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Title: Alternative researchers should do their homework - leon elshout
Post by: knakker on April 05, 2021, 06:33:23 am
On the website of Richard C. Hoagland I read an item by Steven Meyers about the pyramids. Of course I don't know what's coming up but the title gives away a few things. First of all, researchers - including Atlantis researchers - will be careful to use the word eternally. The Bible uses the Greek word "aion" which is "olam" in Hebrew and means something like horizon. Aions are long eras admittedly clearly demarcated. The word eon gives researchers a completely different view of mysteries from those of the Great Pyramid. I also miss the introduction to Exodus 14:2 and the framing of Tsafon. So I don't expect much from this umpteenth alternative view of the pyramids at Giza.