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The Guanches are the most famous of the ancient people said to have a link to Atlantis, and there is considerably more evidence for them than anyone else, as we shall see.

First, this abstract:

Evidence for the Ancestors of the Guanches as Founders of Predynastic Egypt

1 March 2003
JONAH G. LISSNER Copyright 2002-3.


by J.G. Lissner
Copyright by J.G. Lissner 2002-3.

A theory has been proposed that the Guanches, Nordic Caucasians with similarity to, or descended from, neolithic Cro-Magnon stock, were influential in founding the first civilizations in the region of predynastic (lower) Egypt circa 6000 BP. The Guanches, those who dwelled in the Canary Isles, known as the Elysium, and the Garden of Hesperides by the classical Greeks, also known as the legendary Fortunate Isles or the Isles of Fortune by classical Europeans and Spaniards, were a mysterious people of antiquity, said to be submerged according to their own traditions, from the lands which first bore them, a few score miles off the western coast of what is now northwest Africa. A subtheory or subtheories contained within this paper shall argue that it be of no coincidence that the predynastic Egyptians also maintained this tradition of near-submergence and regeneration and migration from a far-off land (to their west - the Land of Amenti), in their own distant recorded times.

The scope of this paper will argue those theoretical postulations, including historical, linguistic, archaeological, anthropological, geological, religio-mythical and associated criteria and evidences as reasons for the proto-Guanche exploration eastward along the north African coastline from the sinking islands that once made up the sunken lands of the Northwest Atlantic near Europe and Africa were mainly from the stimuli of adverse climactic change. The recreation of their advanced societal knowledge in predynastic Egypt was for the purpose of their societal continuation and regeneration.
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