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Title: DNA Links the Welsh to the Basques
Post by: Bianca on December 24, 2007, 10:58:28 am

                                         DNA LINKS THE WELSH TO THE BASQUES

From the National Geographic
Issue of June 2001
The article on WALES:

"........A Celtic gene? Not according to Jones.
(Eminent geneticist Steve Jones).

"The Celtswere defined from artifacts found in northernItaly and southern Germany.
The link of the Welsh Y chromosome is not with those who see them-selves as real
Celts but with the Basques in northern Spain".

The Welsh, like the Basques, says Jones, are the descendants of Europe's aboriginal
inhabitants, who were pushed to the mountainous periphery of the continent some
5,000 years agoby the people that came to be known as Celts.

"The Basques kept their genes and their language,the Welsh, by contrast, kept their
genes but forgot their language. Much later, they picked up a Celtic language and a
Celtic identity. But biologically they are a much older people. They have probably been
here since the ice age......"