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News: Ruins of 7,000-year-old city found in Egypt oasis
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Sunken Continents versus Continental Drift

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Author Topic: Sunken Continents versus Continental Drift  (Read 6568 times)
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il mio va Piano, sono Asino ?

« Reply #45 on: August 12, 2008, 08:18:54 am »

Dear. . .  Mrs. . . . CAROLYN - SILVER,

(' BlueHue' is a dissident atlantologist: placing Atlantis in the arabian Desert of ADEN.)
I apollogize for some spelling mistakes ( I forgot the'Spelling Check')(!)

ATLANTIS, NOT in the ATLANTIC ",  Shocked Shocked Shocked
Has an Atlantis SYNDROME caught us >?

To answer your Reply
 about Atlantis situated in middle of the Atlantic('Ocean')THAT IS A FALLACY.
All Atlantologists disregard that Plato originally wrote in Greek Oh sure, " they KNEW that "!

BUT still can't get over leaving Atlantis by it's LATIN name and have a disregard for the GREEK original-name
Which- obviously- was NOT " Atlantis" nor ' Atlantide' !( Herodotus" Atlantis" is a Latin-Word too!)
HOW could that Happen:" The Atlantis- Syndrome " ?

Before 1600 this Atlantic was called the SPANISH - SEA or even briefly GERMAN - SEA.
After 1649 it became officially the Atlantic Ocean due to a DUTCH- Spanish PEACE treaty of Munster.

Many socalled Atlantologists have built their wild theories around ONE stable Point
But none have discovered the overal FALLACIES due to WRONG - Translations !

Especially the Americans think that THEY were the ancient Atlantis
( But BACON regarded as a NEW-Atlantis.
(Yet whishfull thinking made America,  into a possible A.)
( Only because King Ferdinand-1, of SPAIN said so in 1500
( which neccessitated COLUMBUS to falsify his own search -Ships'LOG,
for Atlantis into a search for  " INDIA " instead.)

The FALSE  Notion of Atlantis as an ISLAND in MID - Atlantic
originated from an( Accidentally-) FAKED latin translation: PELAGOUS - INTO ;" PELAGUS ".

ABOUT every Atlantologist forgets irobnically that PLATO used to write in GREEK,
and that he subsequently did not translate his text into Latin by his own hand.
Never the less the english translations cover the original meaning with an indication of probable errors
Most Atlantologists considder the" Original " Latin text sacred and thus fell into amateur- historian traps !

CONSIDDER the REAL Translation Faults:

Of fifty" Atlantologists" participating in the PAST " Melos-2005" Conference, by that Publishinghhouse" Helio- Topos",
ALL Atlantologists were not in CONCENSUS about the VERY-same-TEXT !
They each preffered a DIFFERENT Location, employing ONLY ONE of the prescribed" REFERENCES".

The same atlantologists are making the same Fault repeating their THEORIES next in ATHENS-2008.
ESPEDICATO or whatever his Name is spelled rephrased his LECTURE
from Atlantis demise caused by THYPHON & TYPHONEUS now into: caused by: PHAETHON !

Dr Rehnhard KUHNE, Thorwald, SCHOPPE and others Situeted Atlantis in SPAIN,  Siccilly and IERELAND
For an annecdote: in the Waltdisney-Filam " Atlantis" it was situated in ICELAND because of a WRITING - ERROR !

PLATO's ATLANTIS is a FAKE because of -indeed- a WRITING - ERROR !

IF you profess not to believe this from my previous message, the EVIDENCE is simple:

PLATO's original name for Atlantis( a Latin mistranslation !) was: ATHETA- Land
( ancient-) ATHE-LAND was ADEN which the locals call: "  RAS - ADEN - Crater.
Your self- invented Explanation of POSEIDON stinks, because earlier, in Linear-B Script
POSEIDON was written differend: POSATON, this is not a personal but a City-Name
a word-corruption of Ras- ADEN. ( The 'etymological/ Toponym' Sequence: is
 RAS( slighted to: POS.)and AITON,( slighted to: ADEN/ ADON.) RAS in Punician meant:" HARBOUR".

Thus GADERA ( CADIZ-)originally read GADEIRAS, the HARBOUR of GAD( or GHAD !)( GHAD= ADEN.)
Atlantis was also called AD- LAND in the Koran,( Surat 89.)but this too is a Latin- corruption !)

The general FALLACY started with the FALSE notion of
Atlantis as an ISLAND in the ATLANTIC !
it was not !

PLATO's original read 'ATHE-PELAGOUS' meaning the BAY or SEA- ARM of ATHE !
Latin transcription read:ATLANTIDIS - PELAGUS depending of the context.
But this is a wrong translation because it does not read: " SEA - ARM " anymore !
NOW it means: " ISLAND - Realm " See the difference ? Do you believe me now ?( Rhetorical - Question "!)

This ATLANTIS- SEA was inbetween Atlantis- Metropolis and the OCEAN !

I KEEP TELLING, each incredulent individual of 50 Forum members here,
that Plato himself placed a SEA - ARM inbetween(= KETA de MESON.)Atlantis and the Ocean !
BUT not unlike your taking this warning-Error-Message for granted,( Even COLUMBUS called Atlantis"on a  BRAZILLE- de-Mer ")
Yet, ALL Atlantologists keep thinking that Atlantis was somewhere IN the Atlantic OCEAN !( or DOGGERLAND in the North- Sea.)


 TongueAtlantis is NOT an ISLAND and it is NOT in the ATLANTIC as Mario DANTAS quoted me last month
Hoping to get more legallity from my quotation ! But then all island theories are fallacies too !

Are ALL Atlantologists stupid or Biased or WHAT ?( Sorry I mean no offence !)
I am just wasting my time here, pointing stubborne Atlantologist on their main mistake!
( Atlantide/ Atlantis was ATHETA!)( also called: ACHAD-Dan, in Hebrew and:( E-)SCHERIA by Odysseus.)
Jaime MANUSCHEVICH came-up with ISRAEL but refused to acknowledge an OLDER" Israel " from ADEN(= EDEN ! ! ! )

For Error-correcting an obvious mistake commited by a common oversight, by others,
 I am called a correcting thus " Dissident " Atlantologist !
I rest my Case.

Sincerely,  Cry Shocked Cry  dd 12 Aug. 2008

" BlueHue "

PS-1 so far none of the Forummembers understood a Hoot about my Nutshell-Subscript can you make it's essence clear ? or aren't you intrested in the REAL' Atlantis' only the succulent Myth ?


THANK - You for posting this SPOUT- Hole in your last post to Carolyn - Silver !
Maybe now I can with aid of this island depression, explain what " Planetary" collosions can do to Earth's surface !
Recently Scientists at NASA have discovered that a MOON-Like object hit Mars and carried away one Third of it!
In my " BlueHue"-SCENARIO the MOON fell TWICE into the Pacific 1055 bc 855 bc
The Greeks( and ofcourse their masters the Egyptians Recorded this !
The Greeks called it the" Titanomachia in 1055 ". THIS extrusion-HOLE in Greenland
Would be the result if a" Meteorite" (= the MOON.)hit Earth from the opposite site ! Thus the Pacific!
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( Blue's)THEORY, locating"original" Atlantis( in Aden-Yemen.)
1: ATLANTIS =Fake=Latin name, original Greek: ATHE(=a Region in Aden)
2: Atlantic-OCEAN=Greek: RIVER-of-Atlas+also" Known "World-OCEAN(=Red-Sea)
3: Greek-obsolete-Numeral 'X' caused Plato's Atlantisdate:9000=900
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