] NOT LETTING THE HEART OF THE DECEASED BE CARRIED AWAY IN THE UNDERWORLD. [Saith he]: (2) "Hail, Lion-god! I am Un.[4] That which I hate is the block of the god. Let not this my heart be taken away from me by (3) the Fighter[5] in Annu. Hail thou who dost bind Osiris, and who hast seen Set! Hail thou who returnest after smiting and destroying him. (4) This heart sitteth and weepeth in the presence of Osiris; it hath with it the staff for which it entreated him. May there be given unto me for it, may there be decreed unto me for it the hidden things[6] of the heart in the (5) house of Usekh-hra; may

[1. See Naville, Todtenbuch, Bd. I., Bl. 40.

2. Understanding some word like ###; see the text in Lepsius.

3. Brugsch believes that the word means the liver or kidneys, or some special organ.; see Wörterbuch, p. 421.

4. Reading; another variant has "I am Ra."

5 I.e., the being represented in the vignette.

6 Var. ta ab, "warmth of heart."]

{p. 314}

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Josie Linde
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« Reply #121 on: December 24, 2008, 10:42:26 pm »

there be granted unto it food at the bidding of the Eight.[1] Let not this my heart be "taken from me! I make thee to dwell in thy place, joining together hearts in (6) Sekhet-hetepu, and years of strength in all places of strength, carrying away food (?) at thy it moment with thy hand according to thy great strength. My heart is placed upon the altars of Tmu (7), who leadeth it to the den of Set; he hath given unto me my heart, whose will hath been done by the godlike rulers in Neter-khert. When they find the leg[2] and the swathings they bury them."

Vignette: Ani and his wife Thuthu, each holding the emblem of air in the left hand, and drinking water with the right from a pool, on the borders of which are palm trees laden with fruit.

Text [CHAPTER LVIII.]: (1) THE CHAPTER OF BREATHING THE AIR AND OF HAVING POWER OVER THE WATER IN THE UNDERWORLD. Saith Osiris Ani: "Open to me! Who art thou then, and whither dost thou fare? (2) I am one of you. Who is it with thee? It is Merti. Separate thou from him, each from each, when thou enterest the Mesqen. He letteth me sail to the temple of the divine beings who have found their faces(?). (4) The name of the boat is 'Assembler of Souls'; the name of the oars is 'Making the hair to stand on end'; the name it of the hold is 'Good'; (5) and the name of the rudder is 'Making straight for the middle' . . . . . . [3] . . . . . . (6) Grant ye to me vessels of milk together with cakes, loaves of bread, cups of drink, and flesh in the temple of (7) Anubis."

Rubric: If this chapter be known [by Ani] he shall go in after having come forth from the underworld.

Vignette: Ani kneeling beside a pool of water, where grows a sycamore tree; in the tree appears the goddess Nut pouring water into Ani's hands from a vessel

[1. Var. Re xemennu, "Mouth of Hermopolis."

2. This meaning is indicated by the determinative in the variant given by Naville, Todtenbuch, Bd. II., Bl. 95. The whole sentence may be a rubrical direction.

3 The text here appears to be corrupt, or at least some words have been omitted, for the equivalent passage in Lepsius reads ###. The variant reading indicated by ki t' et shows that this passage offered difficulties to the ancient Egyptian readers.]

{p. 315}

Text [CHAPTER LIX.]: (I) THE CHAPTER OF SNIFFING THE AIR, AND OF GETTING POWER OVER THE WATERS IN THE UNDERWORLD. Saith Osiris Ani: "Hail, sycamore tree of the goddess Nut! Grant thou to me of the water and the air which are in (2) thee. I embrace thy throne which is in Unnu,[l] and I watch and guard (3) the egg of the Great Cackler. It groweth, I grow; it liveth, I live; (4) it sniffeth the air, I sniff the air, I the Osiris Ani, in triumph."

Vignette: Ani seated upon a chair before a table of offerings; [2] in his right hand he holds the kherp sceptre[3] and in his left a staff.

Text [CHAPTER XLIV]: (I) THE CHAPTER OF NOT DYING A SECOND TIME IN THE UNDERWORLD.[4] Saith Osiris Ani: "My place of hiding is opened, my place of hiding is revealed! Light hath shone (2) in the darkness. The eye of Horus hath ordered my coming into being, and the god Apuat hath nursed me. I have hidden (3) myself with you, O ye stars that never set. My brow is like unto that of Ra; my face is open; (4) my heart is upon its throne; I utter words, and I know; in very truth, I am Ra himself. I am not treated with scorn, (5) and violence is not done unto me. Thy father, the son of Nut, liveth for thee. I am thy first-born, (6) and I see thy mysteries. I am crowned like unto the king of the gods, and I shall not die a second time in the underworld."

Vignette: The mummy of Ani embraced by Anubis, the god of the dead.

Text [CHAPTER XLV.]: (I) THE CHAPTER OF NOT CORRUPTING IN THE UNDERWORLD. Saith Osiris Ani: "O thou who art without motion like unto Osiris! O thou who art without motion like unto Osiris! (2) O thou whose

[1. I.e., Hermopolis.

2. For an account of the manner in which altars and other objects were represented on Egyptian monuments, see Borchardt, Die Darstellung innen verzierter Schalen aus Aegyptischen Denkmätern (in Aeg. Zeitschrift, Bd. XXXI., 1893, p. 1).

3. For a kherp sceptre in bronze, see No. 22,842 in the 2nd Egyptian Room.

4. Chapters CLXXV. and CLXXVI. bear the same title. For Chapter CLXXV. see Plate XXIX.

Chapter CLXXVI. (Naville, Todtenbuch, Bd. I., Pl. cc.) reads:--

"What I hate is the land of Abydos. May I never enter into the den, and may there never be done unto me any of those things which the gods hate, for I am . . . . pure within the Mesqet. May Neb-er-tcher give unto me his splendours on the day of the funeral in the presence of the Lord of Things."

"If this chapter be known [he] shall be in the condition of one who is acquitted in the underworld."]

{p. 316}

limbs are without motion like unto [those of] Osiris! Let not thy limbs be (3) without motion, let them not corrupt, let them not pass away, let them not decay; let it be (4) done unto me even as if I were the god Osiris."

Rubric: If this chapter be known by the Osiris Ani, he shall not corrupt in the underworld.

Vignette: A doorway. By one post stands the soul of Ani in the form of a human-headed hawk and by the other the bird.

Text: [CHAPTER XLVI.] (I) THE CHAPTER OF NOT PERISHING AND OF BECOMING ALIVE IN THE UNDERWORLD. Saith Osiris Ani: "Hail, (2) children of:' Shu! Hail, children of Shu, [children of] the place of the dawn, who as the children of light have gained possession of his crown. May I rise up and may I fare forth like Osiris."

Vignette: Ani the scribe standing with his back to a block and knife

Text: [CHAPTER XL.] (I) THE CHAPTER OF NOT ENTERING IN UNTO THE BLOCK. Saith Osiris Ani: "The four bones[1] of my neck and of my back are joined together for me in heaven by Ra, the guardian of the earth. (2) This was granted on the day when my rising up out of weakness upon my two feet was ordered, on the day (3) when the hair was cut off. The bones of my neck and of my back have been joined together by Set and by the company of the gods, even as they were (4) in the time that is past; may nothing happen to break them apart. Make ye [me] strong against my father's murderer. I have gotten power over the two earths. Nut hath joined together my bones, and behold [them] as they were in the time that is past [and I] see [them] even in the same order as they were [when] the gods had not come into being (6) in visible forms.[2] I am Penti, I, Osiris the scribe Ani, triumphant, am the heir of the great gods."

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Josie Linde
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« Reply #122 on: December 24, 2008, 10:43:04 pm »


Vignette: Ani standing in adoration before three gods, each of whom holds a sceptre in his left hand, and the symbol of life in his right.

[1. Adding thest ftu, from the papyrus of Nebseni.

