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Title: In Memory of My Dog Amy
Post by: dhill757 on January 18, 2021, 08:19:07 am

Amy was born in April, 2006 and spent much of her life in Oklahoma. She first came into my life with her  sister Addie in July pf 2016 when I adopted the two as part of a boned pair. Well, they may have been brought up together, but I have rarely seen two dogs fight with  each other like Addie and Amy, with the definite exception of Robbie and Athena. Amy was very cute, though, and I adored the heck out of her. She slept beside my bed every night close to the vent and I did my best to give her a good life.  Man, that coat of hers was hard to tend and she sure liked to while away the day sleeping. I would have to call Amy several times for supper and would have to make her another dish because she always came out when she was ready not when the food was. Actually, all of her idiosyncriti3es only ended up endearing me to her. She was a little individual, could take or leave the rest of the group. Like me, she was actually more of a night person. In  fact, many times during the night she would bark, not because of an intruder but because she wanted one of the biscuits I originally bought just for her.

Four and a half years, I had way too short of time with Amy. A few days ago, she began to have breathing episodes like Cleo before her who had died of cancer, specifically, tumors on her lungs. She was drinking water and eating food all until two days ago. Also like Cleo she did little in the way of complaining. I went to sleep Saturday night, by the time I woke up, she had passed away, in her sleep. The other dogs treated her body respectfully, even my  Benji, who can be a holy jerk sometimes. Amy, we had too short of a time together. I hope that the rest of our brood is guiding you into a better world in the afterlife and that all of us are with one another again someday.

Title: Re: In Memory of My Dog Amy
Post by: dhill757 on January 18, 2021, 08:20:04 am