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Title: Vasily Kapnist, Ukraine Wrote about Atlantean influence on Hyperboreans
Post by: Kapnist on April 01, 2021, 03:34:56 pm

Vasily Kapnist was a well known poet and playwright from the Ukraine (1758-1823). According to Tony O'Connell's Atlantipedia website, he questioned the origins of Russian culture, believing that Slavs were descended from Hyperboreans that were in turn influenced by Atlanteans. He referred to Rudbeck and Bailly to support his contention.

Vasily Kapnist is my ancestor and I am hoping this theory was written by him in a book or at least somebody has written about what he said. I would like to find this, if it still exists, and it may be in French or Russian. Vasily mostly wrote in French but as it's regarding Hyperboreans, he might have written it in Russian to make it more accessible. As a side note, he translated most of the Greek books available in Russia at the time and his ancestors were of Greek origins. This may have been why he came to know about Atlantis.

I wasn't quite sure which category to start this thread but I chose the New Age section as what initiated my interest in Atlantis was Edgar Cayce and those who research his work. I suppose you could say synchronicities brought me to him and I was quite surprised to discover my ancestor had a keen interest in Atlantis too. It feels like ancestral karma!   

Should anybody have knowledge of where to find his theory written down, should it still exist, I would really appreciate any help finding it.