2. Var. ### axemu. this word see Brugsch, Wörterbuch (Suppl.), p. 279.]

{p. 317}

Text [CHAPTER XCIII.]: (I) THE CHAPTER OF NOT LETTING A MAN PASS OVER TO THE EAST IN THE UNDERWORLD. Saith Osiris Ani: "Hail, manhood of (2) Ra, which advanceth and beateth down opposition; things which have been without movement for millions of years come into being through the god Baba. Hereby am I made stronger than (3) the strong, and hereby have I more power than they who are mighty. And therefore neither shall I be borne away nor carried by force to the East, to take part in the festivals of the fiends; (4) nor shall there [be given unto me] cruel gashes with knives, nor shall I be shut in on every side, nor gored by the horns [of the god Khepera]". . . . . . . . . . . .[1]

Vignette: Ani adoring a god in a boat whose head is turned face backwards.

Text [CHAPTER XCIIIA.]: ANOTHER CHAPTER.[2] [Saith Osiris Ani]: "So then shall no evil things be done unto me by the fiends, neither shall I (6) be gored by the horns [of Khepera]; and the manhood of Ra, which is the head of Osiris, shall not be swallowed up. Behold me, (7) I enter into my homestead, and I reap the harvest. The gods speak with me. (Cool Gore thou not them, O Ra-khepera. In very truth sickness shall not arise in the eye of Tmu nor shall it (9) be destroyed. Let me be brought to an end, may I not be carried into the East to take part in the festivals of the fiends who are my enemies (10); may no cruel gashes be made in me. I, Osiris, the scribe Ani, the teller of the divine offerings of all the gods, triumphant with happy victory, the lord to be revered. am not carried away into the East."

Text [CHAPTER XLIII.]: (1) THE CHAPTER OF NOT LETTING THE HEAD OF A MAN BE CUT OFF FROM HIM IN THE UNDERWORLD. Saith Osiris Ani: (2) "I am the great One, son of the great One; I am Fire, the son of Fire, to whom was (3) given his head after it had been cut off. The head of Osiris was not carried away from him; let not the head of Osiris Ani (4) be carried away from him. I have knit together my bones, I have made myself whole and sound; I have become young once more; I am Osiris, the Lord of eternity."

Vignette: The mummy of Ani lying on a bier; above is his soul in the form of a human-headed bird, holding shen, the emblem of eternity, in its claws. At the head and foot stands an incense burner with fire in it.

[1. The text of the rest of this chapter is corrupt.

2. In other early papyri these two chapters form one; the division probably arose from a blunder on the part of the scribe.]

{p. 318}

Text [CHAPTER LXXXIX.]: (1) THE CHAPTER OF CAUSING THE SOUL TO BE UNITED TO ITS BODY IN THE UNDERWORLD. Saith Osiris Ani: "Hail, thou god Annitu! Hail, O Runner, (2) dwelling in thy hall! O thou great god, grant thou " that my soul may come unto me from wheresoever it may be. If it would tarry, then bring thou unto me (3) my soul from wheresoever it may be. [ If] thou findest [me], O Eye of Horus, make thou me to stand up like those beings who are like unto Osiris and who never lie down in death. Let not (4) Osiris Ani, triumphant, triumphant, lie down in death in Annu, the land wherein souls are joined unto their bodies, even in thousands. My soul doth bear away with it my victorious spirit (5) whithersoever it goeth[1] . . . . . . . . . . . (6) If it would tarry, grant thou that my soul may look upon my body. [If] thou findest [me], O Eye of Horus, make thou me to stand up like unto those[1] . . . . . . . (7) Hail, ye gods, who row in the boat of the lord of millions of years, who tow it (Cool above the underworld, who make it to pass over the ways of Nu, who make souls to enter into their glorified bodies, (9) whose hands are filled with righteousness, and whose fingers grasp your sceptres, destroy ye (10) the foe. The boat of the Sun rejoiceth, and the great god advanceth in peace. Behold [ye gods], grant that this soul of Osiris Ani (11) may come forth triumphant before the gods, and triumphant before you, from the eastern horizon of heaven, to follow unto the place where it was yesterday, in peace, in peace, in Amenta. (12) May he behold his body, may he rest in his glorified frame, may he never perish, and may his body never see corruption."

Rubric: To be said over a golden [figure of a] soul inlaid with precious stones, which is to be placed on the neck of Osiris.

Vignette: Ani's soul, in the form of a human-headed bird, standing in front of a pylon.[2]

[1. Some words are omitted here.

2. The three following variants show: (1) the soul flying through the door of the tomb to the deceased; (2) the deceased, accompanied by his soul, standing at the open door of the tomb; and (3) the deceased, with his soul hovering over him, standing with his back to the door of the tomb, upon which is the disk of the rayed sun.



{p. 319}

Text [CHAPTER XCI.]: (I) THE CHAPTER OF NOT LETTING THE SOUL OF A MAN BE CAPTIVE IN THE UNDERWORLD. Saith Osiris Ani: "Hail thou who art exalted, thou who art adored, (2) thou mighty one of souls, thou Ram (or Soul), possessor of terrible power, who dost put fear of thee into the hearts of the gods, thou who art crowned upon thy mighty throne! It is he who maketh the path for the khu and for (3) the soul of Osiris Ani. I am furnished [with that which I need], I am a khu furnished [with that which I need], I have made my way unto the place wherein are Ra and Hathor."

Rubric: If this chapter be known, Ani shall become like unto a shining being fully equipped in the underworld. He shall not be stopped at any door in the underworld from going in and coming out millions of times.

Vignette:[1] Ani standing at the doorway of the tomb; and Ani's shadow, accompanied by his soul.

Text [CHAPTER XCII.]: (I) THE CHAPTER OF OPENING THE TOMB TO THE SOUL OF THE SHADOW, OF COMING FORTH BY DAY, AND OF GETTING POWER OVER THE LEGS. Saith Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant: "(2) The place of bondage is opened, that which was shut is opened,[2] and; the place of bondage is opened unto my soul [according to the bidding of][3] the eye of Horus. I have bound and stablished (3) glories upon the brow of Ra. [My] steps are made long, [my] thighs are lifted up; I have passed along the great path, and my limbs are strong. (4) 1 am Horus, the avenger of his father, and I bring the ureret crown to rest upon its place. The path of souls is opened [to my soul]."

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Josie Linde
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My soul (5) seeth the great god within the boat of Ra on the day of souls. My soul is (6) in the front among those who tell the years. Come; the eye of Horus, which stablisheth glories (7) upon the brow of Ra and rays of light upon the faces of those who are with the limbs of Osiris, hath delivered my soul. (Cool O shut ye not in my soul, fetter ye not my shade (9) may it behold the great god

[1. See Plate XVIII.

2 The reading of the Nebseni papyrus is ###.

3 Adding ### from the Nebseni papyrus.]

{p. 320}

within the shrine on the day of the judgment of souls, may it repeat the words of Osiris. (10) May those beings whose dwelling-places are hidden, who fetter the limbs of Osiris, who fetter the souls of the khu, who shut in (11) the shades of the dead and can do evil unto me-may they do no evil unto me, may they turn away their path from me. Thy heart (12) is with thee; may my soul and my khu be prepared against their attack. May I sit down among the great rulers who (13) dwell in their abodes; may my soul not be set in bondage by those who fetter the limbs of Osiris, and who fetter souls, and who shut in (14) the shades of the dead. The place which thou possessest, is it not Heaven? "

Rubric: If this chapter be known, he shall come forth by day and his soul shall not be shut in.

Vignette: Ani kneeling, with both hands raised in adoration, by the side of the Seker[1] boat placed upon its sledge.

Text [CHAPTER LXXIV.]: (I) THE CHAPTER OF WALKING WITH THE TWO LEGS, AND OF COMING FORTH UPON EARTH. Saith Osiris Ani: "Thou hast done all thy work, O Seker, thou hast done all thy work, O Seker, in thy dwelling place within my legs in the (2) underworld. I shine above the Leg[2] of the Sky, I come forth from heaven; I recline with the glorified (3) spirits. Alas! I am weak and feeble; alas! I am weak and feeble. I walk. I am weak and feeble in the (4) presence of those who gnash with the teeth in the underworld, I Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant in peace."

Vignette: The emblem of Amenta and Ani standing with a staff in his left hand.

Text [CHAPTER VIII.]: (I) THE CHAPTER OF PASSING THROUGH AMENTA, AND OF COMING FORTH BY DAY. Saith Osiris Ani: "The hour (?) openeth; (2) the head of Thoth is sealed up; perfect is the eye of Horus. I have delivered the eye of Horus which shineth with splendours on the forehead of Ra, (3) the father of the gods. I am the same Osiris, dwelling in Amenta. Osiris knoweth his day and that he shall not live therein; nor shall I live therein. (4) I am the Moon among the gods; I shall not come to an end. Stand up, therefore, O Horus; Osiris hath counted thee among the gods."

[1. The god Seker was a form of the night sun, like Ptah, Osiris and Tanen; see Lanzone, Dizionario, P. 1113.

2 The name of a constellation.]

{p. 321}

Text [CHAPTER II. (1) THE CHAPTER OF COMING FORTH BY DAY, AND OF LIVING AFTER DEATH. Saith Osiris Ani: "Hail, Only One, shining from the Moon! (2) Hail, Only One, shining from the Moon! Grant that this Osiris Ani may come forth among the multitudes which are round about thee; (3) let him be established as a dweller among the shining ones; and let the underworld be opened unto him. And behold Osiris, (4) Osiris Ani shall come forth by day to do his will upon earth among the living."

Vignette: Ani, standing with both hands raised in adoration before a ram crowned with plumes and disk; in front of the ram is a table, upon which are a libation vase and a lotus flower.

Text [CHAPTER IX.]: (1) THE CHAPTER OF COMING FORTH BY DAY, HAVING PASSED THROUGH THE TOMB. Saith Osiris Ani: "Hail Soul, thou mighty one of strength! (2) Verily I am here, I have come, I behold thee. I have passed through the underworld, I have seen [my] father (3) Osiris, I have scattered the gloom of night. I am his beloved one. I have come; I behold my father (4) Osiris. I have stabbed Set to the heart. I have done the things [needed] by my father Osiris. (5) I have opened every way in heaven and upon earth. I am the son beloved of his father Osiris (6). I have become a ruler, I have become glorious, I am furnished [with what I need]. Hail, all ye gods, and all ye shining ones, make ye a way for me, the Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant."

Vignette: Ani, with a staff in his left hand, standing before a door.

Text [CHAPTER CXXXII.]: THE CHAPTER OF MAKING A MAN TO RETURN TO SEE AGAIN HIS HOME UPON EARTH. Saith Osiris Ani: "I am the Lion-god (2) coming forth with strides. I have shot forth arrows, I have wounded [the prey], I have wounded the prey. I am the Eye of Horus; I have opened the (3) eye of Horus in his hour. I am come unto the furrows. Let Osiris Ani come in peace."

Vignette: Ani piercing a serpent.

Text [CHAPTER X. [XLVIII.]: ANOTHER CHAPTER OF ONE WHO COMETH FORTH BY DAY AGAINST HIS FOES IN THE UNDERWORLD. Saith Osiris Ani: "I have divided the heavens, (2) I have passed through the horizon, I have traversed the earth, [following] upon his footsteps. I am borne away by the mighty and shining ones because, behold, (3) I am furnished with millions of years which

{p. 322}

have magic virtues. I eat with my mouth, I chew with my jaws; and, behold, (4) I am the god who is the lord of the underworld: May there be given unto me, Osiris Ani, that which abideth for ever without corruption."

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Josie Linde
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« Reply #124 on: December 24, 2008, 10:47:21 pm »


Vignette: Ani standing, with both hands raised in adoration, before Ra, hawk-headed and seated in a boat floating upon the sky. On the bows sits Heru-pa-khrat (Harpocrates) or, "Horus the child"; and the side is ornamented with feathers of Maat, and the utchat. The handles of the oars and the tops of the rowlocks are shaped as hawks' heads, and on the blades of the oars are ###.

Text [CHAPTER XV.]: (I) A HYMN OF PRAISE TO RA WHEN HE RISETH UPON THE HORIZON, AND WHEN HE SETTETH IN THE [LAND OF] LIFE. Saith Osiris, the scribe Ani: "Homage to thee, O Ra, (2) when thou risest [as] Tmu-Heru-khuti (Harmachis), Thou art adored [by me] when thy beauties are before mine eyes, and when thy shining rays (3) [fall] upon my body. Thou goest forth in peace in the Sektet boat with [fair] winds, and thy heart is glad; [thou goest forth] in the Atet boat, (4) and its heart is glad. Thou stridest over the heavens in peace, and thy foes are cast down; the never-resting stars (5) sing hymns of praise unto thee, and the stars which never set glorify thee as thou (6) sinkest in the horizon of Manu, O thou who art beautiful in the two parts of heaven, thou lord who livest and art established, O my lord! Homage to thee, O thou who art Ra when thou risest, and Tmu (7) when thou settest in beauty. Thou risest and shinest upon the back of thy mother [the sky], O thou who art crowned king (Cool of the gods. Nut doth homage unto thee, and everlasting and never-changing order embraceth thee at morn and at eve. Thou stridest over the heaven, being glad of heart, and the Lake (9) Testes is at peace. The Fiend hath fallen to the ground; his arms and his hands have been hewn off, and the knife hath severed the joints of his body. Ra hath a fair wind (10); the Sektet boat goeth forth and sailing along it cometh into port. The gods of the south and of the north, of the west and of the east praise thee, (11) from whom all forms of life came into being. Thou sendest forth the word, and the earth is flooded with silence, O thou only One, who livedst in heaven before ever the earth and the mountains were made. (12) O Runner, Lord, only One, thou maker of things which are, thou hast moulded the tongue of the company of the gods, thou hast drawn forth whatsoever cometh from the waters, and thou springest up from them over the flooded land of the Lake of Horus (13). Make me to sniff the air which cometh forth from thy nostrils, and the north wind which cometh forth from thy mother [the Sky]. Make thou glorious my shining form, O Osiris, make thou (14) strong my soul. Thou art worshipped in peace, O lord of the gods, thou art exalted by reason of thy wondrous works. Shine with thy rays of light upon my body day by day, upon me, (15) Osiris, the scribe, the teller of the divine offerings it of all the gods, the overseer of the granary of the lords of Abydos, the royal it scribe in truth, who loveth him (i.e., Ra); Ani, triumphant in peace."

Vignette: Ani, standing with both hands raised in adoration. Behind him is his wife:

Ausar nebt per qematet en Amen Thuthu.
Osiris, the lady of the house, priestess of Amen, Thuthu.

Text [CHAPTER XV.]: (1) A HYMN OF PRAISE. "O OSIRIS, lord of eternity, Un-nefer, Horus of the two horizons, whose forms are manifold, whose creations are without number, (2) Ptah-Seker-Tem in Annu, the lord of the tomb, and the creator of Memphis and of the gods, the guide of the underworld, whom [the gods] (3) glorify when thou settest in Nut. Isis embraceth thee in peace, and she driveth away the fiends from the mouth of (4) thy paths. Thou turnest thy face upon Amenta, thou makest the world to shine as with smu metal. The dead rise up to behold thee, they breathe the (5) air and they look upon thy face when the disk shineth on its horizon; their hearts are at peace for that they behold thee, O thou who art eternity and everlastingness."

[litany]: (1) "Homage to thee, [O lord of] starry deities in An, and of heavenly beings in Kher-aba; thou god Unti, who art more glorious than the gods who are hidden in Annu.

"(2) Homage to thee, O An in Antes (?), Horus, thou dweller in both horizons, with long strides thou stridest over heaven, O thou who dwellest in both horizons.

"(3) Homage to thee, O soul of everlastingness, thou Soul who dwellest in Tattu, Un-nefer, son of Nut; thou art lord of Akert.

"(4) Homage to thee in thy dominion over Tattu; the urerit crown is established upon thy head; thou art the One whose strength is in himself, and thou dwellest in peace in Tattu.

"(5) Homage to thee, O lord of the acacia tree, the Seker boat is set upon its sledge; thou turnest back the Fiend, the worker of evil, and thou causest the utchat to rest upon its seat.

"(6) Homage to thee, O thou who art mighty in thine hour, thou great and mighty god, dweller in An-rut-f, lord of eternity and creator of everlastingness; thou art the lord of Suten-henen.

"(7) Homage to thee, O thou who restest upon Right and Truth, thou art the lord of Abtu, and thy limbs are joined unto Ta-sertet; thou art he to whom fraud and guile are hateful.

"(Cool Homage to thee, O thou who art within thy boat, thou bringest Hapi (i.e., the Nile) forth from his source; the light shineth upon thy body, and thou art the dweller in Nekhen.

"(9) Homage to thee, O creator of the gods, thou King of the North and of the South; O Osiris, victorious, ruler of the world in thy gracious seasons; thou art the lord of the world.

"O grant thou unto me a path whereon I may pass in peace, for I am just and true; I have not spoken lies wittingly, nor have I done aught with deceit."

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Vignette: Osiris and Isis in a sepulchral shrine.

Text [CHAPTER XV.]: (I) A HYMN OF PRAISE To RA WHEN HE RISETH IN THE EASTERN PART OF THE HEAVEN. They who are in (2) his train rejoice, and lo! Osiris Ani in triumph saith "Hail, thou Disk, thou lord of rays, who risest (3) in the horizon day by day. Shine thou with thy beams of light upon the face of Osiris Ani, who is victorious: for he singeth hymns of praise unto thee at (4) dawn, and he maketh thee to set at eventide with words of adoration. May the soul of Osiris Ani, the triumphant one, come forth with (5) thee from heaven, may he go forth in the matet boat, may he come into port in the sektet boat, may he cleave his path among the (6) never resting stars in the heavens."

Osiris Ani, being at peace and in triumph, adoreth his lord, the lord of (7) eternity, saying: "Homage to thee, O Horus of the two horizons, who art

{p. 325}

Khepera the self-created; when thou risest on the horizon and (Cool sheddest thy beams of light upon the lands of the North and the South thou art beautiful, yea beautiful, and all the gods rejoice when they behold thee, (9) the King of heaven. The goddess Nebt-Unnet is stablished upon thy head; her portions of the south and of the north are upon thy brow (10); she taketh her place before thee. The god Thoth is stablished in the bows of thy boat to destroy utterly all thy foes. (11) Those who dwell in the underworld come forth to meet thee, bowing in homage as they come towards thee, and to behold [thy] beautiful (12) Image. And I have come before thee that I may be with thee to behold thy Disk every day. May I not be shut in the tomb, may I not be turned back (13), may the limbs of my body be made new again when I view thy beauties, even as do all thy favoured ones, {14) because I am one of those who worshipped thee whilst they lived upon earth. May I come in unto the land of eternity, may I come even (15) unto the everlasting land, for behold, O my lord, this hast thou ordained for me."

And lo, Osiris Ani, triumphant in peace, the triumphant one, saith (16) Homage to thee, O thou who risest in thy horizon as Ra, thou art stablished by a law which changeth not nor can it be altered. Thou passest over the sky, and every face watcheth thee (17) and thy course, for thou hast been hidden from their gaze. Thou dost show thyself at dawn and at eventide day by day. (18) The Sektet boat, wherein is thy majesty, goeth forth with might; thy beams shine upon [all] faces; [the number] of thy yellow rays cannot be known, nor can thy bright beams (19) be told. The lands of the gods, and the colours of the eastern lands of Punt, must be seen, ere that which is hidden (20) [in thee] may be measured [by man]. Alone and by thyself thou dost manifest thyself [when] thou comest into being above Nu. May Ani (21) advance, even as thou dost advance; may he never cease [to go forward], even as thy majesty ceaseth not [to go forward], even though it be for a moment; for with strides dost thou (22) in one little moment pass over the spaces which would need hundreds of thousands and millions of years [for man to pass over; this] thou doest, and then dost thou sink down. Thou (23) puttest an end to the hours of the night, and thou dost number them, even thou; thou endest them in thine own appointed season, and the earth becometh light. (24) Thou settest thyself before thy handiwork[1] in the likeness of Ra;[1] thou risest in the horizon."

[1. There is a play on the words ### and ###.]

{p. 326}

Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant, declareth his (25) praise of thee when thou shinest, and when thou risest at dawn he crieth in his joy at thy birth: (26) "Thou art crowned with the majesty of thy beauties; thou mouldest thy limbs as thou dost advance, and thou bringest them forth without birth-pangs in the form of Ra (27), as thou dost climb up into the upper air. Grant thou that I may come unto the heaven which is everlasting, and unto the mountain [where dwell] thy favoured ones. (28) May I be joined unto those shining beings, holy and perfect, who are in the underworld; and may I come forth with them to behold thy beauties when thou shinest (29) at eventide and goest to thy mother Nut.

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"Thou dost place thy disk in the west, and my two hands are [raised] in adoration [of thee] when thou settest (30) as a living being. Behold, thou art the maker of eternity, and thou art adored [when] thou settest in the heavens. I have given my heart unto thee without wavering, (31) O thou who art mightier than the gods."

Osiris Ani, triumphant, saith: "A hymn of praise to thee, O thou who risest (32) like unto gold, and who dost flood the world with light on the day of thy birth. Thy mother giveth thee birth upon [her] hand, and thou dost give light unto the course of the Disk. (33) O thou mighty Light, who shinest in the heavens, thou dost strengthen the generations of men with the Nile-flood, and dost cause gladness in all lands, and in all (34) cities, and in all the temples. Thou art glorious by reason of thy splendours, and thou makest strong thy ka with hu and tchefau foods. O thou who art the mighty one of victories, (35) thou who art the Power of [all] Powers, who dost make strong thy throne against the powers of wickedness, who art glorious in majesty in the sektet boat, and who art exceeding (1-6) mighty in the atet boat, make thou glorious Osiris Ani with victory in the netherworld; grant thou that in the underworld he may be void of (37) sin. I pray thee to put away [his] faults behind thee; grant that he may be one of thy venerable (38) servants who are with the shining ones; may he be joined unto the souls which are in Ta-sertet; and may he journey into the Sekhet-Aaru (39) by a prosperous and happy path, he the Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant.

"(40) Thou shalt come forth into heaven, thou shalt pass over the sky, thou shalt be joined unto the starry deities. (41) Praises shall be offered unto thee in thy boat, thou shalt be hymned in the diet boat, (42) thou shalt behold Ra within

{p. 327}

his shrine, thou shalt set together with his disk day by day, thou shalt see (43) the ant fish when it springeth into being in the waters of turquoise, and thou shalt see (44) the abtu fish in his hour. May it come to pass that the Evil One shall fall when he layeth a snare to destroy me, (45) and may the joints of his neck and of his back be cut in sunder."

"Ra [saileth] with a fair wind, and the sektet boat draweth on (46) and cometh into port. The mariners of Ra rejoice, and the heart of Nebt-ankh (47) is glad, for the enemy of her lord hath fallen to the ground. Thou shalt behold Horus on the watch [in the Boat], and Thoth and Maat upon either side of him. (48) All the gods rejoice when they behold Ra coming in peace (49) to make the hearts of the shining ones to live. May Osiris Ani, triumphant, the scribe of the divine offerings of the lords of Thebes, be with them."

Vignette: Ra, hawk-headed, with the disk upon his head and the emblem of life upon his knees, seated in the solar bark;[1] before him stands Ani with both hands raised in adoration.

Text [CHAPTER CXXXIII.]: (1) TO BE SAID ON THE DAY OF THE MONTH.[2] (2) Osiris Ani, the scribe, triumphant in peace, triumphant, saith: "Ra riseth (2) in his horizon, and the company of his gods follow after the god when he appeareth from his secret place, when he showeth strength and bringeth himself forth (3) from the eastern horizon of heaven at the word of the goddess Nut. They rejoice at the journeyings of Ra, the Ancient One; the Great One (4) rolleth along in his course. Thy joints are knitted together,[3] O Ra, within thy shrine. Thou breathest the winds, thou drawest in the breezes, (5) thou makest thy jaw-bones to cat in thy dwelling on the day when thou dost scent right and truth. Thou turnest aside the godlike followers (6) [who] sail after the sacred boat, in order that they may return again unto the mighty ones according to thy word. Thou numberest thy bones, thou gatherest together thy members; (7) thou turnest thy face towards the beautiful Amenta; thou comest thither renewed

[1. In the Nebseni papyrus the god is seated on a throne, and he holds the sceptre in his right hand; in the Turin papyrus (Lepsius, Bl. 54) the god is seated within a shrine.

2. This chapter is generally entitled "The Book of making perfect (or strong) the khu in the netherworld, in the presence of the great company of the gods.

3. Or, "thou art exalted."]

{p. 328}

day by day. Behold, thou Image of gold, who possessest the splendours (Cool of the Disk of heaven, thou lord of terror; thou rollest along and art renewed day by day. Hail, there (9) is rejoicing in the heavenly horizon, and shouts of joy are It raised to the ropes which tow thee along. May the gods who dwell in (10) heaven ascribe praises unto Osiris Ani, when they behold him in triumph, as unto Ra. May Osiris, the scribe Ani, be a prince (11) who is known by the ureret crown; and may the meat offerings and the drink offerings of Osiris Ani, triumphant, be apportioned unto him; may he wax exceeding strong in his body; and may he be the (12) chief of those who are in the presence of Ra. May Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant, be strong upon earth and in the world under the earth; and (13) O Osiris, scribe Ani, triumphant, mayest thou rise up strengthened like unto Ra day by day. Osiris Am, triumphant, shall not tarry, (14) nor shall he rest without motion in the earth for ever. Clearly, clearly shall he see with his two eyes, and with his two ears shall be hear what is right and true. (15) Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant, cometh back, cometh back from Annu; Osiris Ani, triumphant, is as Ra when he rangeth the oars (16) among the followers of Nu.

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"Osiris Ani, triumphant, hath not revealed what he hath seen,(17) he hath not, he hath not told again what he hath heard in the house which is hidden. Hail, there are shouts of joy to Osiris Ani, triumphant, (18) for he is a god and the flesh of Ra, he is in the boat of Nu, and his ka is well pleased according to the will of the god. (19) Osiris Ani, triumphant, is in peace, he is triumphant like unto Horus, and he is mighty because he hath divers forms."

Vignette: Ra seated in a boat, sailing across the sky towards the starstudded heaven.

Rubric: These words shall be recited over a boat (20) seven cubits in length, and painted green for the godlike rulers. Then shalt thou make a heaven of stars (21) washed and purified with natron and incense. Behold, thou shalt make an image (22) of Ra upon a table of stone painted yellow (?), and it shall be placed in the fore-part of the boat. (23) Behold, thou shalt make an image of the dead man whom thou wilt make perfect in strength (24) in the boat; and thou shalt make it to travel in the divine boat of Ra, (25) and Ra himself will look upon it therein. Thou shalt show it to no man but thyself, (26) or to thy father or to

{p. 329}

thy son; let them watch with their faces, and he shall be seen in the underworld as a messenger of Ra.

Vignette: Ra, hawk-headed, with a disk upon his head, seated in a boat; before him is a large disk.

Text [CHAPTER CXXXIV.]: (I) A HYMN OF PRAISE TO RA ON THE DAY OF THE MONTH WHEREON HE SAILETH IN THE BOAT. [Osiris, the scribe Ani, saith]: "Homage to thee, O thou who art in thy boat! Thou risest, thou risest, (2) thou shinest with thy rays, and thou hast made mankind to rejoice for millions of years according to thy will. Thou showest thy face unto the beings whom thou hast created, O Khepera, (3) in thy boat. Thou hast overthrown Apepi. O ye children of Seb, overthrow ye the foes of Osiris (4) Ani, triumphant, destroy ye the adversaries of righteousness from the boat of Ra. Horus shall cut off your (5) heads in heaven in the likeness of ducks; ye shall fall down upon the earth and become beasts, and into the water in the likeness of fishes. [Osiris, the scribe Ani,] destroyeth every hostile fiend, male (6) and female, whether he passeth through heaven, [or] appeareth (7) upon earth, or cometh forth upon the water, or passeth along before the starry deities; and Thoth strengtheneth them . . . . . . (Cool coming forth from Anreti. Osiris, the scribe Ani, is silent, and becometh the second of Ra. Behold thou the god, the great slaughterer, (9) greatly to be feared, he washeth in your blood, he batheth in your gore; Osiris, (10) the scribe Ani, destroyeth them from the boat of his father Ra-Horus. The mother Isis giveth birth unto Osiris, the scribe (11) Ani, triumphant, whose heart liveth, and Nephthys nurseth him (12); even as they did for Horus, who drove back the fiends of Sut. They saw (13) the urertu crown stablished upon his head, and they fell down upon their faces. Behold, O ye shining ones, ye men (14) and gods, ye damned ones, when ye behold Osiris Ani, triumphant like unto Horus and adored (15) by reason of the ureret crown, fall ye down upon your faces; for Osiris Ani is victorious (16) over his foes in the heavens above and [on the earth] beneath, in the presence of the godlike rulers (17) Of all the gods and goddesses."

Rubric: These words shall be recited over a great hawk which hath the white crown set upon his head. Then shall the names of Tmu, (18) Shu, Tefnut, Seb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Nephthys, be written with green colour upon a (19) new table, anointed with unguents and placed in a boat together with a figure of the dead man (20). Then shall they put incense upon the fire, and set ducks to

{p. 330}

be roasted (21). This is a rite of Ra when his boat cometh; and it shall cause the dead man to go with Ra into every place whithersoever he saileth, and the foes of Ra shall be (22) slaughtered in very truth. The Chapter of the sektet boat shall be recited on the sixth day of the festival.

Vignette: The ladder by which the soul passes from the underworld to the body.[1]

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The whole of Plate XXIII. and part of Plate XXIV contain a repetition of the XVIIIth Chapter of the "Book of the Dead," which has also been given on Plates XIII. and XIV. The arrangement of the gods in the vignette is, however, slightly different.

Vignette: Ani and his wife adoring three gods, who are seated on a pylon or door-shaped pedestal.

Text [CHAPTER CXXIV.]: (I) THE CHAPTER OF GOING UNTO THE GODLIKE RULERS OF OSIRIS. Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant, saith: "My soul hath builded for me a (2) dwelling-place in Tattu. I have waxed strong in the town Pe. I have ploughed [my] fields in all my forms, and my palm tree standeth therein like unto the god Amsu. I eat not that which I abominate, (3) I eat not that which I loathe; that which I abominate I abominate, and I feed not upon filth. (4) There are food offerings and meat for those who shall not be destroyed thereby. I raise not up myself on my two arms unto any abomination, I walk not thereupon (5) with my shoes, because my bread is [made] from white grain, and my ale from the red (6) barley of the Nile. The sektet boat and the atet boat bring them unto me, and I feed upon them (7) under the trees, whose beautiful branches I myself do know. (Cool How glorious do I make the white crown [when] I lift up the uræi! (9) Hail, guardian of the door, who givest peace unto the two lands, bring thou unto me those who make offerings! Grant that

[1. In the Appendix to Plates V. and V1. (see above, p. 265), is a reproduction from the papyrus of Neb-set at Paris, of a scene in which the soul of the deceased is represented as descending the ladder with food for the body in the tomb below.]

{p. 331}

I may (10) lift up the earth; that the shining ones may open their arms unto me; that the company of the gods may (11) speak with the words of the shining ones unto Osiris Ani; that the hearts of the gods may direct [him] (12); and that they may make him powerful in heaven among the gods who have taken unto themselves visible forms. (13) Yea, let every god and every goddess whom he passeth make Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant at the new year. He feedeth upon hearts (14) and consumeth them when he cometh forth from the east. He hath been judged by the forefather of Light. He is (15) a shining one arrayed in heaven among the mighty ones. The food of Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant, is even (16) the cakes and ale which are made for their mouths. I go in through the Disk, I come out through the god Ahui. I speak with the followers (17) of the gods, I speak with the Disk, I speak with the shining ones, and the Disk granteth me to be victorious in the (18) blackness of night within Meh-urt near unto his forehead. Behold, I am with Osiris, and I (19) proclaim that which he telleth forth among the mighty ones. He speaketh unto me the words of men, and I listen and (20) 1 tell again unto him the words of the gods. I, Osiris Ani, triumphant, come even as one who is equipped for the journey. Thou raisest up [right and truth] (2 1) for those who love them. I am a shining one clothed in power, mightier than any other shining one."

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Vignette: A swallow perched on a conical object painted red and green.

Text [CHAPTER LXXXVI.]: (I) HERE BEGIN THE CHAPTERS OF MAKING TRANSFORMATIONS. THE CHANGING INTO A SWALLOW. (2) Saith Osiris Ani, triumphant: "I am the swallow, [I am] the swallow, [I am] the scorpion, the daughter of Ra. Hail, ye gods, whose scent is sweet; hail, ye gods, whose scent is sweet! Hail, thou Flame, which comest forth from (4) the horizon! Hail, thou who art in the city. May the Guardian of the Bight lead me on. O stretch out up unto me (5) thine bands that I may be able to pass my days in the Island of Flame. I have fared forth with my warrant. I have come with the power thereof. Let the doors be opened unto me (6). How shall I tell what I have seen therein? Horus was like unto the prince of the sacred bark, and the throne of his father was given unto him. Sut, the son of Nut, also hath gotten the fall which he (7) wrought for Horus. He who is in Sekhem passed judgment upon me. I stretched out my hands and my arms unto Osiris. I have passed on

{p. 332}

to judgment, (Cool and I have come that I may speak; grant that I may pass on and deliver my message. I enter in, having been judged; I come out (9) at the door of Neb-er-tcher magnified and glorified. I am found pure at the Great place of passage [of souls]. I have put away my faults. (10) I have done away mine offences. I have cast out the sins which were a part of me. I, even I, am pure, (11) I, even I, am mighty. O ye doorkeepers, I have made my way [unto you]. I am like unto you. I have come forth by day. I have walked with my legs, and I have gotten the power of the footstep wherewith do walk the shining ones of light (12). I, even I, know the hidden ways to the doors of the Field of Aaru; and (13), though my body be buried, yet let me rise up; and may I come forth and overthrow all my foes upon earth."

Appendix[1]: Rubric. If this chapter be known [by the deceased], he shall come forth by day in Neter-khert, and he shall go in again after he hath come forth. if this chapter be not known, he shall not enter in after he hath come forth, nor shall he come forth by day.

Vignette: A golden hawk holding a flail, emblem of rule.

Text [CHAPTER LXXVII.]: (1) CHAPTER OF CHANGING INTO A GOLDEN HAWK. Saith Osiris Ani: "(2) May I, even I, arise in the seshet chamber, like unto a hawk of gold (3) coming forth from his egg. May I fly and may I hover as a hawk, with a back seven (4) cubits wide, and with wings made of emeralds of the South. May I come forth from the sektet boat (5), and may my heart be brought unto me from the mountain of the east. May I alight on the atet boat, and may those who are in (6) their companies be brought unto me, bowing down as they come. May I rise, may I gather myself together (7) as the beautiful golden hawk [which hath] the head of a bennu bird. May I enter into the presence of Ra daily to hear his words, and may I sit down among the (Cool mighty gods of Nut. May a homestead be made ready for me, and may offerings of food and drink be put before me therein. May I eat therein; (9) may I become a shining one therein; may I be filled therein to, my heart's fullest desire; may sacred wheat be given unto me to eat. May I, by myself, get power over the guardian of my head."

Vignette: A green hawk, holding a flail, and standing upon a pylon-shaped pedestal.

[1. See Lepsius, Todtenbuch, Bl. 32.]

{p. 333}

Text [CHAPTER LXXVIII.]: (1) THE CHAPTER OF CHANGING INTO A SACRED HAWK. Saith Osiris Ani: (2) "Hail, thou mighty one, come unto Tattu. Make thou my paths, and let me pass round [to visit] my (3) thrones. Make me to renew myself and make me to wax strong. (4) Grant that I may be feared, and make me to be a terror. May the gods of the underworld fear me, and may they fight for me in their (5) habitations. Let not him that would do harm unto me draw nigh unto me. Let me walk through the house of darkness. May I (6), the feeble, clothe and cover myself; and may they (i.e., the gods) not do the like unto me. Hail, ye gods who hear my speech! Hail, ye rulers who are among the followers of Osiris. Be ye therefore silent, O ye gods, [when] the god speaketh with me; he heareth what is right and (7) true. What I speak unto him, do thou also speak, O Osiris. Grant thou that I may go round my course according to the order which cometh forth from thy mouth concerning me. May I see thy forms; (Cool may I be able to understand thy will. Grant that I may come forth, that I may get power over my legs, and that I may be like unto Neb-er-tcher (9) upon his throne. May the gods of the underworld fear me, and may they fight for me in their habitations. Grant thou that I may pass on my way with the godlike ones who rise up (10). May I be set up upon my resting-place like unto the Lord of Life; may I be joined unto Isis, the divine Lady. May the gods (11) make me strong against him that would do harm unto me, and may no one come to see me fall helpless. May I pass over the paths (12), may I come into the furthermost parts of heaven. I entreat for speech with Seb, I make supplication unto Hu (13) and unto Neb-er-tcher that the gods of the underworld may fear me, and that they may fight for me in their habitations, when they see that thou hast (14) provided me with the fowl of the air and the fish of the sea.

"I am one of those shining ones who live in rays of light. (15) 1 have made my form like unto the form [of the god] who cometh out and manifesteth himself in Tattu; for I have become worthy of honour by reason of his honour, (16) and he hath spoken unto thee of the things which concern me. Surely he hath made the fear of me [to go forth], and hath created terror of me! The gods of the {continued next plate}

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underworld fear me, and they (17) fight for me [in their habitations]. I, in very truth I am a shining one and a dweller in light, who hath been created and who hath come into being (18) from the body of the god. I am one of the shining

{p. 334}

ones who dwell in light, whom (19) Tmu himself hath created, and who have.(come into being from the eyelashes of his eye. He doth create and glorify and make noble the faces of those who live with him. (20) Behold, the only One in Nu! They do homage unto him as he cometh forth from the horizon, and they strike fear of him into the gods (21) and into the shining ones who have come into being with him.

"I am the One among the worms which the eye of the Lord, the only One, hath created. And lo! (22) before Isis was, and when Horus was not yet, I had waxed strong, and flourished. I had grown old, and I had become greater (23) than they who were among the shining ones who had come into being with him, and I, even I, arose in the form of a sacred hawk (24), and Horus made me worthy in the form of his own soul, to take possession of all that belongeth unto Osiris in the underworld. The double Lion-god, (25) the warder of the things that belong to the house of the nemmes crown which is in his hiding place, saith unto me: 'Get thee back to the heights of heaven, seeing that through Horus (26) thou hast become glorified in thy form; the nemmes crown is not for thee; thou hast speech even unto the ends (27) of heaven.' I, the guardian, take possession of the things which belong to Horus and Osiris in the underworld. Horus telleth aloud unto me that which (28) his father had said concerning me in years [gone by], on the day of the burial [of Osiris]. I have given unto thee the nemmes of the double Lion-god which I possess, (29) that thou mayest pass onward and mayest travel over the path of heaven, and that they who dwell on the confines of the horizon may see thee, and that the gods of the underworld may fear thee (30) and may fight for thee in their habitations. The god Auhet is of them. The gods, the lords of the boundaries of heaven, they who are the warders (31) of the shrine of the lord, the only One, have fallen before my words, have fallen down before [my] words. Hail! He that is exalted upon his tomb is on my side, and he hath bound upon my head the nemmes crown. (32) The double Lion-god hath decreed it, the god Auhet hath made a way for me. I, even I, am exalted, and the double Lion-god hath bound the nemmes crown on me, and (33) my head covering hath been given unto me. He hath stablished my heart through his strength and through his great might, and I shall not (34) fall through Shu. I am Hetep, the lord of the two uræi, the being who is adored. I know the shining god, (35) and his breath is in my body. I shall not be driven back by the Bull which causeth men to tremble, but I shall come daily into the house of the double Lion-god, and I shall come forth therefrom into the house of Isis. I shall behold sacred things which are hidden, there shall be

{p. 335}

done unto me holy (37) hidden rites, I shall see what is there; my words shall make full the majesty of Shu, and they shall drive away evil hap. (38) I, even I, am Horus who dwell in splendours. I have gained power over his crown, I have gained power over his radiance (39), and I have travelled over the remotest parts of heaven. Horus is upon his throne, Horus is upon his seat. My (40) face is like unto that of a divine hawk. I am one who hath been armed by his lord. I have come forth from Tattu. I have seen Osiris, I have risen up on (41) either side of him. Nut [hath shrouded me]. The gods behold me, and I have beheld the gods. The eye of Horus hath consumed me, who dwell in darkness. The gods (42) stretch forth their arms unto me. I rise up, I get the mastery, and I drive back evil which opposeth me. The gods open unto me the holy (43) way, they see my form, and they hear my words which I utter in their presence. O ye gods of the underworld, who set yourselves up against me, (44) and who resist the mighty ones, the stars which never set have led me on my way. I have passed along the holy paths of the hemtet chamber unto your lord, (45) the exceedingly mighty and terrible Soul. Horus hath commanded that ye lift up your faces to (46) look upon me. I have risen up in the likeness of a divine hawk, and Horus hath set me apart in the likeness of his own soul, to take possession of that which belongeth unto Osiris in the underworld. (47) I have passed along the way, I have travelled on and I have come even among those who live in their hiding places and who guard the house of Osiris. (48) 1 speak unto them of his power and I make them to know the terrible power of him that is provided with two horns [to fight] against Sut; and they (49) know who hath carried off the sacred food which the power (?) of Tmu had brought for him. The gods of the underworld have proclaimed (50) a happy coming for me. O Ye who live in your hiding places and who guard the house of Osiris, and who have magnified your names, (51) grant ye that I may come unto you. I bind together and I gather up your powers, and I order the strength of the paths of those who guard the (52) horizon of the hemtet of heaven. I have stablished their habitations for Osiris, I have ordered his ways, I have done what hath been bidden. (53) I have come forth from Tattu, I have beheld Osiris, I have spoken unto him concerning the things of his son, the divine Prince whom he loveth. There is a wound in the heart of Set, (54) and I have seen him who is without

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Josie Linde
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« Reply #131 on: December 24, 2008, 10:53:06 pm »


life. O, I have made them to know the plans of the gods which Horus hath devised (55) at the bidding of his father Osiris. Hail, lord, thou most terrible

{p. 336}

and mighty soul! Let me come, even me, (56) let me lift myself up! I have opened and passed through the underworld. I have opened the paths of the warders (57) of heaven and of the warders of the earth. I have not been driven back by them; and I have lifted up thy face, O lord of eternity."

Appendix: The following is the end of the LXXVIIIth chapter according to the Paris papyrus quoted by Naville (Todtenbuch, Bd. I., Bl. 89, ll. 43-48):--

"Thou art exalted upon thy throne, O Osiris. Thou hearest joyful things, O Osiris. Thy, strength is vigorous, O Osiris. Thy head is bound to thy body, O Osiris. Thy brow is made firm, O Osiris. Thy heart is joyful. O be thou pleased to establish gladness for thy servants. Thou art stablished as a bull of Amenta. Thy son Horus is crowned king upon thy throne; all life is with him. Unto thy son are given millions of years, and the fear of him shall endure for untold ages. The company of the gods shall fear him. Unto thy son is given . . . . . . . . . of the company of the gods; he changeth not his word. Horus is the food and the altar. I go to unite myself unto [my] father; and deliverance cometh from [my] father, from [my] brother, and from the friend of Horus. Horus is in the following of his father. He dwelleth amid decay. He ruleth Khem. To thy son have the gods given the crown of millions of years, and for millions of years it maketh him to live in the eye [of Horus], the single eye of the god [which is called] Nebt-er-tcher, the queen of the gods."

Vignette: The deceased kneeling, with both hands raised in adoration, before three gods.

Text [CHAPTER LXXIX.]: (I) THE CHAPTER OF BEING AMONG THE COMPANY OF THE GODS AND OF BEING CHANGED INTO THE (2) PRINCE OF THE GODLIKE RULERS. [The deceased] saith: "Homage to thee, O Tmu, (3) lord of heaven, thou creator of things which are and which come forth from the earth; who makest to come into being that which is sown, the lord of things which shall be, the begetter of the gods, the great god (4) who made himself, the lord of life who maketh mankind to flourish. Homage to you, O ye lords of creation, ye pure being whose abodes (5) are hidden. Homage to you, O ye lords of eternity, whose forms are hidden, and whose dwelling-places are unknown. (6) Homage to you, O ye gods who dwell in the abode (?) of the flooded lands. Homage to you, O ye gods who live in the underworld. Homage to you, O ye gods who dwell in heaven. (7) Grant ye that I may come [unto you], for I know you. I am pure, I am holy, I am mighty, I have a soul, (Cool 1 have become powerful, I am glorious; I have brought unto you perfume and incense, and natron. Blot out from your hearts (9) whatsoever ye have in them against me. I have come, having done away all the evil which dwelleth in your hearts against me, I have made an end of all the sin which I committed (10) against you; I have brought unto you that which is good, I have made to come unto you that which is right and true. I, even I, know (11) you, I know your names, I know your forms which are not known, which come into being (12) with you. I have come unto you.

{p. 337}

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I have risen among men like unto the god, living among the (13) gods. I am strong before you like unto the god who is exalted upon his resting-place; when he cometh the gods rejoice, and goddesses and mortal women (14) are glad when they behold him. I have come unto you. I have risen (15) upon the throne of Ra, I sit upon my seat in the horizon. I receive offerings upon my altar, (16) 1 drink drink-offerings at eventide as one made noble by the lord of mortals. I am exalted (17) even as the holy god, the lord of the great House. The gods rejoice when they see him in his (18) beautiful manifestation on the body of Nut, who giveth birth unto him daily."

Vignette: The serpent Seta, with human legs.

Text [CHAPTER LXXXVI L]: (1) THE CHAPTER OF CHANGING INTO SETA. Osiris Ani, triumphant, saith: "I am the serpent Seta, whose years are many. I lie down and I am born day by day. I am (3) the serpent Seta, which dwelleth in the limits of the earth. I lie down, I am born, (4) I renew myself, I grow young day by day."

Vignette: A crocodile upon a pylon or doorway.

Text [CHAPTER LXXXVIII.]: (1) THE CHAPTER OF CHANGING INTO A CROCODILE. Saith Osiris Ani, triumphant: (2) "I am the crocodile which dwelleth in terror, I am the sacred crocodile and I cause destruction. (3) I am the great fish in Kamui. I am the lord to whom homage (4) is paid in Sekhem; and Osiris Ani is the lord to whom homage is paid in Sekhem."

Vignette: The god Ptah in a shrine, before which is a table of offerings.

Text [CHAPTER LXXXII.]: (1) THE CHAPTER OF CHANGING INTO PTAH. Saith Osiris Ani, triumphant: "I eat bread, (2) I drink ale, I put on apparel, (3) I fly like a hawk, I cackle like a goose, and I alight upon the path (4) hard by the hill of the dead on the festival of the great Being. That which is abominable, that which is abominable, have I not eaten; and that which (5) is foul have I not swallowed. That which my ka doth abominate hath not entered into my body. I have lived according to the (6) knowledge of the glorious gods. I live and I get strength from their bread, I get strength when I eat it beneath the (7) shade of the tree of Hathor, my lady. I make an offering, and I make bread in Tattu, and oblations in (Cool Annu. I array myself in the robe of the goddess Matait, and I rise up and I sit me down wheresoever my heart desireth (9). My head is like unto the head of Ra; when my limbs are gathered

{p. 338}

together, I am like unto Tmu. The four regions of Ra are the limits of the earth. I come forth; my tongue (10) is like unto the tongue of Ptah, my throat is even as that of Hathor, and I tell forth the words of my father Tmu with my lips. He it is who constrained (11) the handmaid, the wife of Seb; and unto him are bowed [all] heads, and there is fear of him. Hymns of praise are sung in honour of my mighty deeds (12), and I am accounted the heir of Seb, the lord of the earth, the protector. The god Seb giveth cool water, he maketh his dawnings to be mine. They who dwell in (13) Annu bow down their heads before me, for I am their bull. I grow strong from moment to moment; my loins are made strong for millions of years."

Vignette: A Ram.

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« Reply #133 on: December 24, 2008, 10:53:41 pm »

Text [CHAPTER LXXXV.]: (1) THE CHAPTER OF CHANGING INTO THE SOUL OF Tmu. Saith Osiris Ani, triumphant: (2) "I have not entered into the house of destruction; I have not been brought to naught, I have not known decay. I am (3) Ra who come forth from Nu, the divine Soul, the creator of his own limbs. Sin is an abomination unto me, (4) and I look not thereon; I cry not out against right and truth, but I have my being (5) therein. I am the god Hu, and I never die (6) in my name of 'Soul.' I have brought myself into being together with Nu in my name of (7) 'Khepera.' In their forms have I come into being in the likeness of Ra. I am the lord of light."

Appendix: In other ancient papyri the LXXXVth Chapter of the Book of the Dead ends as follows (Naville, Todtenbuch, Bd. I., Bl. 97):--

"What I hate shall be buried (5). Let me not enter into the secret place of the god Tuaa. I ascribe glory unto Osiris, and I pacify the heart of those who dwell in the god of creation, who love me, who spread (6) abroad fear of me, and who strike terror of me into those who dwell in their own places. Behold me, for I am exalted upon my resting-place, Nu, (7) upon the place which is adjudged unto me. I am Nu, and those who work evil shall not overthrow me. I am the eldest and the first-born son of matter; my (Cool soul is the gods, who are the eternal souls. I am the creator of darkness who maketh his dwelling-place in the limits of the regions of heaven. I come, and my soul advanceth (9) over the way of the Ancient Ones. I cause darkness in the limits of the sky, and at my will I come unto the boundaries thereof I walk upon my feet, I am strong (10) to pass over the sky, and I fetter with bonds the darkness and the worm that hideth therein. I make my steps to advance unto the lord of the two hands (?) My soul (11) and the soul of my body are the uræi, and I live for

{p. 339}

ever, the lord of years, and the prince of eternity. I am exalted as lord of the earth, I am exalted (?). I grow young in (12) the cities, I grow youthful in my homestead, my name is 'My name decayeth not.' I am the Soul, the creator of Nu, who maketh his dwelling-place in (13) Neter-khert. My nest is not seen, my egg is not broken. I am the lord of millions of years. I make my nest in the limits of heaven. I descend unto the earth of Seb (14). I do away with my faults. I behold my father, the lord of Mash; and his body breatheth in Annu. I am provided with what I need 05) by Khnemu and Khui in the place of burial in Amenta . . . . . . . .

Vignette: A bennu bird


Saith Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant in peace: "I came into being from unformed matter, (2) I created myself in the image of the god Khepera, and I grew in the form of plants. I am hidden in the likeness of the Tortoise. I am formed out of the atoms of all the gods. (3) I am the yesterday of the four [quarters of the world], and I am the seven uræi which came into existence in the East, the mighty one who illumineth the nations (4) by his body. He is god in the likeness of Set; and Thoth dwelleth in the midst of them by (5) judgment of the dweller in Sekhem and of the spirits of Annu. I sail (6) among them, and I come; I am crowned, I am become a shining one, (7) I am mighty, I am become holy among the gods. I am the god Khonsu who driveth back all that opposeth him."

Appendix: The following rubric to this chapter is found in a papyrus at Paris; see Naville, Todtenbuch, Bd. II., Bl. 185:--

If this chapter be known, the purified one shall come forth by day after his burial, and he shall change his forms at his heart's desire. He shall dwell among the servants of Un-nefer, and he shall be satisfied with the food of Osiris, and with the meals of the tomb. He shall behold the disk of the Sun, and shall travel over the earth with Ra. He shall be triumphant before Osiris, and there shall no evil thing get dominion over him for ever and for all eternity and for ever.

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Vignette: A heron.


Saith Osiris, the scribe Ani: (2) "I have gotten dominion over the beasts which are brought for sacrifice, with the knife held at their heads and their hair, (3) for

{p. 340}

those who dwell in their emerald [fields], the ancient and the shining ones who make ready (4) the hour of Osiris Ani, triumphant in peace. He maketh slaughter upon earth, and I make slaughter upon earth. I am strong, and I have passed along the (5) lofty path [which leadeth] unto heaven. I have made myself pure, with long strides I have gone unto my city, holding on my way to Sepu (?). (6) I have stablished [the one who is] in Unnu. I have set the gods upon their places, and I have made glorious the temples of those who live in their shrines. (7) I know the goddess Nut, I know the god Tatunen, I know Teshert, I have brought with me their horns. I know (Cool Heka, I have heard his words, I am the red calf which is limned with the pen. When they hear [my words], the gods say: (9) 'Let us bow down our faces, and let him come unto us; the light shineth beyond you.' My hour is within my body. (10) I have not spoken [evil] in the place of right and truth, and each day I advance in right and truth. I am shrouded in darkness when I sail up to celebrate the festival of the (11) dead one, and to embalm the Aged one, the guardian of the earth--I the Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant! I have not entered into (12) the hiding places of the starry deities. I have ascribed glory unto Osiris. I have pacified the heart of the gods who follow after him. I have not felt fear (13) Of those who cause terror, even those who dwell in their own lands. Behold, I am exalted (14) upon [my] resting place upon my throne. I am Nu, and I shall never be overthrown by the Evil-doer. I am the god Shu (15) who sprang from unformed matter. My soul is god; my soul is eternity. I am the creator of darkness, and I (16) appoint unto it a resting place in the uttermost parts of heaven. I am the prince of eternity, I am the exalted one [in] Nebu. I grow young in [my] city, ( 17) I grow young in my homestead. My name is 'Never-failing.' My name is 'Soul, Creator of Nu, who maketh (18) his abode in the underworld.' My nest is not seen, and I have not broken my egg. I am lord of millions of years- I have made my nest (19) in the uttermost parts of heaven. I have come down unto the earth of Seb. I have done away with my faults. I have seen my father (20) as the lord of Shautat. As concerning Osiris Ani, may his body dwell in Annu; may it be manifested unto those who are with the Shining One in the place of burial in Amenta. . . . . ."

Vignette: A human head springing from a lotus in a pool of water.

Text [CHAPTER LXXXIA.]: (1) [THE CHAPTER OF] CHANGING INTO A LOTUS. Saith Osiris Ani: "I am the (2) pure lotus which cometh forth from the

{p. 341}

god of light, the guardian of the nostrils of Ra, the guardian (3) of the nose of Hathor. I advance and I hasten (4) after him who is Horus. I am, the pure one who cometh forth from the field."

Vignette: A god with a disk upon his head.

Text [CHAPTER LXXX.]: (I) [Tim, CHAPTER OF] CHANGING INTO THE GOD WHO GIVETH LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS. Saith Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant: I am (2) the girdle of the robe of the god Nu, which shineth and sheddeth light, which abideth in his presence and sendeth forth light into the darkness, which knitteth together the two fighters (3) who live in my body through the mighty spell of the words of my mouth, which raiseth up him that hath fallen--for (4) he who was with him in the valley of Abtu hath fallen--and I rest. I have remembered him. (5) I have carried away the god Hu from my city wherein I found him, (6) and I have led away the darkness captive by my might. I have upheld the Eye [of the Sun] when its power waned (7) at the coming of the festival of the, fifteenth day, and I have weighed Sut in the heavenly mansions beside the Aged one who is with him. I have endowed (Cool Thoth in the House of the Moon-god with all that is needful for the coming of the festival of the fifteenth day. I have carried off the ureret crown; right and truth are in my body. (9) The months are of emerald and crystal. My homestead is among the sapphire furrows. (10) I am the lady who sheddeth light in darkness. I have come to give forth light in darkness, and lo! it is lightened and made bright. I have illumined the blackness (11) and I have overthrown the destroyers. I have made obeisance unto those who are in darkness, and I have raised up (12) those who wept and who had bidden their faces and had sunk down. Then did they look upon me. I am the Lady, and I will not let you hear concerning me."

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